Rod Stewart Net Worth: Music Career Of 6 Colossal Decades

    Rod Stewart is a British rock and pop singer who stayed in the music industry for 6 decades and is still actively present in the Hollywood music industry. After a career of almost 50 years, Rod Stewart net worth is estimated to be $300 million as of 2021.

    Rod Stewart is a rock singer, a songwriter, and a record producer. There is so much about Rod Stewart’s achievements, awards, and fame that it is impossible to wind it all up in a brief article. Also, his talent is something worth discovering.

    The real question isn’t knowing what is Rod Stewart net worth. What’s more important is how he built his wealth worth $300 million. If you too are curious like me, let’s find out the sources of Rod Stewart net worth and how he managed to achieve this feat.

    However, to do that, first, you should know a little bit about Sir Rod Stewart, his personal life, and his career. First things first, let’s begin with taking a peep into Rod’s early life.

    rod stewart net worth

    Early Life

    Roderick David (Rod) Stewart was born on 10 January 1945 in London, England. His parents Robert Joseph Stewart and Elsie Rebecca Gilbart had a total of 5 children and Rod Stewart is the youngest among his siblings.

    Rod Stewart is partly British and partly Scottish because his father Robert Stewart was Scottish from Edinburgh and his mother British from London. One fun fact is that Rod Stewart was born during World War II that too at home and not in any hospital.

    Coming to the actual early life of Stewart, his life was full of different hobbies except singing. He used to spend his time playing football or doing activities like building models of trains. He was quite good at soccer and was selected as captain of the school soccer team during his school days.

    Rod Stewart grew up in a middle class family. In one of his interviews, he said his childhood was “fantastically happy”. But he was a spoiled kid in his teenage years. Due to which he failed in his eleven plus exams.

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    Fast forward to the 1960s and that’s when Stewart seems to have grown his interest in music. He first began with musical instruments like harmonica and later on learned to play the piano too. He even learned to play the guitar which his father had gifted him.

    Initially, he got inspiration from singers Al Jolson and Little Richard. That was the first step towards his music career and that led to today’s Rod Stewart net worth of $300 million. Now, how he earned so much success and built his wealth is what we are going to discuss.

    rod stewart net worth

    Rod Steward Net Worth

    As of 2021 Rod Stewart net worth is estimated to be $300 million. His success in the music industry is huge and his music career is the only thing that contributes to his wealth but in different forms like his music records, tickets sold for his live performances, his merchandise, etc.

    Talking about the British music industry, his $300 million net worth easily puts him on the list of the top 10 wealthiest musicians even in 2021. Rod Stewart net worth best reflects the lifestyle he lives, the real estate he owns, and some more things which we are going to discuss in detail.

    But as we can see, he built this wealth mainly from his music career which includes his singles, albums, duets, and other performances. Since we know Rod Stewart net worth, let us take a better look at his only source of income, which is his music career so far.

    rod stewart net worth

    Beginning of Music Career

    Stewart’s music career began in the 1960s when his rock and pop songs started becoming hits due to his raspy voice. At first Stewart, along with his friend Wizz Jones who was a folk singer, used to play on roads, they used to travel to various cities like Paris, Barcelona and Brighton.

    During that period, he started gaining interest in American music. As Stewart already knew how to play the harmonica, that helped him in getting his first job and also first professional entry into the music industry.

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    Rod Stewart’s first professional job was as a harmonica player and a vocalist in “The Dimensions”, an R&B group located in London. He joined the band in 1963 and continued to work there till 1966.

    Later in 1966, he left “The Dimensions” and joined Jeff Beck Group. That’s when Rod Stewart started getting recognized as since then, Stewart released two albums with this band and those two albums got famous and secured position in the top 15 songs on U.S. charts, boosting up the Rod Stewart net worth.

    This was the first time Stewart got some attention and came into the limelight. That’s when he got recognized by his nickname “Rod The Mod” due to his looks. This was the initial and building stage of Rod Stewart net worth.

    rod stewart net worth

    Getting On The Train Of Success

    Success welcomed Stewart in a very warm way and that’s all because of his voice, his music, and of course his punk-rock look. In 1969, Stewart joined a band named “Faces” as a lead singer.

    The very next year, in 1970, his band released its first album named “First step”. This album got quite popular in the UK and helped them gain some audience and fan following. After that, Faces decided to launch a US tour in 1970.

    While being in the Faces, Stewart continued to release his albums as a solo artist too. He started making his individual music with the help of Mercury studios. He launched his solo album “An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down” in 1969.

    “Every Picture Tells a Story” was another hit in 1971 which got a lot of attention from people along with “Maggie May” which was part of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs. In 1972, Faces released their 2nd album which got more popular than the 1st one.

    In 1973, Faces’ 3rd and last album “Ooh La La” was released and this one became the UK’s no.1 track in that year. However, the band was separated due to rising tensions between the different members of the band.

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    This is just the half of Rod Stewart’s music career, there’s a lot to cover but you get the idea of how successful his career was, right? Well then enough about his career let’s get back to our prime topic, that is Rod Steward net worth.

    rod stewart net worth

    Rod’s Millionaire Lifestyle

    When we talk about any famous person’s net worth, it’s not the net worth number but it’s the lifestyle and investments of that person which reflects his net worth. In our case, it’s Rod Stewart net worth that we have already discovered to be $300 million as of 2021. So let’s see what his life looks like.

    As a result of the millionaire net worth, Rod Stewart gets to live the life he wishes to live. He owns homes both in the UK as well as in Los Angeles. He also owns A Porsche and a 400 Ferrari Enzos.


    Total Wealth

    Real estate is one sector where a lot of Stewart’s wealth goes into. He has bought a number of properties in the UK and US. In 1986, he bought an English country house worth $1 million in England.

    Following that, in 1991 he purchased a 20,000-square-foot mansion, Beverly Park, for $12 million. In 1995, Stewart purchased a beautiful ocean facing house in Palm Beach, Florida at a cost of $7.2 million. Well, this pretty much gives a good picture of how big the Rod Stewart net worth is.

    rod stewart net worth

    Closure | Rod Stewart Net Worth

    Rod Stewart’s career started in the 1960s and he is still one of the successful singers in 2021. In the more than 50 years of his music career, he built a massive wealth from his different albums and performances.

    Rod Stewart earns around $38 million per year. Thus, Rod Stewart net worth of $300 million is quite impressive and justifies his 50+ years music career. All the fame and popularity which he has earned throughout his life will continue to help him build his wealth in upcoming years as well.

    Winding up the Rod Stewart net worth, if you have any more questions or feedback related to this article, do let us know in the comment box given below. Check out our other articles to know interesting facts and net worth figures about your favourite celebrity.


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