Naomi Campbell Net Worth – All-inclusive Facts About the British Model

    The Naomi Campbell net worth is a hot topic that is searched a lot these days. Well, this woman needs no prior introduction. The way she has been conducting herself throughout all these years itself is enough to prove the kind of woman she is. The first-ever African American woman to receive an astonishing appearance on the front cover of The Vogue and The Time—yes, it’s none other than the ever astounding Naomi Campbell!

    Can you believe that Naomi Campbell actually started her career in modeling at an age of fifteen? Yes! What you are reading is right. Not only is she a flamboyant British model but also a well-established business tycoon and an outstanding actress.

    Through this article, you will come to know about a few interesting facts about Naomi Campbell’s net worth, her childhood, education, professional life, and so on. So, gear up for a fact filled ride!

    Naomi Campbell Net Worth

    We all know that Naomi Campbell is one of the most accomplished and highest-paid models of all time and a highly demanded one back in the ’80s and ’90s. As a matter of fact, even now Naomi’s slaying in the runaways is eagerly sought after.

    Naomi Campbell Net Worth
    Harpers Bazaar

    Modeling, being one of the fields with high pays, eventually increases your net worth. Naomi has been modeling since the age of fifteen. She was able to establish herself as an in-demand model at a very young age itself. She earned both fame and fortune through her career in modeling and from being the brand ambassador of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

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    Wondering what Naomi Campbell’s net worth is? Let’s take a peek into it! Well, as of 2021, Naomi Campbell’s net worth is a freaking $80 million. Yes! you’re reading it right. She has got a whooping net worth, doesn’t she?. It is quite evident from the top-tier brands she has walked the runway for. She has been the first ever supermodel for many fashion brands like Christian Dior, Versace, Lacroix, Valentino, etc.

    Naomi Campbell’s Childhood

    Naomi Elaine Campbell was born on 22nd May, 1970, in Steatham, of South London. She had never met her father, who abandoned her mother when she was just four months pregnant. Her mother, Valerie Morris, was a Jamaican- born dancer. When Naomi was a teenager, Valerie tied the knot with another man.

    Naomi Campbell Net Worth
    The Sun

    It is from her stepdad that Naomi acquired her surname ‘Campbell’. Naomi has a younger half-brother named Pierre Campbell. Naomi studied at the Italia Conti Academy Stage School. When Naomi was fifteen years old, she got the chance to appear in the music videos of the famous Country Club and Bob Marley.

    Career Trajectory of Naomi Campbell

    We are all aware that Naomi Campbell is the first black woman to get featured on the covers of British and French Vogue and also on the cover page of The Time magazine as well. Naomi began her career as a runaway model. Within no time, she shifted her focus towards high-rated advertisement campaigns like Ralph Lauren, Francois Nars, etc. Naomi also posed for various titillating fares like Madonna’s Sex Book, Playboy etc.

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    As mentioned before, Naomi is the epitome of talent. She has earned a steadfast career not only in modeling and endorsements but also in music, television, business, and still counting. One of the famous music videos in which Naomi appeared is In The Closet by Michael Jackson. She also stated that they both enjoyed a wonderful time together during the filming of the video.

    The famous movies in which Naomi starred include Empire, The Frog Prince, Burn Hollywood Burn etc. Naomi also appeared in some of the celebrity reality shows like The Jonathan Ross Show, Wendy, Harry, The Late Late Show With James Corden etc.

    Naomi Campbell as a Philanthropist

    Naomi is the one who proved that “It’s the inner beauty that matters”. She has been involved in various charity works and has helped the needy without giving much forethought. Naomi was responsible for a wide fundraising event in South Africa.

    Naomi Campbell Net Worth
    Borgen Magazine

    She, along with Nelson Mandela, started charity work together in South Africa, around 1993. In 1997, for selfless and needless service and activism, Nelson Mandela bestowed upon her the title of ‘Honorary Granddaughter’.

    Naomi has raised millions of dollars through her fundraising events for catastrophes like the Mumbai terrorist attack (2008), Hurricane Katrina (2005) and the Japanese tsunami and earthquake (2011).

    Naomi Campbell Social Media

    Nowadays, social media is one of the greatest platforms where you can easily earn millions upon millions of dollars and increase your net worth. Social media has given high elevation to the Naomi Campbell net worth too.

    Naomi Campbell Net Worth

    Naomi Campbell owns a count of nearly 11.2 million Instagram followers. On Twitter, Naomi maintains a followers count of 729k. She also has a YouTube channel with a total of 536k subscribers. The Naomi Campbell net worth is pretty self-evident from these statistics alone.

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    Lesser-known Facts about Naomi Campbell

    • She has been the victim of racism several times. She once said in an interview that many countries have never used the advertisements in which she starred, as she is black.
    • With such beauty and elegance, it is no a wonder that people have high key crushes on Naomi. The interesting fact is that Prince William, the son of Queen Diana, had a crush on her as well. As a nice gesture, Diana invited Naomi for his 13th birthday party.
    • In the 90’s, Naomi released a book called Swan, which later became a subject of controversy after she revealed that she had hired a ghost writer to write the novel.
    • Rumors state that Naomi had been romantically involved with great personalities like Robert De Niro, Mike Tyson, Leonardo DiCaprio etc.
    • The Vivienne Platform heels, the heels with which she fell down once in 1993, is now being displayed at the museum.

    Conclusion | Naomi Campbell Net Worth

    Well, the Naomi Campbell net worth itself is enough to prove how successfully she has established herself. She has proved that all we need to do is to conduct ourselves in a better way in society. She has not only earned a fortune but also healthy fame, which will be everlasting.

    Hope you liked this article about Naomi Campbell’s net worth, her career path, personal life, and so on. Kindly do share your suggestions for the next fact filled celebrity net worth article in the Comment section below.


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