Christina Anstead Net Worth: Journey To Fortune

    Christina Anstead, also known as Christina Meursinge Haack, is a famous American real estate investor and a renowned Television star. She appears on Flip or Flop, an American television series airing on HGTV. She co-stars on the show along with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. Now, she has her own show airing on HGTV named Christina on the Coast.

    Birth name Christina Meursinge Haack
    Celebrity name Christina Anstead
    Nationality American
    Spouse Tarek El Moussa (m.2010 – d. 2017)

    Ant Anstead (m.2018 – d.2021)

    Profession Real estate investor

    Television Personality

    Christina Anstead net worth $15 million
    christina anstead net worth

    Early Life and Education

    Christa Haack, widely recognized as Christina Anstead, was born on the 9th of July, 1983, in Anaheim of California, United States. She has a younger sister named Carly Haack. Haack attended school in Southern California. She commenced her career in the real estate industry at a very young age itself. Right after graduating college, Christina began working in real estate. Also, college is where she met her then husband, Tarek El Moussa for the first time.

    At the University of California-Davis, Christina studied interior architecture designing and business. Did you know that Christina is also an NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) certified designer.

    Christina Anstead Net Worth

    We all know that real estate is one of the fields where you can earn big bucks. Through her career in real estate investments, she earned good fortune and through her career as a TV personality, she acquired both fortune and fame.

    Christina also has a book that could be considered as an asset to the Christina Anstead net worth. All these things have elevated the Christina Anstead net worth to a high level.

    Wondering what the Christina Anstead net worth is? Well, as of September 2021, Cher net worth is an estimated amount of $15 million. The show Flip or Flop also has gained a net worth of $15 million.

    christina anstead net worth

    Journey to the Christina Anstead Net Worth

    Career In The Real Estate Industry

    As mentioned earlier, Christina and Tarek came to know each other during their college days. They both were even running a real estate agency together named Tarek and Christina – The El Moussa group (Orange County, California).

    Around 2010, the El Moussas bought their first investment property together in Santa Ana of California, along with their business partner Pete De Best. They bought the Santa Ana property for a shocking $115,000 and that sort of highlights the Christina Anstead net worth.

    The business trio then indulged in various real estate investments. They expanded their business investments together by investing in Nevada and Arizona. However, the El Moussa group disintegrated in 2018 due to a stock market crash. Currently, the business is owned by Tarek and a few of his associates.

    Career In Television

    After selling their real estate business, the then husband and wife started facing financial struggles.

    Around 2011, Tarek sought help from one of his friends to tape an audition for HGTV. His friend recorded the entire video about Tarek and Christina doing residential re-developments.

    The video was then forwarded to the production team. Initially, the couple had no confidence in them as they thought the video they taped was not worthy selection. Little did they know that something bigger was awaiting them!

    The production team found their video intriguing. The team even went through the couple’s Instagram profiles which consisted of their previous works, making the chances of their selection even higher. In April 2013, a show named Flip or Flop starring the couple hit the screen. The entire show is about Tarek and Christina flipping houses in California, which are in a bad shape.

    Around 2018, Christina Haack received her own spin-off show titled Christina on the Coast, which is about Christina renovating her own house after her divorce from Tarek and other people’s houses too. The first episode hit the screen on 13th May, 2019.

    christina anstead net worth

    Christina’s Career Highlights

    Name Year of release
    Flip or Flop 2013
    Brother vs Brother 2013
    Flip or Flop Follow-up 2015
    Christina on the Coast 2019
    Christina: Stronger By Design 2021

    Personal Life

    Christina Haack tied the knot with her college sweetheart Tarek El Moussa in 2009. In 2010, the very next year after their marriage, Christina gave birth to her son, Taylor El Moussa, and her daughter Brayden El Moussa in 2015. This couple is a great example of the phrase “Getting rich together!”. They both worked together for their future.

    However, their marriage didn’t last long. Tension was evident between them during their work. At one point, the couple couldn’t even get along with each other, even during the show Flip or Flop. She has also stated that “We weren’t able to communicate properly anymore”. In 2017, their divorce was finalized and they both parted ways.

    In 2017, Christina and the famous television presenter Ant Anstead began seeing each other. They dated for almost an entire year before tying the knot on the 22nd of December, 2018. After their marriage, she officially changed her last name from El Moussa to Anstead. On September 18, 2020, Christina gave birth to her son Hudson London Anstead.

    Christina’s marriage with Anstead didn’t last long either. The couple announced their divorce in September 2020 and the divorce was finalized in June 2021. She then reverted to her maiden name Haack.

    christina anstead net worth

    A Few Facts about Christina Anstead

    Christina really aspired to become a sports agent and Jerry Maguire was her inspiration. However, she also wanted to be her own. So, she chose to become a real estate investor. She also stated it was her intuitions that led her to real estate.

    She actually announced her parting from Ant Anstead via Instagram.

    Christina considers workouts and fitness as one of her top priorities. When somebody asks her whether she is on a diet, she answers that she is not and says that she simply loves to eat healthy all the time.

    Christina is so obsessed with peanut butter that she considers it as one of her guilty pleasures. She has a knack for reading suspense novels.

    Closure | Christina Anstead Net Worth

    So that was all about the Christina Anstead net worth. The HGTV celebrity Christina is a woman of confidence and consistency. She has had her fair share of bad times, both financially and mentally, but overcame them with will power. Willpower and consistency are the keys to the door to success and we can surely see it in the case of Christina’s net worth and success.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this article about the Christina Anstead net worth, marriage life, career, and so on. Feel free to share your suggestions for the next celebrity net worth article in the Comment section below. Till then, do check out our other net worth articles.

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