Michael Buffer Net Worth: His Life, Career and Amazing Facts!

    All you need to know about it Michael Buffer Net Worth

    What do you call it? A miracle or a super-successful business idea that is honed by an effective marketing strategy? Well, it is about Michael Buffer. Currently, he owns a net worth of $400 Million. And, do you know that most of his wealth came from five simple words? Surprised enough? You must be. It is his famous catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble” that brought him this huge fortune. Along with the high amount of Michael Buffer net worth, he got unprecedented fame only from that catchphrase.

    Michael Buffer Net Worth

    It is said that Buffer usually earns between $25000 to $100,000 every time he uses the phrase in any match. However, the rate varies as per the nature of the match.

    Isn’t it interesting to know that a single phrase can make you a millionaire? Let’s get into the life, career, and other details of Michael Buffer. Then, you will find it did not come out of the blue. Before and after the popularity of the catchphrase, there are many factors to look at in his life. So, along with Michael Buffer net worth, let’s know more about him .

    Michael Buffer Net Worth: His Early Life

    If you are about to learn about Michael Buffer net worth, you first should know how he grew up and got an education in his life. After all, our childhood and upbringing matter a lot in creating the person we become later on. So, how was Buffer’s childhood? Where did he study? How were his parents? Let’s know here.

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    In early childhood, Michael Buffer’s parents got separated. Therefore, little Buffer grew up with his foster parents. His foster father was a bus driver. He spent his childhood with him and his wife. Buffer was born in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. He was brought up later in Lancaster. His biological father was an active navy in United States Navy when Buffer was born.

    Buffer was just 11 months old when his parents got divorced. At such an early age, he had to move to his foster parents’ house. Later, at the age of 20 to 23 years, he spent his life as an army officer during the notable Vietnam war. After serving as an army officer, he went on with various jobs, including a car salesman, model, actor, etc.

    How His Career Shaped Michael Buffer Net Worth

    After spending few years with diverse kinds of jobs, in the year 1982, he became the boxing announcer. The moment he stepped into the profession, he soon realized that it was the career he wanted. He kept on shining in this field. Gradually, after one year, in 1983, he announced all of the boxing shows on ESPN. Thus, he could manage to gather a huge fortune. In the meantime, his catchphrase got famous.

    michael buffer net worth
    Simple Wikipedia

    “Let’s get ready to rumble”- Seeing the growing popularity of this catchphrase, he trademarked it. And gradually it helped him to reach that significant amount of Michael Buffer net worth. Well, the process of trademarking was definitely not a piece of cake. He planned for it from 1982. He finally acquired the federal trademark in 1992. Another notable fact is that he announced exclusively for many boxing shows in the casinos held by none other than Donald Trump. It all happened in the late 80’s.

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    His career as a boxing announcer and his growth in respect to money, fame, and position, were appreciated by many other eminent personalities. Especially the famous boxers like Sugar Ray Leonard who wholeheartedly admired him.

    Further, he continued his boxing announcement career with many other events like Saturday Night’s Main Event XXXV held in 2007 at Madison Square Garden. It was a significant match between Evander Holyfield and Matt Hardy. Also, he announced a YouTube Boxing match that took place between Logan Paul and KSI.

    michael buffer net worth

    Later on, he became a successful announcer in wrestling matches across the world. He announced the shows for World Wrestling Championship(WWE).

    Thus, things went well and Michael Buffer net worth reached $400 million. He continued his announcement career with many other events including the Stanley Cup and others. He later tweaked his popular catchphrase which became “Let’s get ready to Shuffle Up and deal.” Also, he changed it twice more to suit it well in the specific campaigns. “Let’s great ready to win big.” That’s what he used during the campaigns for “Mega Million”

    Let’s know about his personal life a bit.

    Michael Buffer Net Worth: His Personal Life

    Buffer got married when he was 21 years old. Later after running 7 years of marital life, they got divorced. From the wedlock, two children named Michael and Matthew were born. Later in 1999, he once again got married. But, unfortunately, they also got divorced in 2003. He currently lives in California with his third wife Christina.

    michael buffer net worth
    Zimbio- Michael Buffer and Christina

    Thus with many adventures and challenges, Michael Buffer managed to accumulate a huge wealth. Gradually, Michael Buffer net worth became a matter of discussion.

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    The Bottom Line

    We hope you have got the details about Michael Buffer net worth. Let us know how you liked it. Comment here.

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