Is Cream of Wheat Healthy For You? All You Should Know

    Milled wheat grains, popularly known as farina, are one of the healthiest breakfasts, vividly popular in The United States. Farina is often confused with cream of wheat. The truth is that cream of wheat is a brand of farina with a less coarse texture. To be more precise, the cream of wheat is even more milled or less coarse than the traditional flour. 

    Is cream of wheat healthy, and is it a wholesome meal worth adding to our daily diet? Well, this article is all about answering these common questions. If you are a fitness freak who counts your carbohydrates, gluten, protein, and fiber intake, then this one is definitely for you. 

    Through this article, you will come to know about the nutrient profile of cream of wheat, the differences between the cream of wheat and other nutrient-rich cereals like oat, grits, etc., and the answer to the question “Is cream of wheat healthy?”. So, gear up for a fact-filled read. 

    Is Cream of Wheat Healthy? | Nutrient Profile 

    As we all know, cream of wheat is a well-renowned brand of farina in the United States of America. It is considered a wholesome breakfast enriched with fiber, gluten, etc. It is often served with cut fruits, fruit juices, butter, poached eggs, etc. Below are the essential nutrients that are jam-packed in the milled wheat grains. The table answers the question: is cream of wheat healthy or overrated? 

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    is cream of wheat healthy


    KCal: Kilocalories 

    DV: Percent Daily Value (a nutrient label that tells you the amount of nutrient you require on a 2000 calorie diet., i.e., daily)

    Fat  0.5 grams 
    Protein  4 grams
    Fiber  1 gram
    Carbohydrates  28 grams
    Vitamin B6 38% of DV
    Iron  58% of DV
    Niacin  39% of DV
    Riboflavin  33% of DV
    Selenium   13% of DV
    Thiamine  37% of DV
    Calcium  11% of DV
    Copper  11% of DV

    As you can see above, the cream of wheat is fully packed with vital nutrients like vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates. Moreover, cream of wheat can be considered a vegan source for iron, too, considering the iron content abundantly packed in it (58 PDV).  

    So, this table is convincing enough to answer the question, is cream of wheat healthy? Now. It’s time to discuss how healthy it is and the health benefits you can gain from it.  

    Is Cream of Wheat Healthy- Farina Vs. Grits 

    is cream of wheat healthy

    It is well-known that both grits and cream of wheat are coarse in texture and enriched with vital nutrients. The only difference between them is the raw material they are prepared from. As the name suggests, cream of wheat is prepared from whole wheat grains, whereas grits are prepared from corn. 

    Also, grits are even more coarse in texture when compared to the cream of wheat, considering the rigid build-up of corn kernels. Both are healthy, wholesome food embedded with nutrients, but if you are looking for a gluten-free option, then grits are the way to go as corn has less gluten than wheat grains. 

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    Cream of Wheat vs. Oat Fibre

    is cream of wheat healthy

    Even Though oatmeal is known for its fiber-rich attribute, wheat has 34 more fiber than the oat. So, technically, a cream of wheat is the healthier option. It does not mean that oat fiber is of no purpose. It helps with constipation and also is rich in minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, of course. It has less gluten content when compared to wheat and so can be opted for at any time of the day. 

    So, in this debate of whether cream of wheat is healthy or oat fiber, let’s say that both have their merits and very limited demerits. It is all up to your priority, nutrient, and calorie-wise. 

    Health Benefits of Cream of Wheat 

    1. Diabetes and Cholesterol: As mentioned earlier, cream of wheat is rich in fiber content and has less glycemic index when compared to other breakfast cereals. So, you can consume this at any time of the day if you want to follow a diet less in carbohydrates and fats. 
    2. Hemoglobin: It is a well-known fact that iron directly influences the amount of hemoglobin we have in our blood. Cream of wheat is a reservoir of iron and a vegetarian source too. So, you can satisfy the requirement of your daily iron content by adding cream of wheat to your breakfast regime, thus maintaining the hemoglobin level. 
    3. Diarrhea: Doctors often advise their patients to take bland food if they suffer from diarrhea. Intake of bland food like porridge made out of cereals like rice, cream of wheat, millet, oat fiber greatens the condition of bowel movements. So, it is always advisable to opt for hot porridge made of cream of wheat during such conditions. 
    4. Weight loss: You might wonder whether the cream of wheat is healthy or not for weight loss. The answer is a big yes. Cream of wheat is a fiber-rich meal that you can prefer to have at any time of the day. 
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    Also, cream is excellent for making varieties of dishes, including porridge, savories, etc. 

    Possible Side Effects of having Cream of Wheat 

    Constipation: Yes, it is true that cream of wheat causes constipation but only if consumed excessively. As you know, it is not gluten-free and, of course, causes constipation if consumed more than the desired level. 

    Anaphylaxis: People who are allergic to gluten (gluten intolerant) develop anaphylaxis which causes inconveniences like hives, swelling of throat, nausea, vomiting, etc. But the allergy usually disappears within 72 hours. If not, you should consult your doctor to recover, as it might lead to other complications. 

    is cream of wheat healthy

    Healthy Dishes Made Out Of Cream Of Wheat 

    Now that you might have figured out an answer to the question, is cream of wheat healthy, let us look at some dishes you can prepare with it. 

    Sweet dishes

    • Cream of wheat porridge with cinnamon and honey 
    • Cream of wheat porridge with cinnamon and maple syrup
    • Coconut and cream of a wheat dessert
    • Streusel loaves 
    • Cream of wheat pancakes with maple syrup and cut fruits
    • Lemon and blueberry cream of wheat 


    • Gingerbread using the cream of wheat 
    • Savory cream with herbs
    • Meatloaf
    • Cream of wheat porridge with cheese 
    • Savory cream with peas and onions 
    is cream of wheat healthy

    The Bottom Line | Is Cream of Wheat healthy for you?

    Well, I hope this article helped you find the answer to the question: is the cream of wheat healthy or not? You can even say that there aren’t any other options for a healthy, wholesome breakfast. However, always remember the saying, “Too much of anything is good for nothing.” So, research well, plan your meal accordingly, and follow a good workout regime to attain your desired fitness level. 


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