Is business services a good career path? Explore 8+ best career paths

    Are you contemplating a career change and wondering, “is business services a good career path?” Information technology, engineering, architecture, law, advertising, marketing, staffing, consulting, facilities management, waste management, shipping, and security are all examples of business services careers. This guide will go over and discuss what business service is all about.

    is business services a good career path
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    What Exactly Is Business Services?

    Business services are activities that benefit businesses without supplying tangible goods. Businesses rely on these service providers for marketing, production, safety, cost, and convenience – especially larger companies that must meet work demands. Learning about the various types of business services may be beneficial if you’re in charge of improving your company’s work environment and business processes.

    The business services industry in the United States consists of approximately 420,000 single-location or multi-site companies with combined annual revenue of approximately $950 billion. Because of the variety of companies within business services, this sector can be a good career path, providing numerous opportunities to use your education and skills.

    People who work in business services do not create products but support other businesses. Business services professionals frequently devise novel solutions to problems and assist businesses in saving time and money.

    Is business services a good career path?

    So, is a career in business services a good choice?

    A career in business services can be extremely satisfying. The work is significant and has the potential to improve the lives of others.

    It is also a growing field with numerous opportunities for advancement. Here stand some of the reasons why a career in business services might be a good fit for you:

    • The work is significant. You will assist businesses in running smoothly and efficiently, which can significantly impact their success.
    • There is an abundance of room for advancement and growth. As businesses become more reliant on technology, there is a greater demand for skilled business service workers.
    • Work can be both challenging and rewarding. You must be capable of thinking quickly on your feet and solving problems. This type of work can be extremely rewarding.
    • The pay is competitive. Businesses are keen to pay a premium for high-quality business services, so you should be able to earn a good living.
    • Business services may be the right fit if you want to work in a challenging and rewarding field.

    What Types of Careers Are Available in the Business Services Industry?

    Lawyers and architects, for example, work in the business services field, as do real estate appraisers and bookkeepers.

    While the specific duties of each job differ, they all have one thing in common: they all want to help businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

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    Here are just a few of the many jobs that fall under the category of business services:

    Finance and Accounting

    Accounting and finance jobs provide critical financial information and analysis to businesses. They could work in auditing, tax preparation, or financial planning.

    Human Resource

    Human resources professionals assist businesses in recruiting, hiring, and training employees. They might also be in charge of employee benefits and relations.

    Sales and marketing

    Marketing and sales jobs help businesses increase interest in their products or services and bring in new customers. These positions may include market research, advertising, and product development responsibilities.

    Information technology

    Information technology professionals assist businesses in making effective use of technology. They could work in computer networking, system administration, or software development.


    Attorneys advise and represent businesses and individuals in legal matters. Contracts may be drafted, lawsuits filed, and settlements negotiated.

    is business services a good career path
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    Accountants maintain track of a company’s financial transactions and create reports that highlight the company’s financial health. They may also provide tax planning and compliance advice to businesses.


    Bookkeepers keep financial records for companies. They keep track of income and expenses, pay bills, and reconcile bank statements.


    Architects create buildings and other structures for individuals and businesses. They create plans and specifications that detail the proposed structure’s size, layout, and construction.

    Appraiser of Real Estate

    Real estate appraisers determine the worth of property for sale or rent. They analyze market trends, inspect properties, and consult with experts to appraise accurately.

    Civil Engineer

    Civil engineers design and manage infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and tunnels. They also plan land development projects like subdivisions and shopping malls.

    These are a few of the numerous jobs that fall under the business services category.

    With such a broad range of responsibilities, there is bound to be a job in this field that matches your skills and interests.

    Is business services a good career path? What do business services professionals get paid?

    When it comes to professional services jobs, salaries vary greatly. According to the job review platform Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a professional services worker in 2022 will be around USD 84,889.

    However, according to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hourly wage for those working in professional and business services is $38.62 per hour or slightly more than $80,000 per year.

    The position and experience level largely determine the salary range for professional services jobs. For instance, entry-level architects can expect to earn around $53,000 per year, while those with more experience can earn up to $116,000 per year.

    Attorneys’ potential earnings also vary widely, with entry-level lawyers earning a median salary of $60,000 per year and experienced attorneys earning an average of $173,000 per year. Civil engineers fall somewhere in the middle, with entry-level positions paying an average of $68,000 per year and experienced engineers earning $109,000 or more.

    You can hope to earn a competitive wage in any position within professional services.

    What Are the Entry-Level Requirements for a Business Services Career?

    Numerous entry-level positions are available in this field, many of which do not require a college diploma. There are, nonetheless, some basic requirements that all candidates must meet. Because you will be interacting with clients daily, good communication skills are essential.

    Strong administrative skills will also come in handy, as you will frequently manage schedules and meet deadlines. Furthermore, familiarity with computers and various business software programs is required. A career in business services can be rewarding and challenging if you have the necessary skills and qualifications.

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    What Are the Entry-Level Job Opportunities in Business Services?

    A career in business services can be extremely satisfying. Numerous entry-level positions are available in this field, with excellent salary prospects.

    Some of the common entry-level jobs in business services are as follows:

    Assistant Accountant

    This position entails assisting accountants and other financial professionals. Examples of duties include preparing financial statements, assisting with audits, and managing accounts payable and receivable.

    Analyst of budgets

    A budget reviewer is in charge of creating and monitoring organizational budgets. Typical responsibilities include writing reports, analyzing financial data, and making recommendations to management.

    Analyst of business

    A business critic collects and analyzes data to assist organizations in making sound business decisions. Conducting market research, preparing feasibility studies, and developing business plans are examples of duties.

    Associate in digital marketing

    A digital marketing associate promotes a company’s products and services online. Duties may include developing marketing strategies, creating and managing online advertising campaigns, and analyzing website traffic data.

    Account executive trainee

    In an organization, a junior account executive assists senior executives. Reports may be prepared, projects may be coordinated, and customer inquiries may be handled.

    Junior Architect

    A junior architect works alongside senior architects to design buildings and other structures. Preparing drawings and sketches, conducting research, and assisting with developing construction plans are all possible duties.

    is business services a good career path

    What are the Benefits of Working in Professional Services?

    Professional assistance Jobs can provide various benefits, including professional development opportunities and the potential for high earnings.

    Professional services firms frequently provide a good work/life balance and the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects.

    Here are the key advantages of working in professional services:

    • Opportunities for professional development

    Many professional services firms invest significantly in their employees’ development, providing training and mentoring programs to help employees advance in their careers.

    • Earning potential is high

    Professional assistance Jobs can be very lucrative, especially for those with the necessary skills and experience to provide high-quality services.

    Professionals in this field can earn significantly more than those in other industries in many cases.

    • Adaptable work arrangements

    Professional services firms frequently provide flexible work arrangements, such as working remotely or on a flexible schedule.

    This can tremendously benefit those who need or want more control over their work/life balance.

    Overall, professional services jobs can provide various benefits and perks, making them an appealing option for many job seekers. Considering a profession in this field, consider both the pros and cons.

    What are the disadvantages of working in professional business services?

    While there are multiple benefits to working in professional services, there are some potential drawbacks.

    • Stress

    One of the most serious potential disadvantages is the high level of stress that can accompany the job.

    Professionals in this field frequently have to deal with difficult clients and rapidly changing circumstances, in addition to touching deadlines and juggling multiple projects. As a result, workers in this industry are frequently bedazzled and stressed.

    • Long Working Hours

    Long hours are another potential disadvantage of professional services jobs. Because these jobs frequently require meeting tight deadlines, professionals in this field may be required to work late nights and weekends.

    • Expectations are high
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    Finally, professional services jobs are frequently associated with high expectations. While this can motivate some employees, it can also be a huge source of stress for others.

    Professionals in this field are expected to consistently produce high-quality work, regardless of the circumstances. This can be a daunting task for some employees.

    Is business services a good career path? What Is the Job Outlook for Business Services Careers?

    Professional services careers have a promising job outlook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the work in this field will grow steadily.

    This expansion is primarily due to increased demand for professional services as businesses of all sizes look to outsource more and more of their work.

    As a result, those with the necessary skills and experience to provide these services should have little difficulty finding work in the coming years.

    How Can You Get a Job in Business Services?

    is business services a good career path
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    There are many ways to get a job in the business services industry. To begin, working with different recruiters can be beneficial.

    • Make Contact with a Recruiter

    Recruiters can assist you in locating job opportunities that match your skills and experience. They can also offer advice on your resume and help you prepare for interviews.

    • Resume Submission

    Second, you should post your resume on job boards online. This will expose you to a diverse range of employers.

    • Connect with Industry Organizations

    Third, you should become a member of industry organizations. This will allow you to network with potential employers and learn about new job opportunities.

    • Follow-Up

    Fourth, keep in touch with your contacts. Maintain contact with former coworkers, friends, and other professionals in your field. They might be competent to point you in the direction of new opportunities.

    • Use advanced search

    Fifth, when looking for work, you should use advanced search options. Use keyword filters and location-based searches to find jobs that are a good fit for you.

    • Choose wisely

    Finally, be selective in your job applications. It is critical to only apply for qualified and interested positions. You can improve your chances of landing a job in the business services field by following these tips.


    Is business services a good career path? A profession in business service can mean a variety of things. It can be broadly defined as any job that assists businesses in running more efficiently and effectively. Human resources, customer service, marketing, and accounting are examples of such positions.

    Jobs in business service are frequently behind-the-scenes, but they are critical to the smooth operation of businesses. Business service professionals frequently have great autonomy and flexibility in their roles.

    They also can work with a wide range of people and businesses. Business service may be perfect if you want a dynamic and fast-paced career.

    Frequently Asked Questions on is business services a good career path

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    • What are the job prospects in business services?

    The job outlook for professional services careers is favorable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that employment in this domain will grow steadily.

    • What are some of the most common careers in business services?

    Accountants, human resources specialists, and marketing managers are among the most common business services careers.

    • What type of schooling do you need to work in business services?

    A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is usually required for a career in business services.

    Some entry-level positions, however, may only require a high school diploma. A master’s degree or higher may be required for senior positions.

    • What are the essential talents for a career in business services?

    Strong communication abilities, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to work well under pressure are some of the most important skills for a career in business services.

    • What are some of the most common challenges people who work in business services face?

    Long hours, tight deadlines, and high-stress levels are some of the most common challenges faced by those in business services careers.

    These difficulties, however, can be offset by the satisfaction of assisting businesses in running smoothly and efficiently.

    • What are the most common advantages of working in business services?

    A good salary, job security, and opportunities for advancement are some of the most common advantages of a career in business services. Furthermore, many jobs in this field allow for flexible schedules and the ability to work from home.


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