How Long Does LSD Stay In Your System- 3 Important Test To Determine!

    How Long Does LSD Stay In Your System And Factors Affecting It- Know Everything!

    Wondering how long does LSD stay in your system if it is taken orally? LSD or Lysergic acid diethylamide simply called acid stays within the body for 12 hours and metabolism of this acid takes nearly 48 hours.

    When you intake LSD orally, it is first absorbed by the gastrointestinal system and then channeled into the bloodstream. From your bloodstream, it travels to the brain and all other organs as well.

    It stays inside your brain for nearly 20 minutes, but its effects might last longer based on how much LSD is present in the bloodstream.

    Let’s see how long does LSD stay in your system and how long does it require to kick in.

    How long does LSD take to kick in?

    how long does lsd stay in your system
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    People usually start feeling the effects of LSD or acid after 20 to 90 minutes of taking it. The effects will peak after 2 or 3 hours but it varies based on person to person.

    How long does LSD stay in your system and for how long you see the effects depends upon the following factors:

    • How much acid is taken?
    • Metabolism of the person.
    • Age
    • Body mass index or BMI.

    How long does LSD stay in your system?

    An acid or LSD high or trip can remain anywhere between 6 to 15 hours. A few lingering forces are known as “afterglow” can persist for extra 6 hours following that. If you calculate the comedown, you might be looking at 24 hours ere the body restores to its natural state.

    Aside from how long does lsd stay in your system, its effects can include the following:

    • raised blood pressure and increased heart rate
    • raised body temperature and sweating
    • dizziness
    • paranoia
    • euphoria
    • Hallucinations
    • accelerated mood swings
    • sensory distortion

    The very same factors that affect how long acid needs to kick in also determine how long does LSD stay in your system and how long the effects linger. The severity and span can also be influenced by over-the-counter medicines or prescription medications.

    Now that you know how long does LSD stay in your system, let’s see what are the different drug tests USD to detect it and for how long does it stay detectable.

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    For how long does LSD stay detectable in a drug test?

    As opposed to different drugs, acid or LSD may be more laborious to detect because it is instantly broken down in your liver. And because only a tiny amount is required to achieve the aspired effect, most people just ingest only a little amount.

    The precise information of how long it can be detected is based on the kind of drug analysis used. There are basically 3-4 types of tests, these include:

    1. Hair- Hair follicle drug analyses help identify past drug usage and it might identify several different drugs up to nearly 90 days following its consumption. But when it comes down to acid or LSD, there is not sufficient data to clearly state how reliably this hair follicle analysis can catch it.
    2. Blood. In a study conducted in 2017, Blood samples were analyzed. LSD or acid was identified in blood samples of participants 16 hours after the participants had been provided 200 micrograms of this LSD drug. For participants that received doses half this amount, LSD was discovered in the drug tests 8 hours following the administration.
    3. Urine– Acid is instantly converted into certain inactive compounds by the liver, dumping about 1% of unchanged LSD or acid in the urine. Most regular drug tests are urine tests but they cannot detect LSD.

    Some tests detect it easily and earlier than others. The detection of these drugs is also based on different factors like age, body composition, BMI, etc. Let’s see these factors in detail.

    What affected the detection times of acid?

    how long does lsd stay in your system
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    Many factors affect how long does LSD stay in your system. These factors include the following:

    • The body composition- Body composition varies from person to person. Your height, amount of body fat and muscle, and mass play a huge role in how long does LSD stay in your system and how long acid can be detected via tests. The higher the fat cells in person, the higher the chances of drug metabolites staying within the body. The body’s water measure also plays a role. The more water your body has, the quicker this drug will be diluted.
    • Your liver function. The liver also plays an important role in how long does LSD stay in your system. If you are having a medical situation or you take a medicine that reduces the functioning of your liver, LSD will become more troublesome to eliminate.
    • Your age. Your age also determines how long does LSD stay in your system. You might know that metabolism and liver function will slow down as you age. Younger people tend to metabolize LSD more actively than older people.
    • How much LSD you have taken- It is quite obvious. The more LSD you intake, the longer it could be detectable by drug tests. Also, how frequently you intake it could influence detection time.
    • Your metabolism. As already mentioned above, the quicker your metabolism is, the faster this acid exits from your system.
    • The time between usage and drug testing- Acid is expelled from the body immediately, which tends to make it tough to detect. The earlier the drug test is conducted after you consume acid, the more possible it is to detect it in tests.
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    Now that you know so many different factors play a role in getting LSD out and determining how long does LSD stay in your system, let’s see if something you can do to get it out faster.

    Ways to get LSD out of the system faster

    Few factors can help. Acid can be expelled from the system promptly, but if you need to attempt to hurry up this process, there are a few things you may do. Give these things a try so that they cannot be detected in drug tests:

    • Stop Using acid. Timing does matter when it precedes examination and performing a drug tests for LSD, So the earlier you quit taking acid before going through a drug test, the less probable it will be to be detectable in drug tests.
    • Hydration. Acid and various metabolites are eliminated through urination. Being hydrated before or drinking plenty of water, during, and following consuming acid may help get it out of the system more quickly.
    • Exercise. It is not the most instantaneous fix for removing acid, but exercise does help increase the metabolism. A mixture of aerobic exercise with lifting weights can have the most influence on how long does LSD stay in your system.

    False Positive testing Of LSD

    Few medicines might lead to a false-positive urine drug test for LSD, these include the following:

    • Wellbutrin (bupropion)
    • Zoloft (sertraline)
    • Verelan (verapamil)
    • Ritalin (methylphenidate)
    • Risperdal (risperidone)
    • Trandate (labetalol)
    • Prozac (fluoxetine)
    • Buspar (buspirone)
    • Cardizem (diltiazem)
    • Fentanyl
    • Buspar (buspirone)
    • Amitril (amitriptyline)
    • Ambroxol

    In a conclusion, positive LSD outcomes are seriously assessed and initial positive outcomes must be verified by another second independent examination technique. Always reveal any prescription or any over-the-counter medicines you have been taking to the lab so that the clinicians can correctly evaluate your drug test results.

    Risks and side effects

    Are you considering trying acid? If you are, There are a few prominent things to acknowledge before taking your first step towards it.

    A few people who intake LSD have reported having bad trips or high and long-lasting emotional consequences. There is no certain way to identify whether your trip after LSD will be great or bad when you take it for the first time, but the risk of feeling longer-lasting impacts, such as flashbacks, expands when you receive a high dose of LSD or take it more often.

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    Utilizing LSD often or in big amounts further raises your risk of forming a susceptibility or tolerance or psychological addiction to this drug. It may also develop your risk of a unique condition known as hallucinogen persistent perception disorder.

    Bear in mind that LSD or acid may have remarkably powerful consequences that can change a person’s perception or judgment regarding things. This may make you extra likely to take hazardous risks or do something which you otherwise would not do in normal cases.

    Safety Tips

    how long does lsd stay in your system
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    If you have made your mind to try LSD for the first time, there are certain things you should do to make it slightly less risky for your own benefit. Besides knowing how long does LSD stay in your system, here’s what to do:

    • Make Sure you Do not take it alone. Ensuring that you have at least one sober friend or any person nearby who can interrupt if things get slightly messy around you.
    • Analyze your surroundings. Make sure you are in a secure and comfortable place where you may handle yourself after you get high.
    • Do not combine different drugs- Make sure you do not combine LSD with another drug like alcohol or CBD.
    • Go slow in the beginning. You must begin with a lower dose, and provide it loads of time for the results to kick in ere thinking about taking another dose.
    • Pick the correct time to take it- The consequences of taking LSD can be quite intense. As a result, it is considered best to take it when your mind is already in a good or positive state rather than being off.
    • Know when you should skip it- Withdraw from using LSD or use utmost caution if you already have an existing mental health issue, such as a condition like schizophrenia, or use any medicines that might combine with LSD to form negative effects in your body.

    The Bottom Line

    How long does LSD stay in your system depends upon a lot of different factors and variables. If you are worried about any drug testing or examination that is going to be held in a few days, just stop taking it and practice ways that can help get it out of your system faster.

    If you are concerned about using LSD more than the desired amount or you have built an addiction to it or any other drug, there are few resources to help you deal with it and lead a better life all over again.

    You can always join groups and talk to people about guidance if you have suffered anything as such already and visit Substance abuse and mental health services administration.

    If you have doubts about how long does CBD stays in your system, here are important things you need to know.


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