How To Measure hand Size- 3 Easy And Quick Ways To Do It Right!

    How To Measure hand Size- Different ways To Do It Right!

    There are a few ways to learn how to measure hand size correctly. The specific metric that you require depends on why you want to measure your and size. Measuring your hand size for choosing the right gloves requires length measurement or circumference in centimeters and inches. Hand reach or reach can help access the person’s aptitude for sports. Hand size is necessary when choosing a few musical instruments.

    Hands appear in all distinctive shapes and sizes. The normal length of a grown-up male’s hand is nearly 7.6 inches — measured starting from the tip of the tallest finger to down the crease beneath the palm. Whereas the normal length of a mature female’s hand is nearly 6.8 inches. However, there’s more to the size of the hand than just length. If you’re interested in knowing how to measure hand size correctly for any purpose, here’s what you need to do:

    How to measure hand size

    Below mentioned are 3 different ways using which you will know how to measure and size. Keep following the steps and you are good to go.

    1. How to measure hand size or circumference

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    1. Wrap a tape used for measuring fabric around your hand at the part which appears fullest to you, where your fingers meet your palm probably. This mainly stretches around starting from your palm’s outer side, slightly below the pinkie finger to the inner crook between your thumb and index finger. make sure you’re not measuring the outside of your thumb too.
    2. If you do to have any fabric measuring tape right now, you can also make use of a long strip of paper or a string maybe. Wrap the string around the palm as you would do with a measuring tape and make sure you mark the length where the string meets. Now, unfurl this string and then measure the portion marked using a ruler. If you have any doubts regarding how to read the tape measure, you can follow this quick guide and learn within seconds.
    3. Then comes recoding the measurement. Read the number given at the point where the tape overlaps with the length. The size of adults and will be usually 6 inches to 11 inches. Kids normally have a hand size between one to six inches. The number of inches you get in the circumference measures correlated directly to the size of the glove you need.
    4. Once you know how to measure hand size and you have done so, find the size of the gloves that fit perfectly fine to you. You can compare the number you have got after measuring with the standard measurements given for finding the right size. Review the given hand circumference size for knowing better:
    • XS- 7 inches (17.8 cm)
    • S- 7.5–8 inches (19.1–20.3 cm)
    • M- 8.5–9 inches (21.6–22.9 cm)
    • L- 9.5–10 inches (24.1–25.4 cm)
    • XL- 10.5–11 inches (26.7–27.9 cm)
    • XXL- 11.5–12 inches (29.2–30.5 cm)
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    2. How To Measure hand size

    how to measure hand size
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    If your want to measure the hand size or length of the hand instead of circumference, you can follow these steps:

    1. If your hands are particularly large or long, you might need to measure your hand length instead of the circumference t find the perfect size gloves. Most gloves are created for hands that are mostly even in the width and length ratio. Thus, if you are meant hands that are longer than average size hands, you might only fit into the largest-sized gloves even if your pearls are not very thick.
    2. For this, hold your hand in the air, and though you are waving to someone. Simply point the fingertips towards your ceiling. Make sure you are keeping it straight.
    3. Measure from the base of your palm to the top of the middle finger or vice versa. the base of the pa, in the meaty portion where your wrist and hand meets. Note down the measurement. If you find out that your hand’s length is certainly longer than its circumference, use this size in inches above the hand circumference. The number of inches in the tape corresponds to the needed glove size.
    4. If you want to know how to measure hand size for a baseball glove, measure your hand from the tip of the index finger instead of your middle finger down the wrist. This particular number in inches will correspond to the glove size listed in numbers.
    5. However, if you are measuring your hand size for tennis racquet grip size, you will have to measure from the starting or tip of the ring finger down to the lowest lateral crease of the palm. This is the portion where your palm is folding along your thumb-line.
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    3. How to measure the hand size of a hand span

    how to measure hand size
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    If your goal is to measure your hand span, here is what you need to do:

    1. This particular number is normally utilized as a measure of natural interest for measuring sports that include catching, tackling, throwing, or gripping – prominently, for quarterbacks in popular American football. You might be aware of this you are a fan. Handspan is further used to determine the correct measurement of the cello, violin. Both the purposes require measuring hand span. This is important for learning how to measure hand size.
    2. If the finger measure is six inches or wider in your hand, then you have to buy a full-sized or 4/4 cello. However, If the hand span is 5–6 inches in size (12.7–15.2 cm), you can choose a 3/4 cello; in case 4–5 inches of hand span (10.2–12.7 cm), you have to pick a 1/2 cello; for a 3–4 inches size (7.6–10 cm), you want to choose 1/4 cello. Keep in mind that height, age, arm length, skill level, and additional indices might also be needed to determine between different cello sizes. You have to gain the information of all these before proceeding.
    3. Sports statistic analyzers and various sports camps use hand span as a beneficial heuristic. If you are willing or working hard to make your name in basketball or football, you certainly will be asked about your hand span measurement, in that case, one needs to know how to measure hand size correctly.
    4. For this, place a ruler on any flat surface be it table to the ground. Tape it to any table if the surface is smooth and slick. Make sure you can starch your hand comfortably across the space given.
    5. Now flex your hand. Hold out the dominant hand and such all the fingers as wide as you can. Your focus should e on your thumb and the pinkie finger, each finger pulling at the palm.
    6. Place the left side of your dominant hand or more sued hand at zero points given in the ruler. This measurement can be taken from the right or left hand, so this can be either your thumb or pinkie finger on the ruler. Lay the palm down. Make sure your middle finger is perpendicular or forms a 90-degree angle to the ruler.
    7. Now, record your hand span. Measure this point at which the right side of the hand falls on the ruler kept. You must be able to view the span or width of the hand when measures across the thickest point from the left side to the right side. For measuring the width grip, you have to measure from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the stretched little finger.
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    This is how you will know how to measure hand size using 3 different ways for 3 different purposes.

    Here are few more things to know for those who are looking for how to measure hand size accurately, these facts will be useful too.

    Relationship between your height and hand size

    According to a survey conducted in the year 2014, you might be able to make a close guess or estimation of somebody’s height with an equation suing your gender, hand length, and age.

    This estimated height can be taken into use for calculating the BMI or body mass index. This is generally used in clinical settings of it is not possible to achieve specific measurements quickly.

    Hand size differs from person to person and needs to consider a lot of things before measuring if you are measuring it for instruments like a cello. For gloves, you can simply follow all the three procedures given and get accurate-sized gloves.

    The Bottom Line

    Many individuals find it fascinating to match the measurements of their hands to the length or hands of other people. Or they are simply interested in how their hand’s measure compared to the average hand size of adult men and women.

    Hand measures also play a key role in the collection of tools, such as grip size, and clothing, or glove size. You just require to have a ruler, a measuring tape for measuring the size correctly. But if you do not have any of these, you can simply use a paper scale or a thin string. However, when you use these methods, it might not give you as accurate results as it should, which may get you the wrong size gloves. It is recommended to use a ruler or measuring tape.

    You can easily get them in nearby stores or online.


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