4 Variations Of Planche Pushup- Best Way To Do It!

    Planche Pushup- Do It Right!

    A planche pushup requires a tremendous amount of leg, core, and upper body strength as it is an advanced strength exercise. A planche pushup is quite similar to the regular or stands pushups you all might be doing in your fitness routines but it still requires more strength, wants to know why? Keep scrolling.

    In a planche pushup your hands must be placed underneath your hips are your feet must be raised. You might have drawn a picture of yourself doing it by now, right? If you wish to perform a high level of physical intensity or fitness you can replace your regular pushups with a planche pushup or add them to your routine.

    They are highly challenging so you will need a lot of discipline and determination to perform these pushups. But do not worry, just some right instructions and preparing and you will be able to achieve this.

    Let’s see how one can perform a planche pushup.

    Planche Pushup- Know how it’s done


    If you wish to do a perfect planche pushup, just follow the directions.

    It is important to use proper form while you are keeping the physical strength to provide support to your body. You must also know to use your core to have support for your body weight.

    Once you lift your feet, make sure you are keeping your body parallel to the floor so that the alignment is maintained properly and you enjoy all the benefits of this pushup.

    Follow these steps and instructions to perform the right planche pushup.

    1. First, lie on your stomach and keep your arm extended alongside the body such that your palms face down.
    2. Rotate your wrist for keeping the fingers to the side.
    3. Press your hand to the floor and lift your body into a pushup position as you normally do.
    4. Yield all the weight forward into your shoulders and chest.
    5. Make sure you are engaging your core and press the legs together to raise your legs and feet.
    6. When you bend the elbows, your chest should be lowered to the ground. Your body must be kept elevated continuously.
    7. Hold for few seconds or as much as you can.
    8. Straighten your elbows again and return to the position of start.4
    9. Perform a few reps and then take a break in between.
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    Here’s what you need to do a planche pushup

    To perform planche pushups, you must focus on building the stability, strength, and body awareness that planche pushups need. You also require to be highly determined to perform this exercise. You must go slowly and remember that this is not very easy to achieve.

    It requires few weeks to months to complete and do it in proper form. You must stick to your goals and work out nearly 3 to 6 times a week for this to complete and receive the best results. You need to work on building your core strength and the muscles of your wrist, arms, and shoulders.

    Progressions of a planche pushup

    planche pushup

    You need to practice some other variations of planche pushups too for building strength and the whole pose with perfection. These progressions are designed to help you with the pushup and allow you to work out the isolated parts for this exercise.

    The variations are as follows:

    1. Half planche

    • You have to start this by placing your hands in a planche pushup position
    • Keep the feet on the floor while you perform the pushup
    • Place the hands closer to your shoulders when you just start
    • Gradually bring your hands down close to the hips as you get stranger with each attempt.

    2. Planche hold

    • Again, just get into the planche position but do not lower the body down t the ground
    • Once you are done with practicing up[er position, now hold the lower position.

    3. Raised Planche Lean

    • You will need a chair or stairs for this. Keep your feet on a bench, stairs, or chair to practice your leg work for planche
    • Try moving both hands close to the feet
    • Bend your knees while you are leaning the torso forward
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    4. Turk planche

    • From the plank position you just began, self all your bodyweight forward for keeping your shoders in from of the wrists
    • Round the back to tuck the legs in towards your chest
    • You have to raise your heels for yielding all your weight onto the curled toes
    • Lift either one or both your feet for that purpose
    • Balance this position for nearly 30 seconds or so.

    Make sure you are not pushing yourself too much as it may lead to injuries.

    Muscles worked with planche pushops

    Planche pushups format a great exercise because they work your whole body out and need incredible stability, balance, and strength for completion. They help you build body strength as the procedure goes on. You are required to use your upper body, arms, and core to control and spring your body. You are also required to engage your glutes, leg muscles, and hips.

    Here are some of the muscles that work in planche pushup:

    • Serratus anterior
    • Pectorals
    • anterior deltoids
    • Tricep Brachii
    • hip flexors
    • forearms
    • wrists
    • abdominal muscles
    • biceps


    Make sure you have a complete strength, stability, and coordination required to complete planche pushups. You also require a set of time to build your strength and cannot perform it overnight.

    It is not advised for people who are having any sort of difficulty support their upper body or revving from some serious injuries. Avoid this exercise if you have a concern about putting weight on your wrists, shoulders, or elbows.

    While completing these exercises. make sure you do not press too much weight into your hands or wrist as it may cause some injuries. Know that the buildup of a planche pushup is a gradual progression and it is important that you go low instead of hurrying to complete the task.

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    You must also drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated before the workouts, during the workouts, and after completing the workouts.

    Given below is a list of some alternative exercises you can perform to build your strength other than planche pushups alone.

    • Crow pose- it helps build strength, balance, and stability. It works great for your abdominals upper back and arms.
    • Decline push-ups- They are great for developing core strength and building up muscular resistance in your shoulders chest and triceps overall.
    • Plank variations- when it comes to plank variations, there are so many that you cannot even count. Try to add as many plank variants as you can to your routine to make sure you build muscular strength in your core, legs, and shoulder. Work on holding the positions for as long as you can.

    The Bottom Line

    This is an advanced exercise for balancing that needs total body strength to be carried out, unlike most exercises. This intense exercise demands you to have balance and stability so that you can carry the weight of your entire body n your hands while keeping your legs raised.

    Most people achieve their goal of performing this exercise within few weeks while some take a month. In either case, you must remain positive.

    If you are not able to reach full expression, you will be able to build enough body strength for different exercises. Go slowly and make sure you listen to your body to avoid being injured.

    Consider doing this exercise with a personal trainer if you really wish to set up plans to master the planche pushups.

    You can also strengthen your legs using these outstanding leg strength exercises for men and women.


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