How To Do A Brazilian Wax Using 6 Best And Easy Steps- Learn DIY Methods Too!

    How To Do A Brazilian Wax- Complete Procedure!

    Once you master how to do a Brazilian wax, it becomes so much easier to wax your pubic hair. You may hate it to the core, but the truth is, men and women both deal with this growth!

    If you love having a hair-free bikini area, but do not enjoy spending 40 to 50 dollars or you feel uncomfortable with someone doing your bikini wax, then knowing how to do a Brazilian wax can be quite useful.

    Here’s how to do a Brazilian wax by yourself at home.

    A Short History on Brazilian Wax

    Before we get started on how to do a Brazilian wax, there are few interesting things you will enjoy learning. “The Brazilian” term often sounds like a legendary or mystical tradition delivered down from an antique civilization to humankind, doesn’t it? Although, it makes things more interesting.

    We can virtually picture a family of Amazonian ladies walking almost naked after applying tree essence and palm leaves in the late-night rituals held on the top of a monument. That’s not too far from reality actually. A ‘tribe’ of Brazilian women did certainly popularize the mannerism in America, although they aren’t biblical, old, or Amazonian.

    Most of you might not know this but the J Sisters are the ones to bring the Brazilian wax to the United States. They learned this technique in Vitoria, Brazil, their home city. Later, in 1987, they opened a salon in Manhattan and introduced this technique in America too for removing pubic hair.

    The technique turned out to be a great hit with countless numbers of women and remains to be remarkably successful to this day. Stars or celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, etc are were identified as visiting the J Sisters’ salon for routine treatments.

    What is Brazilian Waxing?

    how to do a brazilian wax

    The popular Brazilian waxing is the elimination of all pubic hair from your entire pubic region through the employment and removal of sticky wax. The wax is spread hot to the area you wish and then covered using a cloth if needed. Once this wax cools down a bit, it (along with the strip of cloth placed above it) is ripped off the area to pull out the hairs from your skin.

    The pubic region is described as the part from the beginning of the pubic bone down amidst the legs past your anus and up the back of your buttocks. The aim is to be uncovered everywhere down below, and as far down your thighs as you select.

    However, there may be modern differences that leave some hair in specific areas as desired by the women, for instance, just over the clitoral space. Most women reading how to do a Brazilian wax themselves first concentrate on the more established way, that is, the complete eradication of hair, which needs less precision.

    Does it Hurt?

    The most prominent question most women ask is “Will a Brazilian wax ache– and if so, to what extent?” We truly hate to be the messenger of this bad news, but YES, waxing the pubic hair is mostly painful. The level of pain is tremendous during the initial waxing because the bulbs binding each hair to the skin is wider than the follicle exit end in your skin.

    The elimination of hair from the region throughout the vulva is viewed as the most painful, succeeded by the less painful upper pubic bone region and then your buttocks area, where most women do not perceive waxing as painful at all.

    If you are waxing frequently, the bulb binding the hair will grow smaller and the departure point becomes larger, which will most importantly decrease pain levels over time.

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    Most women can handle the pain of pubic hair waxing fairly easily, but some have more trouble doing so.

    The best way to reduce the pain, for both men and women, is to plan the waxing correctly. Use of Advil and any topical numbing gel may help significantly reduce the pain. A glass full of wine might also help, making for a more active and more flexible session.

    And what about the duration? Waxing only before or during periods is not recommended; after all, do you wish to multiply the pain and discomfort for a few days? Definitely not!

    Here’s How to Do a Brazilian Wax

    There are two ways you can try to learn how to do a Brazilian wax. You can either purchase a product from stores and try applying the wax or create your DIY Brazilian wax at home if you have enough time and patience.

    Please note that learning the right way to do Brazilian wax can help you reduce pain.

    If you are using a store-bought product, here’s what you do:

    Step One

    how to do a brazilian wax
    My skin pH

    Like all great artists, you should always at first prepare the canvas, and this principally means you must decide the length of the pubic hair. You might not realize it now but waxing the incorrect length of hair is excruciatingly painful. If the pubic hair is extremely short, the wax might not be able to pull out all the hairs and may leave some hair just partly removed causing immense pain. This can result in infections. If the hair is extremely long, it will not correctly align with the Brazilian wax, which can result in more pain throughout the removal and need multiple pulls. This is not fun, trust me!

    Pubic hair must be about a quarter of an inch in length to get the most reliable results using a Brazilian wax. If you have already shaved the pubic hair, start letting your hair grow out for a week before starting to wax. If you did not shave, measure and trim several days ere the waxing. Furthermore, when you progress towards the task, make certain all hairs are approximately a quarter of an inch in length.

    Step Two

    how to do a brazilian wax

    When carrying out your Brazilian wax regime at home, you will require the correct supplies. Let’s begin with the type of wax. You can prefer either soft or hard wax. Hard wax is better and more used as once it sets in place it grabs every hair strand, and you may rip the wax off (without requiring a cloth) directly by holding the edge of that wax and pulling it with a sudden jerk.

    Softer wax will work well too, but you will require to obtain cloth strips too to adhere firmly to the waxed areas to form a pulling surface. You will additionally need to purchase popsicle sticks for use with both types of wax. For first-timers, buy wax that can be easily melted in a microwave.

    Exfoliate your skin, with the help of a nice sponge, all across your pubic area, one day prior to waxing. This will shed all dead skin cells and let the wax attach to the pubic hair as firmly as possible at the skin level. This makes the hair removal method more effective and decreases the possibility of requiring to wax some parts twice. If your skin is highly sensitive the day after you have exfoliated, you can also do it two days prior to waxing.

    Step Three

    So, here’s the big day!

    Let’s begin by addressing discomfort and pain management. If this is the first time you are doing it, reconsider taking an Advil or two just half-an-hour ere the waxing, and consider a glass of wine as well. The wine helps to relax you and the medication, in this case, Advil will reduce the pain. Make sure you do not take aspirin, however. Aspirin dilutes and thins out the blood, which might make you seem more like a pincushion once you pull the wax off.

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    Step Four

    The fourth step involves heating and examining the wax. Follow all the instructions that came originally with the particular wax you have bought from the shop, and melt it to the correct temperature. Now, test this Brazilian wax to make certain that it is not too hot to touch, by touching it or dabbing it against the inner wrist (which approximately has the same sensation as the pubic area) using a popsicle stick. Strive for the hottest heat temp. that you are capable of withstanding.

    Step Five

    When implementing wax, begin with the least sensitive parts of the body for the first time. Many celebs suggest beginning from the waist and then gradually moving down, but cosmetician in Brazil begins with their thigh and then move up the body for great results and reasons.

    Your front, back, and your outer thighs are not highly sensitive, thus making them the best starting positions to obtain a feel for your hair removal excitement while you’re working on the technique. The steps themselves are quite straightforward. Begin by applying the wax with the given popsicle stick opposite the direction of hair growth.

    For instance, if the hair points downwards towards the thigh, apply the wax in an upward movement. Use sufficient amounts to cover an area of about one inch by three inches, with roughly an equal thickness as a layer of peanut butter on bread. If you are practicing the use of soft wax, then immediately apply a cloth strip that comes with it to the back of the wax applied so that they adhere. Remember, the use of fabric strips is not required for hard wax.

    Now, speed up the process and wait. This wax must cool and set before you take it out. The wax vessel will let you know how long will it take, but maximum beauticians wait for 30 to 60 seconds or till this wax resists to be pulled.

    Hard wax on the other hand is ready when patting them with the finger and creates a noise that seems like you are touching a plastic. Once this wax becomes hard, peel up any corner till you receive a great grip between the thumb and fingers.

    The least unpleasant and most effective method to rip wax is in the opposing direction of hair growth. If your hair is pointing down above the pubic bone, for example, pull the wax from the bottom. Once you’ve learned the right direction to use, set your other hand at the opposing edge of the waxed part and pull the skin tight.

    Take a long deep breath and let it out very slowly. At the end of breathing out, pull the wax off the skin—the quicker and harder you strip it, the better! Remember, there will be discomfort and pain, but it only lasts for a few seconds.

    When people whine about the pain linked with Brazilian waxing, the common reason amongst most is the failure to have sufficient energy to rip. Recall the moment you were childish and your mother put a Band-Aid on your cut. The edges of the Band-Aid usually covered hair, and if you attempted to rip off the Band-Aid gently, the pulled hairs used to hurt! Bad. If you simply ripped that Band-Aid off, there was nearly half a second of trauma and that was it.

    The same goes for waxing the pubic area. No half steps. Give this wax a great rip. Once you’ve finished the first removal rip, redo the same process as you keep moving up across your pubic area. You will, nonetheless, want to squat to reach the area near the vagina and back near the anus.

    Try relaxing or leaning the back of the buttocks on the edge of a seat for support and put a mirror in between the legs for the most useful view. When implementing wax to this area, manage each side of your vagina and anus in a single long strip. This part is the most delicate, so combat the urge to only wax small parts. One big rip or removal will be unpleasant and painful, but it is still better than ten little ones which are excruciating.

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    Step Six

    how to do a brazilian wax

    After you are fully done and got that clean and fresh feeling, there are still few things you cannot do for the next 24 hours. Do not get mad but try not to do tanning or workout and wait for a day.

    Also, no sex! The skin feels a bit sore after the wax and it becomes red due to the regular blood flow. Just wear loose clothing, grab some popcorn, and start watching your favorite shows on Netflix for the whole day. Use this time to fulfill all your guilty pleasures like eating and watching Netflix (as most of these are pleasures!). And, this is how to do a Brazilian wax.

    If you wish to have a DIY Brazilian wax, here’s all you need to know:

    DIY Brazilian wax

    1. Gather all the materials required- Preparing your sugar wax is manageable and easy but it is a true art. Get all the things together and grow self-reliant. You will need the following for your DIY Brazilian wax:
    • 2 cups or 400 gm of white sugar.
    • 1/4 cup or 30 ml of orange juice, lemon juice, or vinegar
    • 1/4 cup or 180 ml of water
    • Waxing strips from any nearby store or a small piece of cotton fabric.
    • Use a big stainless steel container. If you utilize an old, crumbling pan, some of the ingredients might end up mixing with your wax.

    2. Combine all the ingredients in a utensil over high temperature- Get the ingredients to a good boil and lessen the flame to medium and stir frequently.

    • Guard the pot as undercooking it is recoverable but overcooking it is not.
    • If it begins to boil again, reduce the heat.

    3. Empty into a clear container when turned brown- Your wax must gradually turn from transparent to a honey-brown color. Once you attain this point, remove it off from the heat quickly.

    • This element in making the wax is a true science! It may need anywhere between 6-20 minutes. Use a butter knife and observe how thick the wax is but DO NOT TOUCH it with your hand! If the wax appears to move thickly and feels sticky as it goes, it’s done.
    • Try draining it in a glassful of water. If it quickly creates a bead and does not trail, it is good.
    • If it is still runny and not wax-like in its consistency, throw it in the garbage and NOT in the sink and begin again.

    4. Let the wax coolBut never too much. Allow it cool to a point where it is hot but does not hurt you. You might have to learn this difficultly. If the wax cools down too much, it tends to lose its stickiness. However, you can reheat it. If you have emptied it into some microwaveable vessel, heat it till it becomes malleable again.

    5. Prepare your skin. You must begin with a clear base. Try to apply any baby or soft talcum powder to this area before starting. Make certain every last bit of your pubic area is dry. You may want to reheat the wax or use more powder. Apply extra powder if you undergo more pain or starting to sweat. The level of discomfort and pain is based on your skin. For a few women, it is not an issue at all. Do not let this discourage you.

    Now that you already know how to use a Brazilian wax and you are ready, follow the same steps given above under the previous heading where we have mentioned how to apply the wax and how to pull it off. Make sure you check the direction before pulling to avoid more pain and discomfort!

    how to do a brazilian wax

    This was all about how to do a Brazilian wax. Ever heard of a paraffin wax bath? If not, here’s all you need to know about this bath to soothe and relieve your body from pain. Cheers!


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