How To Cut A Pomegranate In 4 Easy Steps Without Mess

    how to cut a pomegranate

    What mystery lies within the juicy seeds of the Pomegranate? To unveil this delicious mystery you need to know how to cut a pomegranate the right way. Yes, there is a right and easy way to cut this fruit and de seed. Knowing the right techjnique avoids the mess on your countertop when you cut it.

    The seeds, seated close to each other, glued to each other, like they are watching a suspense movie covered in thing layer in creme color. Like a curtain raiser, the drama unveils. But, then again, knowing how to cut a pomegranate can leave no mess and delish taste in your mouth.

    How To Pick A Juicy Pomegranate?

    How would you know if a pomegranate is juicy? The seeds are on the inside, so its not easy to know if you are choosing a juicy variety. When picking the fruit, buy one that has deep red color and is lumpy. An unripe pomegranate is hard and light in color. Choose a one that is heavy and has a lovely, dark red color.

    How to Cut A Pomegranate?

    Pomegranates can get messy when you do not cut it the right way. Nope, you do not need mathematics to cut measuring dimensions. These fruits do not come in a perfect round shape. A pomegranate has a crown area.

    how to cut a pomegranate
    • First cut the crown area by making a circular cut to remove the crown.
    • Look for flat and ribs to know where to make the cut

    how to cut a pomegranate

    • Start from the crown area and follow down towards the end
    • Make four such cuts
    • Place the thumb on the crown area
    • Crack-open the pomegranate
    • Remove seeds from each segment cut and place them in a bowl
    • Remove the creme layer that covers the seeds
    • The seeds of pomegranate are called arlis
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    This is the no-mess way to crack-open the fruit. Snack on this lovely fruit, use it in salads, make fresh juice from these seeds. They are anti-oxidant, Vitamin C, and potassium rich. They come with multiple health benefits, prevents cancer, meliorates arthritis.


    This is how to cut a pomegranate and enjoy the delicious fruit. Store them in room temperature so they last a few days. This is a healthy snack for kids and comes with numerous health benefits.


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