How To Clear Spotify Queue In 5 Easy Steps

    How to clear Spotify queue? 

    Wondering how to clear Spotify queue after playing your favorite songs? Here’s a quick guide.

    Is it been a long duration since you checked folders and queues on Spotify? Is there a comprehensive playlist with so many songs that you can’t think of when you want? If so, don’t worry. We have the facts for you. 

    This article depicts how Spotify Queue works and how to remove Queue from all music albums and playlists. This guide is very useful for anyone trying to remove a nonsensical song that has been queued. 

    If you’re dreaming of a stable stream of music that combines your favorite music sorts and artists, now’s your chance to believe it. 

    How to clear Spotify Queue

    how to clear spotify queue
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    If you have been using the app Spotify for a while, your listening music may be starting to stuffy. Therefore, to clear the Spotify music queue, follow these steps: 

     1 First, you need to click open the Spotify app and log in to your account. 

     2. Then, play the song and click on the three dashed icons in the lower right corner of the screen. 

     3. Then click the Queue button to see all the songs in the Queue. 

     4. To remove them, mark the music you don’t want to see in the Queue, tap the circle to check each song, and remove it from the list. 

     5. Then click the “Delete” button at the bottom left of the screen to remove the selected title from the Queue. 

    How to clear recently played Spotify artists: 

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    The smoothest way to use Spotify is to use the mobile app, but if you clear the Queue, Spotify will not be able to delete all recently played artists at once. 

    How to delete recently played tracks on Spotify: 

    – If you want to prevent others from seeing your recently played artists. Click the arrow icon next to your username and select Settings from here. 

    – Scroll down until you see the Social Networks section of the settings menu. 

    – Turns off the display of recently played artists. This will instantly hide your selection from your profile. 

    – If you want to remove them from recently played pages, use the menu on the left and go to the playlist from here.  

    – To remove an artist, click the triple dot icon that appears, then click Remove from Recently Played. It may not be deleted at once. Also, it may take some time to disappear from the Spotify homepage. 

    Private Session – “How to hide recently viewed pages.”

    Halt new artists from appearing on recently viewed pages. You can begin a private listening session on your desktop and mobile apps. 

    – To do this, click the arrow icon next to your desktop username and select Private Session. 

    – A blue padlock appears at the top of the profile photo to let you know that your current session is private.

    – If you are using the mobile app, tap the gear icon at the top of the page.

    – To access the settings menu from here, scroll down to the Social Networks section to enable private sessions.

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    – There are no visual reminders to remind you that you are currently in a private session. 

    – After restarting Spotify or being inactive for a long time, your private session will not end automatically. 

    Reorganize the queue list 

    how to clear spotify queue
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    You may have some songs you want to listen to while missing out on the rest of the songs. In this case, try reorganizing the queued playlist and reordering the tracks.

    If you want to skip most music tracks, it’s very tiresome. With Spotify, you can now easily reorganize your queue list to get the most out of it. 

    – You can rearrange the order of the tracks by long-pressing the three-line icon and dropping the selectable songs from top to bottom. 

    – Sort songs by age, genre, and artist to make them even more enjoyable. You can also activate playlists and listen to the newest music.

    That was all about- How to clear Spotify queue in a few steps.


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