How To Clean A bathtub With 3 Best Ways!

    How To Clean A Bathtub- Here’s What You Need To Do!

    We love a hot bath in our favorite tub. Knowing how to clean a bathtub is a lifesaver. There is nothing even closer to a long, leisurely soak in a bathtub to alleviate the tensions of the day— unless the state of the bathtub is what’s you are stressed about!

    We all know bathtubs are magnets for grime, soap scum, and mildew, not to mention persistent stains caused due to rust or hard water.

    When searching how to clean a bathtub- The solution for numerous homeowners is to go for one of the various store-bought cleansers formulated particularly for bath surfaces. A few of the most famous ones are Scrubbing Bubbles, OxiClean, Clorox OxiMagic, and Clorox Clean-Up. Whichever cleaner you pick, make sure to study and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safer use, as numerous products have toxic chemicals.

    As an option, if you pick natural, DIY (do-it-yourself) cleaning mixes, keep reading now for tips and instructions on how to clean a bathtub and remove any stains, using only a few everyday, affordable household staples.

    How Often One Should Clean a Bathtub

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    How many times the bathtub must be cleaned, in certain respects, is a judgment call. A tub that has been used every other day by four people in a single-bathroom house will be required to be cleaned extra often compared to a tub used rarely by someone who resides alone. If you utilize the bathtub often, give it a good cleaning once every week and a deep clean that includes a lot of cleaning power behind it every once in a month.

    How to Clean a Bathtub

    Do all the due diligence before cleaning to ensure that you have the correct products for the particular bathtub you own. For instance, if the bathtub is acrylic type, be careful not to harm it using scrubbers that come with any metal parts. Likewise, enamel bathtubs can get damaged easily by using the incorrect type of brush.

    Use gloves to safeguard your hands and skin, and switch on the ventilation fan or slide open the bathroom windows anytime you are utilizing cleaning products to guard your lungs. Let’s see different methods to know How to clean a bathtub.

    How To Clean The Bathtub Naturally

    How to clean a bathtub

    Wash out any grit or hair- Use the shower to wash out any dirt in the way. If you use a removable shower head, employ it to scatter water around the tub. Try a cup or small bucket to spray water nearby if you do not.

    • If you notice a lot of hair and dirt in the tub, it is most suitable to wipe it out using a paper towel before you begin rinsing the tub with the showerhead. Otherwise, you might unknowingly clog up the drain.
    • If the drain gets blocked, you will also need to clean it in expansion to the remaining bathtub.
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    Use a grapefruit and salt scrub- The acid within the grapefruit mixed with the harshness of the salt allows for scrubbing away the filth. In addition to that, the grapefruit helps your bathroom smell fresh like citrus. Here’s How to clean a bathtub with salt and grapefruit scrub.

    • Slice a grapefruit in half. Spread salt on the open half slice.
    • Sprinkle some salt on the soaking tub.
    • Scrub the tub using the grapefruit, casting juice as you move it. You might need to swap another half to scrub all the dirt within the bathtub. You might even require more than just one grapefruit.
    • Wash away any pulp and salt.

    How to clean a bathtub using vinegar spray- Vinegar is known to be slightly acidic to remove stains and bacteria. Here’s how to clean a bathtub with vinegar spray.

    • In one clean spray bottle, mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of water. Shake the mixture vigorously.
    • Spray the vinegar mix in the tub. Utilize a sponge to wash it down. Rinse out the vinegar.

    Try baking soda paste- Baking soda paste works quite well for rust blots, but you can also try it as a regular bathtub cleaner. To prepare the paste, mix water with baking soda till it develops a paste-like consistency. Then, try a sponge to spread the paste to the regions you wish to clean. Scrub this paste onto the surface to assist in removing the stains. Eventually, rinse away the remaining paste.

    • If the bathtub is extremely dirty or stained, spread the mixed paste onto the impacted areas and spray it with white vinegar. Let the vinegar and baking soda set on the stain for at least 10-15 minutes, then clean using a sponge. Eventually, rinse away the vinegar and baking soda. This must remove all the stains.

    How to clean a bathtub using borax and a lemon- This mix also works pretty well on tough stains.

    • Dust the harsh stain using borax. Cut one lemon into two pieces, and rub half the piece onto that stain. Allow it to stand for at long as 15 minutes, and then Wash it all out.
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    Practice day-to-day cleaning- If you keep cleaning out the bathtub each time you take a shower, you will not see any buildup over time.

    • Utilize the shower to spray the tub using slightly warm water, rinsing away any dirt. Wipe the water off using a sponge or Towel

    How to clean a bathtub using commercial products

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    Wear gloves- A few chemicals might be harsh on your skin, so make sure you wear your gloves before cleaning.

    Clear the tub of dirt-Lose dirt and hair might get in the way when you clean make sure to use the shower before you clean.

    • Hair and debris might clog the bathtub drain, so you might want to eliminate most of the dirt with a paper towel and then rinse that up with a stream of the shower.

    Pick a sponge and brush- Do not use a sponge that is too harsh, like a ball of steel wool. Stick to a scrubbing sponge you usually use in your kitchen. Otherwise, you will end up taking the finish of your bathtub.

    In addition to that, it is also helpful to utilize a toothbrush or simply any grout brush to get within the crannies and nooks and surround the faucets.

    • Magic Erasers and similar products can be ideal for cleaning acrylic bathtubs which may scratch more easily. Magic erasers are comparatively cheap and can be bought from your nearby local hardware stores and supermarkets. All you require to do to use the eraser is wet the eraser, rub the tub, and wash well afterward.

    Pick a good cleaning product- You have various options to help you. Which one you pick depends on your choice. For example, you may use Lysol Bathroom Cleaner, scrubbing bubbles, and Clorox Clean-Up.

    Read the manufacturer’s guidelines on the label- Each cleaner is a bit distinct from another. For the cleaner to be the most useful one, you must follow what the instructions imply. For example, you might require spray or rub a solution on and let it ser it for some time. Bathroom cleaners can be pretty overpowering, so ensure your room is nicely-ventilated, and if needed, leave your room for some time to limit inhaling any threatening fumes.

    Apply as mentioned- allow the cleaner to sit or rub it in as given or stated by the manufacturer. Do not use an abrasive or metal brush to harm the tub’s texture.

    • Try scrubbing with an old toothbrush and one of the given cleaning mentioned above products for difficult-to-reach areas.
    Wash the product away- Utilize warm water to remove the chemical you applied.

    Use a once-a-month cleanser- Products like Scrubbing Bubbles and Mega Shower Cleaner are prepared to deep clean the shower every once a month.

    • To utilize this, spread the product to the bathtub and walls. Let it on for about 3 minutes. Rinse away the product.
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    How to clean the tiles closer to the bathtub

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    Run the shower on hot- having the bathroom closed, run your shower on hot for about a few minutes. The steam generated from the shower will assist in releasing dirt and dust.

    Test the cleaner first- whichever cleaner you pick to perform the procedure, test it in a hidden place. It would help if you made certain it does not damage and discolor the tile.

    Scrub the grout using bleach or a cleaning product- Dip a used toothbrush in cleaning product or bleach. Scrub along the grout to form whiter grout.

    • If you do not wish to use bleach, another product such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Kaboom, and Lysol Bathroom Cleaner will function great. Other than that, you can mix white vinegar and water mixture to prepare your cleaning solution.
    • Small-sized and mid-sized brushes are an excellent choice for cleaning the grout. You can discover different varieties and sizes of these brushes to purchase cleaning tools or supplies.
    • Ensure that the cleaner you utilized previously is comparable with bleach ere applying the solution. For example, neither ammonia nor vinegar should be combined with bleach.

    Rinse the bleach off or cleaning product- Let those tiles dry first

    Seal the grout- You must seal the grout two times a year. Sealing the grout helps shield it from the moisture present in the bathroom.

    Utilize the penetrating sealer. Sealers coat the grout but still let moisture escape. The grout will not crack as much with such kind of sealer.

    Remove out all the materials that could restrict the grout. You wish to have access to it to spread the sealer.

    Clean the grout. If it is discolored, spread the bleach as mentioned above. Allow it to dry.

    • Make sure the room is adequately ventilated. Slide open the window. Keep your bathroom door open. Switch on a fan. Do what you are required to do to obtain a good airflow.
    • Lay the sealer with a sponge or applicator brush. Put sealer onto the applicator, and work it into the grout. Just do a small portion, so you can have track of what you have accomplished.
    • In nearly 10 minutes, rub off any extra amount. You require to eliminate the excess sealer from that tile and grout. The sealer must have been immersed during this time.

    Tips for Keeping the Tub Clean For Longer

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    • Every time you have a nice bath, rinse the surface of the tub. And wipe off extra moisture. This can prevent mildew, grime, and soap scum, from building up onto the cover or surface.
    • Dish soap can wash the slimiest, stubborn soap buildup.
    • Keep your eyes on mildew growth onto the caulk by instantly getting rid of it using a bleach-based spritz, so it does not extend much and cause a more prominent issue.


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