How To Change Weather in Wild Area: A Complete Guide


    How to change weather in wild area is one of the most asked questions for the one who is a beginner or is in the intermediary level. Basically, the features regarding how to change the weather in wild areas are related to the game released by Nintendo, the Pokémon Company, named as the Pokémon sword and the Pokémon shield. As we all know, the game has already won the hearts of millions after its release. It is very important to know the answer to the question of how to change the weather in the wild areas, before you level yourself as a pro Pokémon sword or shield player.

    What is a wild area in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

    The Pokémon sword and shield are generally the two versions of the same game. One is Pokémon Shield and the other one is Pokémon Sword. Both games hold major significance in today’s gaming industries and popularity. Although game developers have launched these two versions, there have been many controversies with the topic of lacking the mainline features as promised. The question- how to change the weather in wild areas became viral and became a major concern for the players and the game users.

    To answer the question of how to change weather in wild areas in detail, we need to have proper knowledge of the plotline and the backstory of the games. Here we have briefly discussed the Pokémon Sword and Shield game below.

    The game has some of the most important and delightful features in it. When you plan to start the game, you will be introduced to certain names and characters as well as some new challenges and rewards. Starting with the introduction and welcome, you will be in the Galar region where you will be residing with your mother in the Postwick village. You will also have a neighbor that will be your best friend.

    As the game continues, you will be introduced to the brother of your neighbor and when you explore around the city and the Wedge Hurst station, you will be able to meet the brother in person. After that, you will collect your first ever PokeDex. However, you will encounter an open gate that actually leads to the Slumbering Weald. you and your partner will be all set to find and save a lost lamb in the forbidden zone of Slumbering Weald. On the way, you will meet Professor Magnolia with her extremely beautiful granddaughter, Sonia.

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    Now comes the Gym challenge, here comes the big wild area. The wild area is filled with some of the most dangerous and various kinds of Pokémon. The more you dig into the game; you will encounter many more battles and the dinner date. After each step of the game, you will be able to uncover some of the great secrets and rewards.

    This short explanation of the plot of the Pokémon sword and shield game explains the direction and the place where you will be introduced to the wild area. The wild area is the vast piece of land that is linked with the cities nearby. This area is full of various kinds of Pokémon which can sometimes be very dangerous. How to change weather in wild areas must be answered wisely, as these variants affect the availability of Pokémon.

    How to change weather in wild area on Pokemon Sword and Shield
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    How to change the weather in wild area?

    The question as to how to change the weather in wild areas still remains the question that needs to be solved. We have explained the details as to how to change weather in wild areas below, stepwise. As it is well known that the wild area is situated in the Galar region, it is well explained as to how to fight the battles and mark the dens on the go. The wild area consists of innumerable dens of Pokémon.

    Some are very dangerous and some are quite easy to go. This area is more like a barren green land with an atmosphere of a forest where you will also get to see different lakes, falls and distant villages and towns.

    The Pokémon are found based on the weather and the location. You will also get to know that the wild area and the search of Pokémon are based on the game levels and your scores.

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    The more you search it online, the more you will learn that there are many answers to the question- How to change weather in wild areas, but many people are not sure if all the information is right. If you are in the snowy weather, you will notice that when there is more snow- certain kinds of Pokémon will appear.

    The game and the improvement of your performance in the game will add up to the unlocking of various kinds of weather like sandstorm, snowstorms and rainy.

    Step 1: Go to the Nintendo switch where you have installed the game and click on the cross sign switch on display. After that you will receive a dialogue box saying that to shut the application you are using, there are two options, cancel and close. Obviously, choose the ‘close’ option.

    Step 2: After selecting the ‘close’ option, you have to go to the “Setting” option. The Nintendo Switch has an icon that looks like a gear in the system settings. The easier way to find the settings button is to locate the joy-con and the power switch. The answer to the question of How to change weather in wild areas begins with the next steps.

    Step 3: The system settings will have all the internal settings options so you have to choose the option ‘select’. Now, change the Time and the date from the settings.

    Step 4: After you change the date and time on your Nintendo Switch, make it as ‘synchronize clock via internet’ . And the ‘automatic clock’ must be turned off.

    Step5: Now, the most vital step. Select the date and time according to the weather you need. Keep the ‘Pro tip’ mentioned below in this article, to select the weather and the date of your choice.

    Pokemon sword and shield wild area
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    What are the advantages of changing weather in the wild areas?

    The advantages of changing the weather in the wild areas lie in the answer to the question how to change weather in wild areas. Basically, the change of weather denotes the variations of Pokémon. Thus, when you change the weather, you get to see many different types of Pokémon on the way in the wild areas. For example, if you choose the winter or the snowy weather, you will get to see that the snow-based Pokémon will appear in front of you.

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    As for the question, how to change weather in wild area did not arise out of nowhere. There must be some reasons behind the question and the reason is to collect more Pokémon and improve the performance and the quality of the game. Many gamers will try the steps listed above, as the popularity behind how to change weather in wild areas mainly concentrates on the matter of how much the weather affects the Pokémon search and also unlocks many rewards.

    Pro Tip

    If you are a regular visitor to the website, you might as well know that there is always a ‘pro tip’ in the articles. So, based on today’s topic, that is, how to change weather in wild areas, we have discussed some of the basic and possible ways which you can use to change the weather by the steps mentioned above.

    • Sandstorm weather- 1st of April
    • Sunny weather- 1st of July
    • Normal weather- 1st of May
    • Rainy weather- 1st of October
    • Snow season- 1st of December
    • Foggy weather- 1st of June
    • Thunderstorm- 1st of November
    • Hail-1st of February

    Go on with the above-mentioned dates, and you will have the weather that you desire and go on with the Pokémon based on the weather.


    How to change weather in wild area pokemon shield
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    The answer to the question how to change weather in wild areas has been discussed above. Many of the gamers who have just begun their journey or are in the entry-level of the game often find it difficult in the wild area. Many times, we desire a weather and it becomes another as the system updates. But, we cannot just overcome our desire for Pokémon based on the weather. Thus, we have tried to help you all with some basic steps.


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