How Long Does It Take To Lose belly Fat? 4 Best Tips To Help Fasten The Process!

    How Long Does It Take To Lose Belly Fat?

    If you have started working out recently, you might wonder how long does it take to lose belly fat. We tend to look for fast results in whatever workout we try ad it is normal.

    Having little body fat is good and healthy for you, but there are good reasons why you must lose excess belly fat. About 90% of body fat is located just below the skin in people, as per estimates of Harvard University. This is called subcutaneous fat.

    The other 10% is known as visceral fat. It is located just below the abdominal wall and other spaces around the organs. Fat is linked to different health issues, like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases.

    If you aim to lose belly fat and wonder how long does it take to lose belly fat, there is no quick or easy method. Supplements and crash diets would not do the trick. Also, targeting one area of your body for fat loss isn’t likely to do the work.

    Your most suitable bet is to work on reducing overall body fat is through exercise and diet. Once you begin losing weight, some fat will reduce from your belly is a great chance.

    How long does it take to lose belly fat is different for every person. Read on to know how long does it take to lose belly fat and how to start.

    Why is belly fat so bad for your health (Visceral fat)?

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    So, how long does it take to lose belly fat, and why is it important? What causes visceral fat especially dangerous is possibly how adjacent it is to your portal vein, which carries blood from the intestinal portion to the liver. Substances discharged by visceral fat may travel to the liver, where they may affect your body’s ability to generate blood lipids (fatty elements in your blood), raising “bad” cholesterol and lowering “good” cholesterol.

    Visceral fat further pumps out chemicals of the immune system called cytokines, amongst others, which might obstruct your blood pressure, metabolism, and capability to react normally to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that spreads glucose or blood sugar to various body cells. Thus, you may grow insulin resistance, a precursor to Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

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    The excess belly fat you gain, the greater your health risks: Each extra pound of fat is associated with new diagnoses of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. But, the reverse is correct, too. Even minor to moderate fat loss (Estimate: 3–4% of the beginning weight) may significantly enhance your heart health and metabolism.

    How long does it take to lose belly fat or burn fat?

    You are required to burn at least 3500 carries for losing a single pound. This is because 1 pound of fat is equal to 3500 amount of calories. To lose a pound per week, you must eliminate at least 500 calories from your meal plans each day. You may lose up to 4 pounds at the required pace in one month.

    Performing some level of physical activity will assist you in losing weight or burning more calories. Exercise also helps build your muscle mass. Also, muscle mass is heavier compared to fat, so even though you appear leaner, you may not see fewer pounds on the scale.

    Our body type is different. There are many variables in how much physical activity one should perform to burn a few calories. The larger you are, the more calories you will burn while working. Also, males have more muscle than females of similar size, so it helps them burn more calories.

    To lose weight, you must burn calories and remain in a calorie deficit. Let’s see how long it takes to burn belly fat by staying in a calorie deficit.

    How to create a calorie deficiency

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    For those wondering what calories mean, calories are units of energy coming from food. The more calories you are using, the more calories you are burning. The calories that remain in your body without usage turns to fat and get stored. How long it takes to lose belly fat depends on the calories you burn.

    Likewise, you can burn fat stores by consuming fewer calories and using more energy for work. To achieve that, here are a few ways that you can use to cut down calories:

    1. Switch drinks

    • Drink regular water instead of drinking soda.
    • Try sipping on black coffee instead of flavored coffee with added sugar and cream.
    • Lower the consumption of alcohol.
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    2. Avoid high-calorie foods

    • Do not eat fast food and highly-processed foods.
    • Consume fruits instead of packaged sweets and baked goods.
    • Go for low-fat dairy meals instead of high-fat ones.
    • Eat boiled or grilled foods rather than fried foods.
    • Monitor calorie counts on menus if you eat outside. You may be shocked at how many calories are present in a regular restaurant meal.
    • Use a calorie-counting app for free.

    3. Reduce portions

    • Measure cooking oils before cooking.
    • Limit using oil and other salad dressings.
    • Use a smaller bowl or plate.
    • Eat slowly, and wait for about 20 minutes after eating to ensure you’re full.
    • When eating at restaurants, take half of the meal home.
    • Do not eat in the presence of the TV, where it is easy to snack without noticing the portion.

    4. Use smaller plates

    The most used trick in the book of weight loss, right? One study revealed that eating on smaller plates and using smaller bowls results in smaller portions.

    You can also prevent yourself from overeating by noshing slowly, not eating dinners in front of your phone, not talking while eating, etc.

    Examine food density, too. For instance, a single cup of grapes has nearly 100 calories, but one cup of raisins has almost 480. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of fiber and water, so they feel complete without a lot of calories.

    To maintain lean muscle mass, you will require plenty of protein. In 2016, nutritionists conducted a meta-analysis of 20 randomized control experiments comprising weight loss and diet. They found out that adults aged 50 and older shed more fat and retained more lean mass on higher-protein, energy-restricted diets instead of regular protein intakes.

    In extension to a regular workout routine, try the given calorie burners:

    • Park your car farther away and walk the additional steps.
    • A better option is to bike or walk instead of drive.
    • Use the stairs rather than elevators or escalators if possible.
    • Take a brisk walk after meals.
    • If you perform your job at a desk, get up once every hour for a quick walk or stretch.

    Many pleasurable exercises are there to help you burn extra calories, like dancing, hiking, and even golfing. For example, in 30 minutes of usual gardening, a 125-pound individual may burn around 135 calories, whereas a 185-pound individual may burn as much as 200 calories.

    The further you decide to move, the more calories you will burn. And the more possible it is to lose your belly fat.


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