How can students start writing papers better?

    Students are involved in various academic activities, from attending classes and lectures to presenting projects and writing papers. The latter is among the most assigned tasks for a reason. First and foremost, essay writing provides a complex list of benefits for learners, improving their research, decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Thanks to paper writing, students can also compose different pieces much faster.

    However, the problem with essay writing is that numerous students encounter tremendous difficulties with papers. The root cause varies; while some don’t have enough time to handle writing tasks, others may not know what an essay is and how to write it. This article sheds light on how to start writing papers better, quicker, and easier.

    Learn the basics first

    It would be reasonable to embark on an essay writing journey by getting familiar with the essential information about the essay. An essay is a document written on a specific topic. Usually, it comprises three elements: an introduction, body, and conclusion. Every part has its function. Introduction, for example, aims to spark the reader’s attention, provide them with the necessary background knowledge (so that the person better understands the topic and your writing aspirations), and identify the main points the entire paper will revolve around.

    Besides, it’s crucial to know that a well-written paper is accurate, meets the word count, and follows all the requirements provided by the teacher. That’s why it’s imperative that you read the requirements first and determine the problem you need to resolve within the essay.

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    Receive the necessary dose of inspiration and knowledge

    Brushing up on essay writing skills requires time and effort, with the progress very much depending on an individual. Some students may enhance their prowess swiftly. Others, in turn, could spend weeks getting the same results. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t level up your writing quickly. Try getting some inspiration instead:

    • Read relevant academic sources: Going through scholarly sources will allow you to learn how academicians organize their flow of thoughts and what vocab and constructions they use. Plus, it will enrich your knowledge of a particular topic should you focus on the content.
    • Get competent help: Luckily, you are not alone with essay writing issues. A qualified papers writing service will provide you with an exemplary piece you can use as a model document when working on the task. The benefits of such services are hard to overestimate. They are cheap and effective and offer students high-quality solutions.

    Divide your writing session into three approaches

    Every writing assignment must be structured and organized if you strive to craft an impeccable report within a set time frame. Keep in mind that the paper’s type doesn’t matter here. Whether you write an expository or argumentative essay, or even something more complicated with a different structure–like a research paper or coursework–it would be best to break your session down into pre-writing, writing, and post-writing. Let’s look at these in detail.


    Pre-writing mainly relies on your research and critical thinking, resulting in a thesis statement with the most crucial information you will further develop. This part includes gathering sources, generating thoughts, and setting yourself up for the next sub-session.

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    The quality of your writing hinges on the preceding approach. If you’ve managed to find credible, relevant, and updated sources and come up with mind-bending ideas, actual writing will be smooth-flowing. However, keep in mind that your main task is to create a draft; don’t spend time fixing punctuation and lexical mistakes here. Leave it for the next and last part.


    Post-writing focuses on reviewing the entire work and analyzing it from various angles. Here, you examine every section separately and together to ensure the paper is coherent and easily readable. You are highly encouraged to use additional tools when checking the essay. See below to learn more.

    Learn to research effectively

    Research is part and parcel of most papers, so you need to know what, where, and how to locate sources efficiently. The best way to have a good and productive start is to visit reliable sites like Google Scholar and ResearchGate. These are databases of academic works that you can use, provided documents pertain to the topic, and published during the last few years.

    You aren’t circumscribed by these pages, as many other authoritative sites exist. Moreover, you can always turn to the on-campus library if reaching it doesn’t take lots of time.

    Take meaningful notes

    Taking notes is often portrayed as a dull and even useless activity. In reality, though, notes are a game-changer if written correctly. You can find different techniques to speed up your writing and help you develop outside-the-box ideas (feel free to use mind mapping or listing). Also, don’t hesitate to switch to taking notes via an app, such as Notion. The tool encompasses dozens of options to make your notes striking, memorable, and valuable.

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    Use digital tools

    Besides Notion, don’t hesitate to use other tools to improve your writing. Apps like Google Docs will accelerate your typing, while Grammarly will let you polish your essay to a shimmering brilliance. You may also convert your device into a typing machine, restricting access to specific sites when working on the paper. This way, you will manage to maintain your attention and efficacy at a high level.

    Remember to take breaks

    Whatever the essay you write, don’t forget that your productivity isn’t endless. The longer you work on the task break-free, the shorter your attention span will be. It’s essential to take regular pauses regardless of the task and its size. To make the most out of any break and retain your concentration and yield, try adopting the Pomodoro Technique.


    With essay writing being an everyday task, it’s vital to pick up excellent writing skills asap. And although many approaches and their efficiency depend on an individual, the mentioned common tips will come in handy. Use and augment them with other ways you find valuable, and your writing abilities will skyrocket soon!


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