Fishtail Braid – Learn 3 Easy And Amazing Styles

    How To Do A Fishtail Braid Like A Beauty Blogger

    The fishtail braid is gaining popularity and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. If you still haven’t figured out how to do a fishtail braid in your hair, it is time to learn and rock this amazing hairstyle.

    Although we are totally in love with how our hair turns out after the completion of a braid, many of us have a difficult time making one. Want to know how to master the skills? Learn with us.

    Braids are constantly increasing in their renowned popularity and fishtail braids are the best if we talk about the styling context. It is very trendy as it can be complemented with every outfit, be it summers or winters. If you love wearing crop tops and denim cut off’s fishtail braids are the best to style your hair. French and dutch fishtail braids are ultimately popular and trendy.

    Although it looks quite difficult to keep up with due to its intricate and intimidating look, do not worry, it is quite easier to make. It is super fashionable and modish to complement every attire.

    Let’s see how to make one.

    Fishtail French Braid

    fishtail braid

    It is very stylish and amazing to create. You will have to weave different strands of your hair together for creating an intricate look. It brings a boho touch to any look you opt for. It is possible to braid out just your ponytail but using a french braid starting from the above sections makes it appear like a crown on your head. Using a french hairstyle is super chic and perfect for all occasions irrespective of what you have worn.

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    Once you start practicing and learn how to create a french fishtail braid, you will end up making it for every party or occasion as it is useful and easy. French fishtail braids are not hard and complex as they appear, but you might have some trouble doing it for the first time.

    All you need to get started is a little practice, a hair tie. and of course, your hands cooperate. Do not worry, you will master it in no time. Let’s get started.

    How To Do French Fishtail Braid

    Although the idea of creating a fishtail braid with just a few pictures in front of you may seem daunting, there is nothing as such to worry about because it is the easiest type, the only issue you may face is your hands getting extremely tired at first few practices. It involves separating the hair into sections, braiding your long locks is quite a time-taking and lengthy procedure. But, don’t get demotivated due to this, because the end results are worth the wait and hard work.

    Let’s see how to create one step by step:

    1. Separate the hair into small and two even sections.
    2. Take a small piece of hair, nearly half an inch from the outside part of one section, and pull it across and over such that it joins to the inside of the other section.
    3. Repeat the same by taking half an inch of hair section from another side and adding it to the first side.
    4. Keep repeating the process until you reach the bottom of hair length or wherever you want to stop the braid.
    5. If you want a french fishtail braid, start at the crown of your head till bottom length and you are ready to go out.
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    Side Fishtail Braid

    fishtail braid

    If you are new to practicing braid for your hair, the first and easiest to try is this side fishtail braid. The only thing that makes it easy and spiffy is that you only have to braid your ponytail and not the entire length from crown to end. You can easily see how you are creating it by sitting in front of a mirror.

    When the ponytails you want to do goes back of your head, it becomes difficult to braid your own hair. Want to make it easier? Just use disposable hair elastics. Let me guide you step by step on how to start making one.

    How To Do Side Fishtail Braid

    1. Gather all your hair on one side.
    2. Make a ponytail and then split it into two sections as usual.
    3. Secure your hair with a ponytail to avoid trouble.
    4. Do the braid as given below in the french fishtail braid procedure.
    5. Continue braiding till you reach the length where you want.
    6. comb the hair below and secure it with a hair tie and you are good to go.
    7. If you are not a fan of how a hair tie looks, you can also use thin strands of hair to secure it using a bobby pin.

    Dutch Fishtail Braid

    fishtail braid

    If you have mastered the side fishtail braid and french braid, or you want something more sophisticated and intricate, Dutch side fishtail braid is the best option for you to create. Dutch braids are so popular on Instagram and other social media sites these days that it is a must for every one of us to know.

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    It is perfect for outings and gyms because your hair doesn’t move. Also, if you want to curl your hair without using any heat-based products and machines, try creating a dutch fishtail braid it will give you natural curls you will be mesmerized with.

    Just 10 minutes and your hairstyle is ready, let get started.

    How To Do Dutch Fishtail Braid

    1. Brush your hair and using a comb or with your hands, split into two even sections.
    2. Take one section and part it in 3 parts equally.
    3. Now do it like a regular braid, take the top strand and cross it below the middle one.
    4. Now take the bottom strand and again put it across the middle strand.
    5. Keep doing this starting from the crown.
    6. repeat this 8 to 9 times depending on your hair length.
    7. Use a pretty elastic to secure your braid.

    These were the top 3 types of fishtail braids that are immensely popular all over the internet and amazing to enhance your look. If you have thicker hair, french braids are probably the best option for you.

    Keep braiding and loving your hairstyles.


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