Check Out The Best Summer 2022 Hair Trends

    Summer is traditionally a time to trim your hair or put it into a style that will help you look great while keeping you cool. The hotter the summer the more important this is. But, you also want to make sure your chosen style is on-trend. Fortunately, there are some great styles worth checking out this summer!

    Of course, before you start changing your hairstyle you should remember that the right product makes a big difference to the look and quality of your hair. Take a look at the Oz Hair & Beauty range today to find the perfect product for your needs.

    Try A Long Shag

    The shag was popular in 2020 and has now evolved into the long shag. It’s a great option for people with long hair that aren’t in a rush to get rid of it. Keep your length and trim the front, allowing it to be short at the front and gradually get longer. It feels lighter and looks fantastic.

    Adopt A Medium Chop

    The medium chop brings your hair toward the top of your back. It’s the perfect way to cut off split ends and other signs of damage while maintaining some length. The back of your hair needs to be cut in a straight line for this look to be completed properly.

    Your hair can be kept straight but it’s best to add a wave into it, creating a real summer-time vibe.

    Layer It

    If you have long hair and can’t stand the thought of chopping it then consider restyling with layers. It lifts the weight of your hair, adds volume, and can look fantastic.

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    Add in natural waves and you’ll find it frames your face perfectly. All your stylist has to do is focus on face-framing layers that start just beneath your chin.

    You can also opt for rounded layers, these are exceptionally popular on social media and they add a considerable amount of volume to your hair. It’s also a good option if you have natural curls as you can leave your hair to dry naturally in the summer.

    It’s also possible to adopt long layers with varied lengths as I will create a beach look that lasts long into the night.

    The Bob

    You may be surprised but the classic bob never really goes out of fashion. In fact, t’s one of the few cuts that absolutely anyone can get away with. To stay trendy this summer you’ll want to have a one-length bob and make sure it’s roughly in line with your jaw.

    It is worth discussing this with your stylist as different face shapes can get away with different lengths of bob.

    Go Minimalist

    This is the perfect option for anyone with fine hair. Minimalist means getting your hair to hug your head with just a hint of layers and a softening of the blunt cut line. Your hair may be fine and close to your face but it’s guaranteed to create a striking look and make you the trendiest person at the party.


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