Can you mix CBD And Alcohol? Find Out!

    CBD And Alcohol- Can You Mix These Two?

    Can you mix CBD and alcohol? Find out!

    CBD or cannabidiol has taken the health and wellness world by storm recently. It is sold at supplement shops in many products and natural health stores. There must be a good reason for such increasing popularity of cannabidiol.

    You will find many CBD body creams, infused oils, bath soaks, lip balms, protein bars, and many more. How can this simple ingredient be used in such a variety of products all alone? You will soon know.

    Alcohol manufactures have also jumped on the bandwagon by the production of CBD-infused beers, shots, and many different alcoholic beverages. However, many people are still not sure about the mixing of CBD and alcohol, they are concerned about safety.

    This article reviews all the benefits and side effects of mixing CBD and alcohol.

    What Is CBD?

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    CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound present in the plant of cannabis. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient of the cannabis plant, CBD does not study to have psychoactive properties, in other words, it does not cause the highs that are associated with the use of marijuana.

    CBD oil is generally extracted from the cannabis plant and then mixed along with a carrier oil. This career oil maybe olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, etc.

    In the past few years, it has been observed that CBD has gained enough popularity and available in a variety of products and forms including capsules, sprays, shots, tinctures, and food products. Looking at such a vast range of CBD, it is obvious for it to create havoc in manufacturer industries.

    Research suggests that CBD also might have a variety of health benefits like its usage including pain management, reducing anxiety, improving skin conditions, etc. It is used to produce different kinds of supplements.

    CBD and Alcohol

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    It is considered that CBD and alcohol might amplify the effect of each other when mixed. Alcohol is known to reduce inhibitions and escalate the feeling of calmness and relaxation. CBD might also have some similar effects on the consumer’s body. According to research, you have already seen that CBD can reduce anxiety and calm the nerves same as alcohol.

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    For example, a study is nearly 72 people concluded that taking 25 to 75 mg of CBD daily for a month helped them reduce nasty and also helped improve the quality of sleep. It is believed that taking CBD and alcohol may amplify their effects which makes a person more likely to fall asleep while struggling with anxiety.

    Some people claim that CBD and alcohol mixed may intensify their effects thus resulting in positive changes in behavior and mood. In fact, a small study conducted people were given 1 gram of alcohol and 200 gram CBD for every 1 kg of body weight for a person.

    Mixing CBD and alcohol caused impairment in motor performance and some alterations in time perception. Participants did not experience any of these when they took only CBD.

    This study is outdated and it used a large amount of CBD that most people do not use. Unfortunately, more researches are required to completely understand the health benefits of CBD and alcohol.

    CBD might protect against the side effect of alcohol

    Still, much information is not present about the mixing of CBD and alcohol. However, the previously conducted researches show that CBD can protect against some o the negative effects of consuming alco. AS you already know there are many negative effects of alcohol which is one reason why everyone advises to leave it.

    Here is how CBD and alcohol can work when they are mixed. CBD may impact some of the effects alcohol does on one’s body.

    Prevent cell diseases and cell damage

    Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to the body and may cause permanent damage to the cells thus increasing the risk of diseases like pancreatitis or the risk of inflammation. It may also lead to certain types of cancer and liver diseases.

    Several studies conducted on animals have observed that CBD has helped protect against cell damage and problems caused by alcohol consumption. For example, there was a study in rats that showed when CBD gel was applied to their skin, it resulted in decreased brain cell damage caused by consuming alcohol excessively by nearly 49%. This was a great breakthrough as it may save many people if true in humans.

    Another study conducted resulted in injecting mice with doses of CBD. It helped protect them against fatty liver diseases caused by alcohol. It did so by increasing autophagy which is a process that promotes turnover of new cells and tissue regeneration.

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    One study was able to determine that CBD-rich extracts from cannabis may cause liver toxicity in mice. However, many mice used in this study had given very high amounts of cannabis thus resulting in negative effects.

    It is still not clear whether CBD will be useful in showing the same effects in humans too. We still require a lot of studies to know if CBD and alcohol can be used together to prevent cell damage and diseases due to alcohol.

    Blood Alcohol levels may be reduced

    BAC or blood alcohol concentration is the measure of the amount of alcohol present in your blood. When BAC is indicated to be higher, it is related to loss of cognitive function and motor control. There is very little research on how CBD and alcohol work together.

    A study including 10 people found out that participants who took more than 200 mg of CBD and alcohol, have lower blood alcohol levels significantly than those who consumed alcohol with a placebo.

    You must keep in mind this study was conducted back in 1970 and used an excessively high dose of CBD which was nearly 5 to 10 times larger than the dose recommended for most people. So it is hard to conclude if the results were precise and that CBD could cause such effects.

    Additionally, some other studies have also noted certain conflict findings on using CBD and alcohol. Several animal studies have shown that CBD did not have any effects on blood-alcohol level or it did not reduce blood alcohol level when it was given to animals along with alcohol.

    This is the reason more researches are needed to be carried out to know more about CBD and alcohol’s effects on each other.

    It May become therapeutic for alcohol addictions

    Some researchers consider that CBD and alcohol when combined can result in the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Cbd can reduce addiction to alcohol in individuals.

    This is believed due to some animal studies. These studies have reported that CBD may help reduce some symptoms of alcohol addiction and withdrawal.

    One study observed the effects of CBD in rats who were addicted to alcohol. It was found that combing CBD has good results as it helped reduce alcohol intake and prevented the replaces. It also helped decrease motivation and will to intake alcohol.

    Most of the studies conducted are in animals thus it is difficult to determine the results in humans before testing. Nevertheless, a study is 24 smokers reported that when they were given to use a CBD inhaler for a week, it helped reduce their cigarette usage by nearly 40%. These results were quite impressive and suggest that CBD and alcohol taken together can curb addictive behavior slightly.

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    High-quality studies are researchers are still needed to know whether CBD and alcohol can be useful when consumed together to curb addictive behavior and damage to the cells.

    Can you take CBD and alcohol together?

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    Currently, enough reaches are not there which might help you decide what’s right to do. Several studies in animals, as well as humans, have estimated that CBD and alcohol can reduce some of the side effects a person goes through when consuming alcohol.

    However, the research is highly limited and one cannot determine if CBD will be useful in fighting against the negative effects of alcohol consumption.

    The effects of CBD may vary in all individuals so it is hard to determine whether mixing both CBD and alcohol would affect every person in a similar way or different ways.

    In addition to all these points, most studies conducted usually focuses on giving high amounts of both CBD and alcohol rather than using small mounts to determine their effects on each other. Thus, it is not known what the results would come out to be when it is taken in small amounts.

    If you ever decide to mix both CBD and alcohol, make sure you do not take them in high amounts, sick to limited and low amounts to minimize the risk of getting affected by their side effects. Make sure you consult a doctor if you have any concerns regarding the usage of both or mixing of both.

    The Bottom Line

    Cbd and alcohol might intensify or amplify the effect of each other when both are taken in high amounts or doses. They may cause sedation and sleepiness thus helping people suffering from anxiety to sleep better.

    However, many animal studies and some human studies show that CBD may help protect against the negative effects of alcohol consumption like cell damage and diseases. It may reduce the concentration of blood alcohol or BAC levels and reduce addiction to alcohol.

    A study conducted o mice have also shown that CBD might be able to increase the liver toxicity risk but this study used a very high amount of CBD (200gm nearly) which is extreme for mice.

    Unfortunately, most of the researchers that exist now focuses on giving higher amounts of both CBD and alcohol. Researches are still required to witness minimal usage of both on animals and humans.

    Until more reserves are not conducted, it is still not known whether you can consume high levels of CBD and alcohol.


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