Blue Lotus Tea- 11 Astonishing Benefits, Uses, More!

     Blue Lotus Tea- Benefits, Uses, and Is It Legal? Find Out!

    You must have heard about blue lotus tea even if you are not a tea lover. The surprising benefits it has to offer are incredibly rare and amazing. Here’s what you need to know about blue lotus tea.

    The blue lotus bloom is an endangered plant species that have dabbled a crucial role in ancient civilizations. With fascinating uses comprising lucid dreaming, intensified leisure, and as an aphrodisiac, it is no surprise that attention to this plant and the occurring tea has prevailed for centuries. Keep reading to find out more about blue lotus tea.


    Blue lotus bloom is a water lily that thrives in Egypt and distinct parts of Asia.

    It carries cultural significance, and portrayals of the flower have been discovered on ancient papyri and the barriers of tombs. Chroniclers think it was once utilized in Egypt as conventional medicine to deal with various circumstances and diseases like anxiety and sleeplessness.

    It is understood as an entheogenic medication and a mind-changing substance thought to modify one’s consciousness religiously or spiritually. This phrase is generally used rather than “psychedelic” or  “hallucinogenic.”

    The two fundamental mixtures accountable for this flower’s medicinal and psychoactive effects are nuciferine and apomorphine. Here’s a brief about these two components:


    This psychoactive combination functions as a dopamine agonist, suggesting it can infuse a delighted and euphoric feeling. It might also assist with muscle restraint in ailments such as erectile dysfunction and Parkinson’s disease.


    A compound believed to behave as an antipsychotic medication that provokes feelings of composure through means that aren’t fully comprehended. It has also been indicated to enhance signs of erectile dysfunction. Ingesting blue lotus flower might make you feel “high” and occur in a mild euphoria. A few people have compared the high you undergo after eating cannabis, though this may be a great individual.

    What Is Blue Lotus Tea?

    blue lotus tea

    Blue Lotus tea is prepared from the blue lily blossom known by its botanical title Nelumbo nucifera. The water lily provides an intoxicating aroma and is a gorgeous flower that has been utilized in herbal cures dating around the ancient Egyptians, Syrians, and Thais.

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    The ancient Egyptians utilized the blue lotus flower as the fraction of celebrations in lotus wine. The flower was deemed the official blossom of the famous sun god Ra. This plant must not be perplexed with other blue lily called the blue lotus of the Nile River, coming from the plant species Nymphaea caerulea.

    As the name suggests, the blue water lily is a water-growing plant where it drifts on the ground as its roots push deep down the earth. The plant blossoms during the day and shuts up at night. The holy flower has been correlated with psychedelic impacts and lucid dreaming, leading to its current uses as a mind-modifying drink. Read on to understand more about the benefits of blue lotus tea.

    Benefits of Blue Lotus Tea

    1. Psychoactive Effects

    Blue lotus tea was utilized in ancient civilizations in the Middle East like yerba mate is employed in South America. The tea gives gentle psychoactive impacts that bid an impression of delight. These effects are the primary purpose the flower was made into a tea for festivities.

    2. Natural skin moisturizer

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    Sipping blue lotus tea is recognized as a natural moisturizer for your skin from the antioxidant content. You are comprising refreshing and nurturing impacts for the state of your skin. You can find blue lotus extract blended into moisturizers for this smoothing effect in a few stores.

    3. Can improve erectile dysfunction

    The aporphine characteristic has seen in lotus tea also has a comparative mixture of apomorphine. This should not be confused with morphine as we usually understand it, but this combination has been utilized to deal with erectile dysfunction with some extent of success.

    4. Alleviates menstrual pain

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    Usually, menstruation cramps can induce women a lot of discomforts and other problems during their period of making dipping on Blue lotus tea is discerned as a natural cure for menstruation cramps and acts as a stabilizer for your biological menstrual cycle.

    5. Sleep Aid

    Blue lotus tea might be a beneficial sleep aid gratitude to the presence of mixtures comprising nuciferine and aporphine. Such compounds provide antispasmodic impacts and a soothing sensation that might help to provoke more relaxed sleep. The antispasmodic consequences might also help to relieve gastrointestinal difficulties such as dyspepsia.

    6. Lucid Dreaming

    People usually utilize blue lotus tea to provoke or boost lucid dreams. To obtain these lucid dreams, many individuals intakes the blue lily plant extract or add the blue blossoms to boiling water to make an herbal tea. Furthermore, you can find blue lotus tea bags, which are auctioned as a stress reliever. The petals can also be seen for use in vaporizers or vapes.

    7. Aphrodisiac

    Blue lotus tea and extract might give aphrodisiac impacts though the contemporary medical study has not verified its usage in this aspect. The plant also has a role in ancient contexts, especially in ancient Egypt, which was utilized in various sexual ceremonies.

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    8. Promotes Deep Relaxation

    Sipping on lotus tea regularly can benefit you to de-stress due to the high Vitamin B content. You also receive pyridoxine in the body. This ingredient can rapidly interact with neural receptors in your brain to impact your mental state, provide composure, calm you down, and make you feel more connected and grounded.

    9. Stimulated Healthy Level Of Blood Sugar

    Elevated in potassium, it enables to maintain decent blood sugar levels. If you undergo symptoms such as constant thirst, fatigue, increased urination, abrupt weight loss, or lower energy levels, it may be due to elevated blood pressure. Lotus tea makes blood vessels highly relaxed, improving and boosting blood gush and monitoring blood sugar levels.

    10. Maintains Healthy Digestive System

    Lotus tea comprises a lot of fiber and can facilitate huge intestinal peristalsis and enable digestion to eliminate toxins. It has been understood to promote the absorption of nutrients by accelerating the secretion of digestive and gastric juices in the intestine. You can also govern your weight by ingesting this food, as you feel satiated and do not go for extra food.

    11. Increases Blood Sugar

    blue lotus tea

    Lotus tea is an excellent way to enhance blood circulation and boost energy levels. Copper and iron, which are included in this beverage, are crucial for creating red blood cells. Bad circulation can be extremely dangerous to your health, and the signs comprise cold toes and fingers even when it is heated outside, cramps, numbness, dizziness, shortage of energy, and headaches.


    Even though you can purchase blue lotus flowers on the web and in different stores, there is an extensive discussion If it should be a legitimate substance because of its psychoactive functions.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tags the flower as toxic yet does not categorizes it as a controlled substance. This implies that you can moderately buy blue lotus tea, perfume, and oils. It is legitimate in most nations except Russia, Poland, and Latvia.

    Though supporters of the flower claim its medicinal advantages, very restricted research tails up these assertions. Additionally, there’s no safety information on the substance and no commonly accepted dosage.

    Thus, talking to your healthcare expert tis crucial if you think of trying blue lotus tea.

    It’s furthermore crucial to report that children and women who are pregnant and breastfeeding must ignore the flower because of the scarcity of research on its security in such people.

    Ultimately, due to its psychoactive properties, it might not be acceptable for everyone and must not be blended with other entities like alcohol or cannabis.

    Do not drive and accomplish other activities after taking the flower in tea or smoke.

    How to use Blue Lotus 

    blue lotus tea

    Blue lotus flower can be utilized in numerous different forms, though there is no information present on its security, maximum dosage, and usefulness:

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    To form blue flower lotus tea, put in one 3 to 5 grams of dried flowers or premade tea bag to 1 to 2 cups (or 250 to 500 mL) of boiling water. Let it steep for nearly 5 to 10 minutes.


    If you prefer to smoke it, twirl dried flowers utilizing rolling papers. Just bear in mind that this technique might cause substantial psychoactive impacts and should be utilized with caution.


    Finely ground blossoms can be augmented to a vaporizer for inhaling for vaping purposes.

    Alcoholic beverage

    A few people infuse alcoholic or wine spirits with the flower. Because of its unknown safety, it’s decent to avoid it.

    Massage and essential oil

    You can buy blue lotus flower essential oil or massage oil which can infiltrate the body through the nasal or skin passage. Though not known at this period, many states that these forms are less powerful. Despite such practices, it is unknown if blue lotus drug interactions or toxicity can happen.

    Do not surpass the proposed dosage instructions on the packaging. It is also crucial to buy these products from a trustworthy source and talk to a healthcare provider to ensure they are correct.

    Legal Status of Blue Lotus Tea

    The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not endorse the usage of the Egyptian lotus flower in the medication of any ailments. Blue lotus tea is banned for human usage in various countries comprising Russia and the United States, because of possible side effects.

    In the United States, blue lotus commodities are frequently sold in massage oils or as lotus tinctures. The plants have alkaloids that are absorbed when played topically, still giving unwinding effects without its psychedelic nature. If you wish to manufacture blue lotus tea, it is crucial to buy high-quality commodities.

    Blue Lotus Tea- The Ancient Elixir

    While blue lotus tea cannot be sipped in the United States, it relishes a fascinating past dating back to the old Egyptians. The plant was crucial to Egyptian civilization, and it earns various appearances in the “Book of the Dead.”

    Today, this plant is endangered and can be discovered primarily on the Asian continent. While it is not a tea you can walk out and purchase within the United States, it’s an exciting plant that has played the role of tea in societies since the firstest civilizations.

    What does blue lotus tea taste like?

    In common, blue lotus tea can savor pretty sharp in taste, full-bodied, robust, and earthy. It can furthermore have a flowery and fragrant aroma and flavor too. If the scent comes across as highly bitter for your taste buds, try a milder brew. Or attempt adding a sweetening taste to the sip like honey.

    When should you drink blue lotus tea?

    No research has been performed on the regularity of sipping blue lotus tea. Nonetheless, it makes sense to drink 1 hour before bed for a snooze. For drinking as an aphrodisiac, then sip immediately before sex, and for everyday wellbeing, It is recommended to drink an hour following food intake, preferably during mid-morning.

    The bottom line

    The blue lotus flower has been utilized for centuries as conventional treatment in ancient Egypt.

    It is generally absorbed as a tea, smoked and vaped, or breathed as an essential oil. Despite so many anecdotal assertions, there is no indication that it assists in reducing anxiety, enhancing sleep, boosting sexual arousal, or ministering erectile dysfunction.

    Although it is legitimate in many countries, the substance can evoke psychoactive consequences and only be utilized after talking with the healthcare provider.


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