Being extremely spicy, are takis bad for you? Know the 3 primary determinants

    Takis is a type of spicy, intensely flavored rolled corn tortilla chip. They come in various flavors, including Fuego, Nitro, Blue Heat, and Crunchy Fajitas. Many people are skeptical that this spicy snack can be consumed as part of a healthy diet despite its popularity. However, are takis bad for you? Takis are high in carbohydrates, fat, and sodium (salt) but low in vital nutrients required by your body to function properly. They are also classified as ultra-processed food. Eating many ultra-processed foods has been linked to a higher risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

    Some Takis are extremely spicy, and some people find that spicy food upset their stomachs. If you have a lot of spicy foods, you may experience heartburn and indigestion. If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or gastritis, you should avoid spicy Takis because they may aggravate your symptoms. However, most people can enjoy Takis as part of a well-balanced diet. Just ensure that you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and save the Takis for special occasions. This article examines how are takis bad for you.

    Are takis bad for you because they lack important nutrients?

    are takis bad for you

    Well, that’s an essential thing to check while you are eager to know about Takis. Takis are filled with calories, fat, carbs, and sodium, but they are deficient in important micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. A 28-gram pack of Takis constitutes of the following nutritional values:

    • Calories – 140
    • Fat: 8 grams
    • Protein: 2 grams
    • Carbs: 16 grams
    • Potassium: 1.12 mg
    • Calcium 8.12 mg
    • Sodium: 410 mg
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    Though Takis contain a small amount of calcium and iron per serving, this is not considered significant. Remember that many people eat more than one serving at a time, increasing the total amount of calories, fat, and carbs. That answers your question, are takis bad for you!

    Determinants you must know to determine how are takis bad for you

    are takis bad for you

    • Takis is a processed food

    You’ve probably heard the term “processed foods” bandied about in the nutrition world, but what exactly does it mean? To simply put, processed foods are foods that have gone through a manufacturing process before being consumed. Foods that have been canned, pasteurized, or dried have all been processed in some way.

    That doesn’t mean they’re bad for you. Much of the food we intake is processed in some way, which is perfectly fine. However, because ultra-processed foods are high in fat and sodium, it’s a good idea to limit your intake of them.

    • Takis are abundant in sodium

    Takis contain a lot of sodium. Consuming excessive sodium may raise your blood pressure and have increased risk of stomach cancer. Like other salty snacks, Takis are high in sodium, with 390 mg in each 1-ounce (28-gram) serving.

    Although sodium is beneficial to your health in many ways, consuming too much of it can have negative consequences. Research suggests that a high sodium diet may be linked to high blood pressure. As a result, people with high blood pressure should limit their daily sodium intake to lessen blood pressure and better heart health.

    Moreover, other research suggests that consuming more sodium-rich foods may be associated with an increased risk of stomach cancer. To avoid negative health effects, most adults should limit their sodium intake to less than 2,300 mg per day, according to the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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    are takis bad for you

    • Takis are deficient in nutrition

    Takis are high in carbs, fat, and salt, as evidenced by the table above. They also have trace amounts of calcium and potassium. However, that’s not going to provide you with any health benefits in any case. To function properly, your body requires a wide range of minerals and vitamins. The ideal way to reach this is to eat a well-balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

    One good strategy is to select fruits and vegetables in every color of the rainbow. That way, you can be confident that you’re getting a diverse range of nutrients. Research suggests that eating various fruits and vegetables can help reduce inflammation and prevent disease.

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    Wondering are takis bad for you? Know how Takis affect your digestive health

    are takis bad for you


    Like other spicy snacks such as Hot Cheetos or Spicy Nacho Doritos, Takis can irritate the lining of your stomach if consumed in large quantities. Gastritis, a condition characterized by stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting, can sometimes be exacerbated by this. According to one study, of 526 people with gastritis who completed questionnaires, more than a quarter reported that eating spicy foods triggered their symptoms.

    Spicy foods can also worsen gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms in some people, exacerbating problems like heartburn and indigestion. According to some studies, eating spicy foods may cause stomach pain in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). As a result, if you have any of these conditions, you should limit your consumption of Takis, especially if spicy foods cause or worsen any digestive issues.

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    Moderation is essential

    Takis are not necessarily healthy, but they can be consumed in moderation as part of a nutritious, well-rounded diet.

    • To avoid overeating, keep a close eye on your portion sizes and limit yourself to one serving at a time.
    • Keep in mind that 28 grams of Takis are considered a single serving. This equates to about 12 pieces.

    are takis bad for you

    • Takis should be consumed as part of a well-balanced diet, and they should be paired with a variety of other healthy snacks.
    • Other salty snacks that can help satisfy your cravings include air-popped popcorn, homemade veggie chips, cheese and crackers, mixed nuts, and edamame.

    They are, indeed, a nutritional black hole that provides almost no health benefits. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy a bag of Takis on occasion. Just make an effort to eat a variety of other foods in order to provide you with the nutrients needed to function optimally.

    To Conclude

    Takis are a peppery flatbread snack that will take your taste buds into a swirl. However, they are not particularly good for your health. Besides being high in fat, they are highly processed also.


    are takis bad for you

    In addition, they are rich in carbohydrates, and salt, all of which are bad for your health when consumed in large quantities. We can say that you can eat them on occasion. Try to eat a well-balanced diet and avoid eating too many processed foods.



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