5 Most Effective Ways On How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad? | Your Ultimate Guide

    Wondering how to tell if eggs are bad? Don’t worry, we’re here to make your life easier.

    Eggs are one of the most nutrient-rich foods for us to stay healthy. In fact, nowadays, most doctors recommend people to make eggs a part of their healthy diet. But wait, these eggs can also make you fall sick if you eat a bad one.

    If you have stored eggs in your fridge and are unsure whether they are good to eat or not, this article is for you.

    If your eggs have been stored for up to 3-5 weeks or even longer, then they’ll probably still be in good condition. But still, it’s a good idea to learn how to tell if eggs are bad as it will help you to stay safe.

    Keep reading to know how to tell if eggs are bad, how to keep eggs fresh, and many more essential things.

    Let’s dive in!

    5 Effective Ways To Spot a Bad Egg

    Smell It

    Smelling the egg is one of the simplest ways for how to tell if eggs are bad.

    You just have to simply crack the egg open and smell it. If you notice any kind of unusual smell, throw that egg out of your kitchen window. If the egg is too old, there are chances that your egg will smell bad even in its shell.

    Also, if the egg is bad, its smell will always remain there. Doesn’t matter if it’s raw or cooked.

    Put Your Eggs In a Bowl or Wide Glass Of Water (The Float Test)

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    This is one of the most effective and easiest ‘ how to tell if eggs are bad ‘ methods.

    Take a glass of water and put your egg in it. Eggs that sink are fresh and the eggs that float are not fresh. But wait, not all floating eggs are bad. To know if they are bad or not, you will have to crack open and smell them.

    If your egg is at the bottom and standing upright, it means that the egg is getting old. But still, it might be safe to eat.

    Take The Egg Near Your Ear and Shake It

    How to tell if eggs are bad with this method will be very easy as it will only take a few seconds to perform.

    Simply bring an egg near your ear and shake it. If you don’t hear any sound, congratulations, your egg is safe to eat.

    But if you notice a sound of liquid coming from inside of the egg, it indicates that the egg is too old and is not safe to eat.

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    Check The Quality Of The Egg White And Yolk

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    Another way for how to tell if eggs are bad is to take an egg and crack open it (preferably on a plate) and look for the following signs:

    • The egg white is spreading very wide on the plate and seems to be very watery and runnier
    • The yolk moving very easily
    • Discoloration in the egg. You will notice the greenish or pink color of the egg white or yolk
    • The yolk is flat and breaks very easily

    If you notice these signs in your eggs, you will have to throw them out.

    Also remember, if you notice the green color on your hard-cooked yolk, don’t worry they are safe to eat. It is just a consequence of high iron content in the cooking water or maybe overcooking.

    Want to know the best ways to hard boil eggs? Click here

    What If I Accidentally Eat a Bad Egg?

    First of all, now you know how to tell if eggs are bad, so make sure to use that knowledge in the future to identify all the bad eggs in your way.

    But still, if you accidentally eat a bad egg, here are the health risks that can occur:

    • Vomiting – When your body detects that something unusual has entered, it tries to throw it out through vomiting.
    • Abdominal Pain – Abdominal pain or cramps can be felt when a bad egg is consumed.
    • Diarrhea – Bad eggs can also cause Diarrhea.
    • Fever – Fever may also occur.

    It will take between 12 to 72 hours to notice the consequences of consuming a bad egg, according to FDA. They will last for at least 4 to 7 days and most likely will disappear on their own. But if they don’t and become severe day by day, visit a doctor as soon as possible. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to know how to tell if eggs are bad.

    Also, keep in mind that people below 5 years of age, above 65 years of age, and with a weakened immune system are at more risk and may have to face severe consequences.

    How Can I Keep My Eggs Fresh?

    how to tell if eggs are bad
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    Along with how to tell if eggs are bad, how to keep eggs fresh is equally important.

    Here are three points that you need to keep in mind to keep your eggs fresh.

    • Don’t throw out the carton of your eggs. Because it contains the properties that keep eggs protected. It contains the expiry date which helps to determine if the eggs are in the good condition or not.
    • Don’t keep the eggs in the door of your refrigerator as the temperature in that area keeps fluctuating. Instead, keep them in the main body of your fridge and let your eggs enjoy the cool temperature.
    • Don’t keep eggs out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. Leaving it out for more than two hours can make an ideal environment for the bacteria and you will have to throw them out. So, avoid doing this.

    After being successful in keeping your eggs fresh, cook them and enjoy some delicious dishes like this one.

    Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Eggs From a Store

    If you buy the right eggs, you probably won’t have to use ‘how to tell if eggs are bad‘ methods. But wait, let’s just accept it, most of us are unaware of what to look for when purchasing eggs. Not anymore, here we are mentioning some tips for you. Have a look:

    • Always check the expiry date on the package – If you notice that the eggs have surpassed the sell-by or expiry date, don’t even bother to buy them.
    • Buy the eggs that are stored in a refrigerated case – It’s not a good option to buy the eggs kept in an open area. Because chances are high that the eggs have lost their freshness.
    • Look for the cracks – If the eggs are cracked, don’t buy them as the bacteria can enter through the crack.
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    Top 7 Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

    Aside from how to tell if eggs are bad, you need to know that eggs contain the most beneficial nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy. If you are successful in keeping your eggs fresh, you can also avail those benefits.

    Here’s the list of some of the best health benefits you can get from eating eggs.

    Contains The High-Quality Protein

    According to Healthline, an egg contains 6-7 gram high-quality protein. It contains all the nine essential amino acids that our body needs to function properly.

    So, if there is a lack of protein in your daily meals, then include eggs in your diet and take full advantage of protein in eggs.

    Increases The Level Of Good Cholesterol

    Consuming eggs can increase the good cholesterol level in your body. This is the reason why consuming eggs won’t increase the risk of heart diseases.

    An average large egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol which is available in the yolk part of the egg. Doctors also recommend taking the least amount of cholesterol in your diet (under 300 mg per day). However, if you still want to eliminate the cholesterol from your diet completely, you can consume only the white part of the egg.

    Provides Enough Vitamin D

    How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad
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    Eggs fall into the list of foods that are high in vitamin D. By eating two eggs daily, the need of vitamin D in your body can easily be met.

    Add eggs to your diet to complete the requirement of vitamin D and help your body to function properly. Also, don’t forget the sun as it’s natural and the best source of vitamin D.

    Improves The Eye Health

    How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad
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    Eggs are known as one of the most beneficial foods for the eyes. They contain nutrients like vitamin A, lutein, zinc, zeaxanthin, which are vital for our eyes.

    Good Amount Of Omega-3

    An egg contains around 100 mg to 500 mg of Omega-3. Omega-3 from eggs can provide you many benefits, including:

    • Reduces inflammation
    • Helps the eyes to function properly
    • Supports the brain development
    • Reduces the risk of dementia
    • Promotes cardiovascular health

    Helps In Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Eggs are rich in nutrients and low in calories. This is exactly what makes it an ideal food for people trying to manage their weight.

    Consuming eggs makes your stomach feel full for a long day which ultimately prevents you from eating unnecessarily. It also helps in increasing your energy level which helps you to get done with your daily tasks effectively.

    Boosts Your Metabolism

    As we mentioned before, eggs are rich in protein and low in calories. Protein helps our body to function properly and boosts metabolism.

    Now after knowing how to tell if eggs are bad and the benefits, I’m sure that you might be wondering how many eggs should be consumed in a day? Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question. If we see according to science, more than three eggs can be consumed per day. But if you are suffering from any disease or receiving any medical treatment, then it’s a must to ask your doctor about the consumption of eggs.

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    There’s also confusion between brown and white eggs. Many people believe that brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. But let me tell you, my friend, there is no difference between brown and white eggs. Both contain a similar amount of calories, high-quality protein, and all other essential nutrients. Both eggs are healthy, don’t get confused by the color of their shells.

    Alright, Now Tell Me Some Delicious Dishes I Can Prepare With Eggs.
    Here You Go!

    Here’s the list of some delicious dishes you can prepare with eggs, but don’t forget how to tell if eggs are bad.

    If you are someone who eats only boiled eggs, now it’s the time for an experiment. Skip the boiled eggs and try any one of the following mouth-watering recipes.

    Egg Biryani

    If you have leftover rice in your refrigerator, this dish is for you. In egg biriyani, scrambled eggs are mixed with rice and spices. This dish doesn’t take much effort and time to prepare so you should try it, at least once.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Stuffed Eggs

    You may find this recipe a little bit different but it can be the best pleasure for your taste buds. To prepare this dish you will need hard-boiled eggs that should be loaded with the ingredient like nuts, species, tamarind paste, and cheese. Dip in smooth butter and fry them till they turn gold in color.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Tomato Egg Curry

    This egg dish is prepared with the help of Indian curry. In this recipe, boiled eggs are cooked in a tasty tomato gravy that is made up of spices and seasoning. If you are trying to manage your weight, this dish is the best choice for you.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Mixed Greens with Poached Eggs

    This is one of the healthiest dishes that you can try with eggs. It is made by Ancenglo Dandini who is a chef at a restaurant named L’Arcangelo located in Rome.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Scrambled Eggs Mixed With Truffles And Humes

    Want a light and fluffy meal? If yes, then this dish is ideal for you. It is seasoned and also perfumed with fresh black truffles.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Sherried Mushrooms With Fried Eggs on a Toast

    This nutritious meal is prepared with fried eggs and toast.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Fried Eggs With Grilled Asparagus

    This dish is upgraded by a chef named Mark Broadbent. He used the asparagus and fried eggs as a topping on the lemony arugula salad.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Avocado And Scrambled Eggs

    This is a sandwich meal. If you are bored with your daily breakfast and want to try something new, this dish is for you.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Mushroom Tortilla

    Mushroom Tortilla is a dish that can be prepared very easily. It’s like a Spanish mushroom omelet that is found by a chef named Jose Andres.

    Click here to check out the full recipe.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why Does a Bad Egg Float?

    An egg floats in the cold water because the large air cell gets formed after being laid as it cools. When the air enters the old eggs, the air cell becomes larger which makes it float. This is one of the most common ways for how to tell if eggs are bad.

    What Happens If You Eat Bad Eggs?

    If you don’t know how to tell if eggs are bad and you ate one, it can cause health issues like fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain or cramp.

    Can You Keep Eggs At Room Temperature?

    Yes. But not more than two hours.

    Final Words | How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad

    If you store your eggs in the refrigerator for up to 3 to 5 weeks, they will probably still be safe to eat. But if you have doubt, even a little bit, then you must check your eggs with the help of the methods of how to tell if eggs are bad mentioned above. Because as you know — precaution is better than cure.

    If you accidentally ate bad eggs, some health issues like fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. can take place. However, most likely they will not last long for very long and will go on their own.

    So, that was all about How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad or not. Now I hope we were able to make your life easier with help of this article.


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