5 Amazing Reasons to watch Julie and the Phantoms right now

    Netflix is a place where you’ll find a variety of shows hailing from several genres. Julie and the Phantoms is one such popular show that has managed to win the audience’s heart. Though the show was released on the 10th of September, it has still managed to hold its ground. The show has garnered a lot of appraisal from fans as well as critics.

    We’ve listed 5 Amazing reasons why you should watch Julie and the Phantoms:-


    Set in Los Angeles, Julie and the Phantoms does not adhere to the clichés of the teenage story-line. The plot begins in 1995 with four teenage boys and their dream to take their music global. Their band Sunset Curve has garnered a lot of local appreciation. They’re just one step away from performing at one of the most happening places. Three of the band members Luke ( Charlie Gillespie), Reggie ( Jeremy Shada ), Alex (Owen Joyner ) pop out to grab a hot dog. The next thing they know, they wake up in 2020 in their old studio only to find out that they’ve been dead for more than two decades.

    At their old studio, now lives a girl named Julie ( Madison Reyes ) with her family. She is a phenomenal singer. Unfortunately, after the sudden demise of her mother, she has trouble connecting with the music. It has been a year yet she didn’t have the courage to visit her old garage where she and her mother jammed. Her father ( Carlos Ponce ), her best friend Flynn ( Jadah Marie ), and her brother have been rooting for Julie to get back to her music again. Grieving Julie forms a bond with the three ghosts.

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    julie and the phantoms

    The three phantoms soon find out that when they perform with Julie, not only can they be heard but also seen. They finally get another shot to fulfil their dream and hence form a band “Julie and the Phantoms.”


    Julie and the Phantoms is basically a musical comedy-drama. Fair warning, some of their songs are extremely catchy and alluring. You’ll find yourself humming them all the time. Be it Unsaid Emily, Wake Up, or Stand Tall, the lyrics directly hit your heart and make you feel things. High School Musical fame Kenny Ortega is the director of this show. He has once again succeeded in creating magical musical numbers. The songs convey more emotions than actual dialogue.

    The show has taken inspiration from a Portuguese show, “Julie e o Fantasmas.”

    “The producers of the original Julie e os Fantasmas said, ‘Take liberty and have your experience with this title,'” Ortega said (via Popsugar). “So, we were given a no-boundaries kind of opportunity to come into this and to play with the mythology and to deepen the stories.”It was a sitcom over 10 years old. We to brighten it, freshen it, and place it in the City of Angels and to play with the mystic specialness of Los Angeles. I love just the basis of it,” Ortega added.

    julie and the phantoms

    “Come on, a little girl, awaking the three ghosts exploding into her life and sharing this love of music and starting a band. There was a little Hannah Montana there. It ignited my spirit because it had all of those elements that excite me about wanting to do something, and heart, and magic, and surprise, and action, and adventure.”


    With the Black Lives Matter movement going all around the world, the OTT platforms must increase diversity in casting. This show has a mixture of actors from different backgrounds. Madison is American-Puerto Rican, Jadah Marie is a proud Black-American. Carlos Ponce is also American-Puerto Rican. It feels good to see that Netflix is subtly making changes in their casting stature.

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    julie and the phantoms


    Often you’ll come across story-lines where the heroine is in grave danger and she needs to be saved by the hero. Here, the roles have been reversed. To outrun the villainous magician Caleb ( Cheyenne Jackson), the gang needs Julie’s help. Without Julie, they can’t be seen or heard. It is Julie who held together with the entire plot and serves crucial every time. Season 2 will revolve around Julie helping the gang to find their true purpose for resurrection and fighting the villain.


    If you’re trying to find logic in this show, then don’t. This show is not a gruesome war drama or thrilling murder mystery. But, the show has this charming appeal to make you feel good about yourself. There isn’t a single moment when you’ll feel bored. The songs are so groovy that you’ll start tapping your feet. This show has the power to elevate your dampened mood and put a bright smile on your face.

    Netflix is yet to announce officially Season 2. Netflix is infamous for cancelling good shows. But, on Instagram, Netflix’s official page is often seen appreciating the cast and crew. They’re extremely fond of the show. It is only a matter of time before the official announcement.

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