3 Best Ways on How to Tie a Bowtie

    How to tie a bowtie? – Formal wear is a must in your closet, and you must nail the basic details of formal wear. At parties and essential functions, a bow tie is an essential accessory, and it is challenging to wear it right at all times. A bow tie is generally worn with a formal suit or a tuxedo. It is one of the most basic and elegant neckties. It consists of a ribbon of fabric tied around the neck worn so that you have symmetrical loops on opposite sides of the knot.

    It is tied around the collar of a shirt. A bow tie depicts confidence and thoughtfulness. Wearing a bow tie properly will help you stand out in a crowd and attract attention towards you.

    You must know how to tie a bow properly to look bold and not afraid to stand out. An asymmetrical bow tie is the worst thing you can do to your outfit. Even though it seems as though it is challenging to wear a bow tie properly, it is not that difficult in reality. You can nail wearing a bow tie properly, with some practice. It can be tied in many ways and using only a few steps, and you can learn how to connect a bow tie perfectly.

    The length of your bow tie is significant since bow ties do not have any sizes per se. Most bow ties are made to fit around the neck of an adult male easily. The standard lengths are thirty-eight to fifty centimetres or fifteen to twenty inches. The spread and channel affect the shape and the final knot. There are four parts of the bow that you must know about before you learn how to tie the perfect knot.

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    1. Spread: the width of your bow depends on the spread of the bow tie.
    2. Leaf: The leaf is generally half the size of the spread bow tie.
    3. Neck: it is half the leaf’s size and determines the final shape and size of the knot.
    4. Strap: it is about three-fourths of the neck’s height; the more the strap lengths, the wider the bow.

    Different Types of Bowtie

    #1 Self Tied Bow Ties

    It is the freestyle bow ties that you can tie yourself. It requires patience and practises, but once you nail it, it is child’s play. Using a freestyle bow also allows a little bit of scope for asymmetrical patterns that look chic and elegant, all the same as the completely symmetrical ones.



    #2 Pre Tied Bows

    Bow ties that are tied for you and come with adjustable neck-straps. It may not have the charm of an utterly hand-tied bow, but the time you save makes up for that.

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    #3 Clip-on Bow Ties

    It comes with a metal clasp that is very easy to put on.



    Various Shapes of bow ties

    Tie a bowtie


    1. The Butterfly: It is the most common and most used bow-tie shape. You can expect to look fabulous and elegant while wearing a bow of this shape because of its classic. It looks like the wings of a butterfly and is also referred to as thistle-shaped bow ties. It can be narrow as well as comprehensive.
    2. The diamond point butterfly bow tie: This bow tie shape is different from the butterfly-shaped bow tie in a sense has pointed ends. You can also call it a diamond tip or a pointed tip bow tie.
    3. The Batwing Bow Tie: It is much slimmer than the butterfly bow tie but has similar ends. It resembles a cricket bat.
    4. Contoured Batwing: This kind of bow tie shape is quite subtle.
    5. The Pointed Batwing Bow Tie: A batwing bow tie with pointed ends to it.
    6. Hourglass: It is also another classic with its ends fanning outwards.

    3 Ways to Tie a Bow Tie

    You can tie a bow tie using straightforward methods. As difficult as it sounds, tying a bow tie is pretty easy in reality. A detailed guide with elaborate and meticulous steps on how to tie a bow tie has been provided.

    Method 1 – Easy 6 Steps

    This method is probably the easiest and the most basic way to wear a bow tie. You can complete this in just about six steps, and it has a sense of style and elegance to it. This method of wearing the bow tie requires a lot less time than you would anticipate and is an effortless and straightforward way of getting the perfect-looking bow tie ever. With some practice, you can do it in a matter of minutes and look dapper in every party or meeting you wear a bow tie to.

    1. You would want to start by placing the bow around your neck and the two ends hanging on your shoulders. The two sides should not be placed on the same length at all. Begin by keeping a difference of at least two to three inches between the two ends.


    1. Create a simple knot by crossing both sides and tucking the longer side up and over. This will form the simple knot, and please ensure that you do this step properly since it is the base on which the rest of the bow will be included.



    1. Now you would want to fold the shorter end into the shape of a bow. It would be best if you did this by pinching it against your neck.


    1. You now have to pull the long side of the bow and then pluck together both sides of the bow.


    1. You will now spot a loop in the bow near your neck, and so you would want to fold the middle of the dangling end of the bow tie and push it through the loop that has been formed.
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    1. Now all you have left to do is to manipulate and redefine the bow formed so that it resembles the shape and design you were looking for. You can make it look as refined or as rustic as you want.



    An excellent and elegant-looking bow tie can be made using these straightforward steps and hacks. It looks classic, rustic, and well made. An easy and fantastic video guide link has been attached below.

    Method 2 – Crossbow Knot

    The Crossbow Knot is your ticket to turning heads in events and parties. It is unlike any other bow tie you must have seen. It looks fresh, new, bold, chic, and elegant. It can look not very comforting at first, but it is pretty simple to make, and it stays in place for long hours. A stepwise guide is elaborated below.

    1. Put your collar upwards such that it stands so that you have enough space to work on tying a bow without any interruptions or hiccups.
    2. Ensure that you have a little extra length than you require in other knots to make sure that you have a neat and clean-looking knot.
    3. Put the bow tie around your neck and keep an end longer than the other. Make sure it is about an inch or two longer.
    4. Make a general knot by crossing the sides and tucking the longer side. Please ensure it is tight throughout. It should be held in its place but not choke you.
    5. At this stage, ensure both sides look the same in length; otherwise, you may have an asymmetrical looking knot which is undesirable.
    6. Take one end of the tie and pinch it towards your neck to look like a bow. Keep it a couple of inches away from your neck.
    7. Once you fold the two sides, it will form a loop, and you want to place the other end through the loop.
    8. Take the folded part, and then make sure you leave a little bit of the endings on both sides.
    9. Pull-on and manipulate the sides so that it looks like what you need it to look like.
    10. You can pull and readjust as many times as you can.


    There you have it, and this is the crossbow bow tie, all made and done. It is fresh, different, and looks elegant. A video link is attached below for the benefit of your better understanding.

    Method 3 – Fastest Way Out

    One of the easiest and the fastest methods to tie a bow tie is probably this one. This method is straightforward, easy, and probably the quickest on the internet. With practice and precision, this can be nailed in seconds. You can wear this classy and stylish tie and look fabulous all the time.

    1. Place the bow tie around your neck.
    2. Cross one side over the other side.
    3. Create a bow shape with one side.
    4. Loop the other side around the bow side.
    5. You would want to loop it underneath and back on top of the other side.
    6. Pull the remaining side through the loop part of the bow.
    7. Adjust and fix the sides of the bow according to your taste.
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    How to Style a Bow Tie?

    The critical factors to keep in mind while picking out a bow tie and styling it are:

    1. Fabric: Depending on the occasion, choose the fabric of the bow tie. Cotton and linen for the more casual parties, wool or silk for the more official and sophisticated bow tie, and if you are feeling experimental and fun, wear a wooden bow tie too!
    2. Occasion: The occasion and the dres’ code also affect the kind of bow tie you should be wearing.
    3. Asymmetry: As far as you can carry it, wear a bit asymmetrical bow tie. Make sure it is never too lopsided and ensure it looks proper, but not too much.
    4. Patterns: Mix and match your designs and pick out bow ties with patterns depending on what you can carry confidently.
    5. Confidence: Wear a bow tie as and when you want, how you want to depend on how well you can carry it, as confidently as you possibly can.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1 Are clip-on bow ties recommended?

    Clip-on bow ties are not recommended if you have passed the age of five. As much practice or precision it may take, self-tied bows look better, classy, and elegant.

    Q2 What size do you need?

    Bow ties are generally one size fits all. Most pre-tied bow ties come with adjustable straps to adjust to accommodate you as per your need. Like mentioned before, thirty-six centimetres to fifty centimetres are available and are also the recommended size since they are likely to fit all.

    Q3 How to style a bow tie?

    Wear a bow tie with any shirt that has a collar attached to it. Depending on the dres’ code and how much you can experiment, wear the bow tie to various occasions.

    Q4 Is a bow tie worn with tuxedos?

    Yes, bow ties are worn with tuxedos, mostly in reality.


    Bow ties are classy, elegant, and happening. Depending on the occasion, the fabric, and the patterns, you can wear any bow ties. Your outfits, the way you can carry them, and how much you can experiment with them determine how often you should wear bow ties and when you should wear them. You can wear your bow ties anyway you want, and you also could style them anyways.

    Tying a bow tie becomes easier with practice. It can sound like an intimidating practice that requires precision and perfection, but these days experimental and imperfection are in trend. Asymmetrical bow ties, with patterns and in various shapes and sizes, are in fashion today.

    You can wear it any way you like and experiment with it as long as you can carry it with confidence. Bow ties are great accessories that you can wear and turn heads with; if worn correctly, you can attract a lot of attention to yourself and stand out of the crowd.



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