Stink Bug Bite: All You Should Know

    Have you ever been bitten by an insect? It is painful, isn’t it? Today, we’ll have a look at a prevalent insect, Stink Bug. You may now wonder, does Stink Bug bite? So, let’s learn some facts about this tiny creature and answer the question, does stink bug bite?.

    This insect is found abundantly in China, Korea as well as Japan. However, this insect was also introduced in the United States of America around the 1990s and subsequently in some regions of Europe. This tiny insect furthermore feeds several variants of plants as well as agriculture. They also affect several fruits.

    These insects are very tiny, measuring 1.67cm in length. They appear brown when sighted from the top, which has a light shade on the bottom of its body. They have brown limbs. These insects are capable of laying around 28 eggs. These eggs appear light green but shift to white as time passes.

    The insect feeds itself, consuming leaves and all other agricultural stuff. And hence causing damage to them on a severe level, as said earlier.

    These insects defend themselves by producing a toxic substance with the help of their glands situated at the bottom of the body. This toxic substance is also known as the Stink.

    stink bug bite

    Does Stink Bug bite?

    You will be amazed to know that the Stink bug doesn’t bite. They are neither dangerous to humans nor your pets at all. They don’t unravel illness at all either.

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    But, the substance released by the insect may cause harm to those that are allergic to it. You may encounter several effects, such as a runny nose, while if you come in contact with the crushed insect, you may have skin inflammation.

    However, it can also cause problems to the eyes and diseases such as keratitis to the affected person.

    What can you do to keep the Stink bug away?

    Even though the Stink bug doesn’t bite, you wouldn’t want them to invade your house. When killed, the Stink bug releases an awful smell. However, fortunately, they don’t impact the infrastructure of your residence.

    The Stink bug invasion can be detected easily as you will come across them soon after they invade your house. Stink bug bite is harmless, but you need to do something to keep them away from your home.

    Following are a few ways to prevent the invasion:

    1. Inspect your windows as well as doors regularly for cracks or any other unnecessary gaps. Sometimes you don’t notice, but minute cracks or voids near your windows can work as an entrance for the insects.
    2. Inspect the walls for the same as they may enter through walls as well.
    3. Seal all the entrances through which these insects may enter your house.
    4. Clean all the debris around the foundation of your resident.
    5. Seal your windows with the help of some sealants that are available in the market.
    6. Get weather strips embedded at the entrances.
    7. Inspect all the pipelines, and if any crack is found, it is to be sealed with the same. The damage to it may also create an entrance for these stink bugs.
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    stink bug bite

    How do you remove the Stink bugs once they have invaded your house?

    In case the Stink bugs have already invaded your house, it’s time to remove them all. Stink bug bite isn’t dangerous, and it doesn’t affect the structure of the house either, but you need to remove them because they can be very irritating. You will have to remove it physically or with the help of some other means.

    Using a vacuum cleaner may be one way of doing it. Take caution not to crush the insect as it emits a nasty smell once crushed. Another way to remove them is to place soapy water in a container under light and let the band of bugs move towards the trap. Make sure that you place the container in the areas where there are more of them.

    You could use spray for the same, but there are some problems you need to know about spraying. It is dangerous to use pests in the house, as it may have a severe impact on the people in the home and your beloved pets. So, think before you use a spray to remove the Stink bug.

    There are several other methods that you can adopt to remove these tiny creatures. Natural substances such as neem that are obtained from the neem tree can be helpful for this purpose. Besides, several other biodegradable soaps may also be effective against them.

    If the bugs have been killed, do not let any of their body remain inside your house as they may lure carpet bugs, which can again give rise to problems. Moreover, this carpet bug can be drawn by your daily foods and hence get contaminated.

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    Using the sprays will kill the bugs, but as soon as it evaporates, it is no longer effective, and again you’re stuck with the same issue.

    stink bug bite

    Winding Up | Stink Bug Bite

    After this article, you have the answer to the question- “Does Stink Bug Bite?” They don’t bite and release chemicals but Stink bug bite is harmless to humans and pets. So, you don’t need to worry about a Stink bug bite.

    So, if you come across this band of bugs in the future, remove them physically and never use sprays for the purpose without worrying about any stink bug bite. Removing them physically is the best solution to the problem. And as mentioned, you could even try that soapy solution; they are effective as well.

    So please keep all the prone areas sealed to prevent them from entering your house. Once they invade your home, they can grow in number significantly.

    So that was all about this tiny, harmless insect. We hope you’re satisfied with the information given above. If any information was overlooked or if you think some information is not accurate, or if you have any more questions about stink bug bite, do post a comment and let us know. We’ll be posting more such content, so be sure to check again.


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