Sleep Regression Ages and How to Deal with Them?

    Sleep Regression ages are highly searched for babies on the internet, as this is the most common thing mostly all babies share. Parents get worried when their baby wakes up in the middle of the night and cry out loud. I know it is painful for you and your baby too.

    So today I’ll be sharing some basic information on Sleep regression ages and what babies experience in sleep regression. Let’s start with what is Sleep regression and at what ages babies go through it.

    What is Sleep Regression

    If you have a baby or have ever been with one, you would know that in the initial month’s babies just sleep all day and wake up for a while. Well, there is a stage when they start waking up from their sleep suddenly out of nowhere and that is nothing but sleep aggression.

    However, it is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about. Almost every other child goes through this phase and so some parents may worry but again there is no need to worry about it. Although sleep regression is normal, it can occur anytime from a couple of months up to 2 years.

    Sleep Regression Ages

    There is no need to worry about it because sleep regression is temporary and does not last for long enough. It’s good that your baby is going through a sleep regression, however, some parents are not aware of it.

    There can be a variety of sleep regression ages, some babies may experience when they are 4 months old, some may experience when they are 6 months old, or so. And after Sleep regression ages, it is also not necessary that every baby will experience it, most babies experience it but not each one on this planet.

    Parents worry about it because their child is disturbed in deep sleep. But it’s just a phase that will last for a couple of weeks or more. You just have to understand that it’s just a shift in the Circadian cycle of babies and they are just getting aware of their surroundings.

    Sleep Regression Ages

    Sleep Regression Ages

    As mentioned above there could be multiple sleep regression ages, not all babies experience sleep regression at the same age and so it is important that we are aware of the sleep regression ages.

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    Now we will see how Sleep Regression affects sleep at different ages:

    Sleep Regression Ages


    4 Months Babies who experience sleep regression when they are 4 months old are likely to carry their habit of waking up from their sleep.

    The sleep regression at this age is probably going to stick around and is likely to be permanent. This is because the changes that occur at this age are an indication that baby sleeping patterns are about to end and your baby will now sleep like an adult.

    6 Months Generally, 6-month-old babies don’t experience sleep regression, but there’s an exception that some babies do experience it. However, sleep regression at 6 months of age doesn’t last long compared to normal sleep regression ages.
    8 Months Sleep Regression at the age of 8 months is more common among babies because this is the period where they are to learn new things and get more involved in their surroundings.

    At this age, they start to roll over, learn to sit, and crawling is the main part of the phase. So these were the things they learn, other than that teeth start to appear and they try to talk or you can say they say their first words during this period.

    9 Months Sleep regression at month 9 can have 2 cases,

    Case 1: Babies are still experiencing sleep regression from month 8 like their sleep regression is not over yet.

    Case 2: Babies are just in the phase to start developing sleep Regression because many babies experience a little late and end up in month 9.

    10 Months Sleep regression in this period is similar to the 9 months except there’s only a small difference that babies in this age start to stand and walk (most of the babies). So parents will be worried in this age as compared to other sleep regression ages and this is because babies might stand and walk in the middle of the night.
    11 Months At this age, babies act totally different from what others do (below 11 months). Babies don’t wake up or walk at this age, they deny napping, and want to play more and run around. In some cases, babies will cry and refuse to have a nap but after a certain time they do sleep and in other cases, they will have a habit to skip the napping time, like adults.
    1 Year It is the same as 11 months. There are no major changes one can observe. Sleep Regression can be a continuation from 11 months or would have started from 1 Year.
    15 Months At this age, we cannot say they are going through sleep regression because babies are more playful and active. So excess afternoon naps can result in oversleeping and wake them up in mid-nights.
    18 Months 18 Months is the age where along with babies, parents are in trouble too because at this age babies learn to express emotions.

    Here Expressing emotions is very much like throwing tantrums because babies learn two golden words i.e. “No Mommy” and these words make the game over.

    Here babies understand things and try to communicate with people and show their emotions like getting angry, showing their happiness, be naughty at times, and more. So they directly deny having a nap.

    In fact, at this age, teeth grow and babies fall sick and suffer from pain, and handling these situations is tough for a parent. So know you know sleep regression hits hard

    2 Years At this age, babies are on the way to proper growth. They are highly active and playful so they don’t want to sleep at all. This is the age where babies get exhausted because parents teach multiple things like where to poop and pee.

    After all this, at night they start to have proper dreams just like adults, and if they see some bad dream getting up in the middle of the night and crying is obvious. It is safe to say that sleep regression at this age is more exhausting than other sleep regression ages.


    Why does it happen?

    Sleep Regression happens because of the Neurons multiplying in the brain or you can say neurological development. Because of this growth period of the brain, babies learn new things and learn more about their surroundings which is like there is a lot to take in the short term.

    Sleep Regression Ages

    This neurological development happens till the age of 21 but in the first couple of years, babies learn a lot, they are very curious at that age. Babies learn to speak, walk, eat and the most important is to adapt behavior. They are very interested in getting introduced to new things and all this makes them so exhausted and cranky.

    What to do?

    Although this is normal and most babies go through it, parents being worried is pretty natural. Now we can’t eliminate it but we can try to make things easier. So below are the tips to try which can help your baby to get through sleep regression ages easily.

    • Feed your baby properly so they don’t feel hungry in the middle of the night and cry out loud, so feeding them properly will not wake them up because of hunger. And if they wake up, don’t feed them regularly because every time they will expect the same.
    • While you are putting your baby to sleep, monitor them till they sleep properly. If they get interrupted in between or just wake up out of nowhere, put them to sleep without wasting any time.
    • Make sure that all lights are off, so babies will feel more comfortable and cozy, and it will help the baby to sleep easily.
    • Try your best to put your baby on a proper schedule. This will make a proper routine like thing and every day your baby will sleep at a particular time.
    • Last but not the least, if you feel that your baby slept too much than usual then it is completely fine for you to wake them up.

    Conclusion | Sleep Regression Ages

    Sleep Regression is totally natural and it happens with most of us, and it’s not a problem. This is the phase where your baby speaks Mommy or Daddy, so this is important right! I know many parents go through a lot and your baby goes through the same.

    Your baby is in pain all the time in the phase of adapting to the surroundings, so hope you will handle it well. That’s all for the article, all the best for all the parents out there, hope you do well and take care of the baby!

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