Is it Blond or Blonde? Know the Difference!

    What is Blond or Blonde?

    Languages can be a tricky deal sometimes. It often happens that when you are trying to learn a new language that has no apparent connection to your mother tongue, then you will encounter things in the new language that would confuse the hell out of you.

    Blond or Blonde

    When you are in such a scenario, you need to clear that doubt as soon as possible and as clearly as possible. Because if you don’t do it, it will lead to further issues. When a new language confuses you, it’s understandable. 

    But things can get a bit chaotic when the same thing happens with a language you are familiar with. For all English speakers, one such situation would be whether to use Blond or Blonde. This article will address the same question, which noun or adjective should you use? Blond or Blonde? Let us understand.

    How Does The Blond Or Blonde Situation Arise?

    If the use of Blond or Blonde has ever bothered you, then you must wonder about the origin of these words. But we will get back to that later. Most people use the ‘blonde’ when writing it down or spelling it.

    Even though both the words are spelled differently, when you pronounce blond or blonde, you will find that they are homophones. For those who don’t know, homophones are words that have different meanings and are spelled differently but have the same pronunciation.

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    Blond or Blonde

    Both these words are very similar to each other in what they mean, but they are different words. When you think of either of these two words, the first thing to come to your mind would be a woman with yellowish locks of hair.

    Although your imagination would be correct, that won’t always be the case. Blond or blonde words mean hair whose color resembles the sun. The difference lies in where these two words are used. Let us have a look at what the difference is between them.

    How Is Blond Different From Blonde?

    As I’ve mentioned, blond and blonde are used for the same thing, but blond is used as a noun for males, and blonde is used as a noun for females. When the word blond is used as an adjective, it is said to be gender neutral, meaning it can be used for both males and females. 

    Apart from living things, inanimate objects are treated as male, so here we use the word blond from blond or blonde for inanimate objects. Usually, you must have observed brands like Starbucks use the word blonde for their coffee; it may be the marketing strategy of brands to pick such words. However, grammatically, if we were to choose a word from blond or blonde for any inanimate object, blond is the right choice. 

    How to use Blond or Blonde? | Examples

    Blond or Blonde

    To understand the use of Blond or Blonde, we must go through some examples. I’ll try to put some easy and difficult examples so you can have a good idea about using Blond or Blonde. 

    • The main distinguishing feature is the lock of blond hair, which appears only in the right-eye image.
    • Gabriela had blue eyes and blonde hair.
    • Wanda has blonde hair and always wears a superhero necklace.
    • Chris was also shown with short blond hair.
    • Luca’s got blond hair and blue eyes, and he wears glasses.
    • Thor can be recognized by his long blond hair.
    • Natalie had blonde hair and was very cute.
    • The blonde was delighted when her sister presented her with a dictionary.
    • The tall blonde woman in the red dress looks quite intimidating. 
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    Cessation | Blond or Blonde 

    That’s all for the article today; I’ve tried my best to differentiate between blond and blonde, hope you understood the basic difference. The conclusion is that both of the words are used in day-to-day life; it’s just that some brands have generalized a particular word. 

    The word blond is used widely, so it is important to know the difference between the words blond and blonde. I hope you liked this article. Please comment if you have any queries or want to add anything related to this article. Do check out other articles on our website; stay tuned with us! 


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