How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs – Best 10 Tips That Work

    How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs And The Nuisance They Create – 10 Tips To Try

    Ladybugs are tiny creatures that are amazing when they are found in your gardens, but as a house guest, they can truly be a headache you would never want.

    If you are wondering how to get rid of ladybugs, there are many things you need to learn before finding the cure. As we know, the summer season is about to set in your calendar, it’s a relief from long winters but also a thing to be worried about because the pests that had found their ways inside your house the previous year are about to emerge causing troubles.

    All the insects are unwanted guests we want to get rid of, but one of the unwanted tenants are these cute little pests appearing like beetle also known as ladybugs. There are so many in number that you will feel like they are running your house instead of you. They nearly have 5000 species and varieties of ladybugs all over the globe and you never know which might attack your house to create nuisance and trouble.

    How to get rid of ladybugs is a common question asked by many along with other similar queries too, let us see some tips on how to get rid of ladybugs that actually worked for many and will surely work for your house as well.

    Troublesome Ladybugs

    how to get rid of ladybugs

    Often termed as lady beetle or sometimes as ladybug beetle, the ladybugs are confused with Asian lady beetle that is an invasive species. These are undoubtedly trouble-causing when they enter our houses but we cannot deny that having ladybugs in garden areas is a huge relief before they are able to control pests efficiently.

    The ladybugs are more of docile insects which means they are quiet and controlling them is pretty much easy. They enter the houses when they find that the temperature outside has dropped which makes them find shelters which maybe your house, as summers approach they tend to walk outside towards gardens, but sometimes they prefer your house too.

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    On the other hand, Asian ladybugs are on the aggressive side and they are not docile. they can even bite you. They tend to remain in areas where they can amass warmth like lights, windows, etc.

    You will barely find a ladybug walking alone, if you do it should instantly strike your mind that it has come to that point by waking away through a bunch of ladybugs where hundreds of them are present together. New ladybugs are often born there which increases their count regularly. It becomes important to remove them before they become more and more in number.

    There are some ways that have proven to use for many, if you want to understand how to get rid of ladybugs and remove the pests from your house, try incorporating the below-given tips.

    How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs From Your House?

    how to get rid of ladybugs

    It is important to know that ladybugs are docile and do not cause any harmful disease to humans but when not controlled over time, they can surely cause trouble in the shape and structure of your house. You would want to discourage ladybugs from making permanent residence in your place. When we talk about how to get rid of ladybugs, three important aspects to keep in mind are prevention, removal, and relocation.

    Below listed are the top ways on how to get rid of ladybugs.

    1. How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs Using Vacuum Cleaner or Sweeping

    It is as clear and simple as it sounds. Using a vacuum cleaner to treat and get rid of ladybugs is the fastest method known if you have found where they are present.

    If a whole colony of ladybugs is present in your house, you need to have a vacuum cleaner to engulf them at once. You can vacuum a huge number of ladybugs at a time and immediately rush out to relocate them in the garden. After you have completely removed them, you can use soap or liquid to clean the vacuum entirely to eliminate the risk of chemical trails that can attract more ladybugs.

    2. How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs Using Dish Soap

    How to get rid of ladybugs at home? Use a dishwasher! If the infestation of ladybugs has gone out of reach or control which makes it highly difficult to relocate them using cleans, dish soap is the simplest method by which you can eliminate entire colonies of these ladybugs.

    For this procedure, use a spray bottle to form a mixture of dishwasher and water. Make sure the dish soap is concentrated here. Another trick to accomplish this is using a container and fill it with soap water. Place it near a light source where the ladybugs are most likely to gather. Make the mixture thick so that they cannot escape.

    3. How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs Using Duct Tape

    By following the above two methods you may easily relocate ladybugs outside from your house, but there are some ladybugs out of the colony that is hidden inside deeply, to reach them is not an easy task. If such a situation occurs you can use duct tape and wrap it all-around your palm or hand. In this way, you can easily reach them without getting your hand hurt and relocate them outside in the garden maybe.

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    4. How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs Using Diatomaceous Earth

    how to get rid of ladybugs
    Yankee’s Magazine

    This offers an easy and simpler way to get rid of ladybugs at home. It is composed of a powder that appears white in color. This white colored powder is typically found either online or near any shop in your area that sells home repair materials.

    You can open and sprinkle this powder all around the colonies they have formed or simply encircle them inside the powder by placing it on the edges. This will not only deter the ladybugs but will also eliminate any new infestations.

    5. How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs Using Light Trap

    If you do not feel like investing in products from stores or online, there are certain home remedies to get rid of ladybugs. You can make a light trap that is ladybug-friendly by including common items that are available in regular kitchens. All you have to do is look for a plastic soda bottle and cut it in half.

    Now flip this upper half piece into the lower up-side-down such that it appears like a funnel. Look for a LED light and place it inside the funnel. Make sure you leave room for the ladybugs to enter inside. The battles will march towards the bottle and will get stuck inside it, after it happens, just place the bottle outside and relocate them in your garden or other places.

    6. Surround Your House With Lots Of Mums (Plant)

    This is the only plant that the ladybugs hate. You can buy a lot of mum’s plants to place in your porches, doors, gardens, and your entire home if the attack of ladybugs has increased in your house. The smell of mums might be pleasant to you but it is not the case for ladybugs. The smallest is so atrocious for ladybugs that it will enable them to deter from your property as soon as the smells start to fill them

    7. Use Of Natural Repellant

    how to get rid of ladybugs
    Yankee’s Magazine

    You can find a variety of herbs and essential oils online and in the marketplace near your region that deters these ladybugs from entering your home to gathering there and making huge colonies that are difficult to get rid of.

    Before you proceed to purchase any of these items, just make sure you have read all the instructions mentioned on their labels that suggest if they are to be kept away from children or pets. When going for essential oils, use a carrier oil available in your house and dilute it in essential oils. Pace the mixture in spray bottles and use it to spray all over the colonies of ladybugs.

    how to get rid of ladybugs
    Richmond Times-Dispatch

    The oils you may use include:

    • Citronella
    • Lavender Oil
    • Orange oil
    • Lemon Oil
    • Bay leaves
    • Clove oil Or simple cloves

    8. How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs Using Chemical Repellants

    There are a variety of traps and chemical repellants available in the market that aims at the elimination of ladybugs. They either work by making the ladybugs leave that area and get outside the house, or by killing them.

    9. How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs By Removing Their Scent

    If you do not wish to kill these little invaders in your house, you can use sprays that will ward them away from your house. These ladybugs have an odor that is distinct from the normal smell their house also smells the same. You can use citrus oil or citronella consisting spray and use it on the house they live in, this will break their connection with the colony and they will walk out of the house as they don’t smell their habitat anymore.

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    10. Winterize Your House

    how to get rid of ladybugs
    Ladybug Planet

    The most amazing way through which can you can prevent the ladybugs from entering your house in the first place is by winterizing your home. This will not only stop ladybugs but also eliminate the risk of other pests and insects entering.

    All you have to do is seal the doors, plug up all the holes, and caulk the windows of your house. If they cannot find a way to enter inside, there will remain no need to find a method to get them out.

    These are the tips and tricks you can apply to keep your house safe from nuisance created by ladybugs and these methods definitely work, although you might have to repeat the tips twice or thrice to completely get rid of ladybugs.

    After going through the information in form of tips given above, there are some common questions that might strike your mind. Find the reason and solution in the list answers of frequently asked questions by people who are worried about the same issue.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs

    how to get rid of ladybugs
    Dave’s Garden

    1. What is making my house attract so many ladybugs?

    If you have come across a sudden outburst of colonies of ladybugs in your house, these questions are quite common. They enter your house because they are in search of a warmer place for winters to live in. The common entrance they have entered might be plants, windows, cracks, or openings anywhere in your house.

    Even if a few in number have entered it is important to note that ladybugs reproduce in large numbers and quickly. So, a few members that had entered through small openings might have created such a huge colony that they are easily visible.

    2. Is it bad and harmful to have a ladybug colony in the house?

    When the ladybugs enter occasionally inside your house, you do not have to worry about it as it is not a matter of concern now. The problem comes into play when they start multiplying and damage the interior of your house. If they are small in number know that they can multiply by reproducing really quick so get rid of them using the tips given above.

    3. What are some of the fastest ways through which I can remove ladybugs from my house?

    As mentioned above, all the methods are quite fast, if you are looking for the fasted way, grab your vacuum cleaner and vacuumed them inside it. After this just relocate them. You may also use duct tapes, later on, to remove the leftover or that are deeply hidden ladybugs.

    4. What is the lifespan of ladybugs?

    The average lifespan of a ladybug is nearly 1 year. This lifespan of their makes them tricky to be tackled. In 1 year of time, they will lay hundreds of eggs, and removing them becomes hard.

    5. Why ladybugs are important in the garden?

    The outer environment is benefited by the presence of ladybugs, especially for farmers. Farmers are benefited from the large colonies of ladybugs, to balance out mass populations of crop-damaging insects and pests. It can remove pests from stargazer lily and other flowers.

    Ladybugs works by laying their eggs close to the aphid larvae so that when their young ones feast on them while they are born. This helps in cutting down the aphid population in farms on vegetables and flowers.

    There are thousands of species nearly of these ladybugs, out of all species many are useful for gardens outside your houses too. But you have to know the difference between some species, for example, Mexican bean beetle usually feats on the plants rather than pests attacking them.

    This was all the information along with tips and questions that you can imply while handling ladybugs in your house.

    If you are worried about sugar ants entering your house, know how to get rid of them along with ladybugs.


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