How much does Invisalign Cost? – 5 Amazing Ways to Reduce the Cost

    Invisalign is the kind of braces that actively uses clear tray aligners. They are produced from the finest blend of Invisalign. The manufacturing of such braves is done in their facilities based on molds on the mouth. The aligners are made of rigid pieces of plastic that are quite strong to delve pressure on some of the particular parts of the teeth, which would help them slowly move into a better position. Well, one of the primary concerns for everyone is how much does Invisalign cost? This article will briefly cover it up.

    It is recommended to consult with a dentist to get Invisalign. A dentist would check the overall health, smile as well as would suggest different suggestions. The work of Invisalign is to make the aligners unique for the mouth for a proper fit. Invisalign uses a series of varying aligner trays, and they are replaced each week or two. Every replacement tray would feel quite different as it is placed for moving and shifting the teeth.

    It is recommended to wear Invisalign trays for 20-22 hours each day to get effective results. However, they can be removed for brushing the teeth, specific occasions, eating, and flossing. Even though it is a rigid form of plastic, still Invisalign aligners are regarded as braces and not retainers as they are capable of moving the teeth for shaping your mouth and jaw. Retainers serve the purpose of holding the teeth in the proper place. Well, with the help of this article, one won’t have to worry about How much does Invisalign cost? Anymore.

    What are the different types of Invisalign?

    Some of the different types of Invisalign are as follows:-

    #1. Invisalign Full

    This is one of the most common types. In comparison to different aligners, Invisalign Full is used for treating complex conditions related to orthodontics. The average time of 12 to 18 months is taken to treat the issue. Although it varies from one person to another, every individual does not use the same number of aligners to enhance the smile. Getting the Invisalign full can be one of the costliest methods.

    How much does invisalign cost? | Sleck
    Source – Dental Today

    #2. Invisalign Lite

    Invisalign Lite uses an optimum number of clear aligners to correct minor mishaps for enhancing your smile. They are used for less complex cases. They are ideal for those individuals who need to fix the adjustment of their teeth to a specific position. Invisalign offers a definite remedy for improving the aesthetic solution. It is an easier medium to get your initial Invisalign and, therefore, comes at the cheaper end.

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    #3. Invisalign i7

    This is one of the latest types of Invisalign, which shortens the time of the treatment in comparison to the standard Invisalign course. It is generally used by people who only require minor dental improvements.

    How much does invisalign cost? | Sleck
    Source – Health Street Dental

    #4. Invisalign Teen

    Teenagers feel a lot of changes as their growth escalates. Invisalign Teen helps in accommodation of the issues which are quite different from others. They can be replaced around six times without any problem if you have lost them or your pet dog has eaten them. Invisalign Teen is one of the most effective products.

    Invisalign Teen, the invisible dental appliance for teens | Sleck
    Source – Orthodontie Philips

    How much does an Invisalign cost?

    A lot of different kinds of factors decide the amount you have to pay for Invisalign. Some of the elements are as follows:-

    • The condition of your oral health
    • The location where you reside in
    • The amount of improvement it requires
    • The typical cost of Invisalign in your city
    • The time of the dentist for labor
    • The amount covered by the insurance plan

    Usually, the Invisalign treatment varies between $3000 and $7000. People who have insurance coverage pay around $3,000. The average amount for Invisalign ranges between $3000 and $5000, irrespective of the city you reside in. Although the traditional metal bracket braces cost around $2000 to $6000, they are less efficient than Invisalign. The prices of Invisalign vary from one individual to another.

    The people who have crooked teeth or have a mouth with an overview require more time for slowly moving the teeth into a specific position, irrespective of the usage of Invisalign or traditional braces. Most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of Invisalign like with the regular braces. In that case, you can also consult with the insurance company to determine the amount they would offer for the coverage. Well, the price varies depending on the location. Therefore, to get a proper estimate of the expenditure of how much Invisalign costs, we must contact our nearest clinic.

    Advanced factors affecting the cost of an Invisalign

    Most people bear expenses between $3,000 and $5,000 on Invisalign braces. Depending on the type of treatment plan, your cost might fluctuate. Generally, four significant factors which influence the cost of an Invisalign are detailed below:-

    #1. The complexity of the treatment

    Most of the invisible braces are designed in such a way that they would solve the issues related to misalignment of the mild cosmetic problems of your teeth. The treatment of misalignment of your jaw, severely misaligned teeth can be done through an Invisalign. However, you have to visit your dentist more for this. Well, the complexity of the treatment is too low.

    #2. Experience of the dentists

    Invisalign offers points to those dentists who can perform Invisalign treatment. After the completion of the higher treatments, the dentists can take higher provider tiers since they get higher discounts up to 30% to 40% on Invisalign lab fees. Some of the savings are passed on to the patients through their dentists.

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    #3. Location

    Invisalign fluctuates a lot in terms of the location of the patient. The cost is higher if the patients live in urban or suburban areas than those patients who reside in rural areas. The treatment of Invisalign is most expensive in cities like California and New York. The lowest rate is available in rural midwestern as well as southern states.

    #4. Retainers

    Most dentists recommend wearing a retainer after the treatment of Invisalign to keep the teeth from shifting. The cost of retainers is not included in the cost of an Invisalign. The price might differ from one dentist to another, but the average price ranges between $400 and $1,000 for the complete set.

    Five ways to save costs on Invisalign

    There are different kinds of strategies as well as programs for reducing the cost of orthodontics. All the procedures mentioned below help save cost and, therefore, reduce the burden of thinking about the cost of Invisalign? Here are some of the ways you can save cost on Invisalign:

    #1. Flexible spending accounts (FSA)

    An FSA requires a certain amount of the pretax money to be taken out from the salary, which would be further separated for expenses related to healthcare. FSA’s can be accessed if an employer offers this option.

    #2. Health savings account (HSA)

    You can use money from health savings accounts (HSA) for the payment of Invisalign. HSA funds also have an advantage of the tax. Regardless of the flex spending accounts, it is mandatory to pay the costs related to health upfront with an HSA. You can also request some reimbursement from the plan.

    #3. Invisalign Monthly Payment Plans

    Most of the providers of Invisalign give you the option to pay every month. However, they are not standardized by an Invisalign company. Some of the dentists work with different financing companies as well as health care systems. The finance company bears the cost of the Invisalign treatment. You are required to pay the making every month. A monthly payment plan is an effective way out for people who don’t have insurance. Therefore, they don’t have to worry about the cost of Invisalign.

    #4. Medicaid and children’s health insurance program (CHIP)

    Kids and teens who receive support from the Government for insurance might qualify for assistance by covering the cost of Invisalign. If the child’s need for orthodontics is hampering the overall health, the cover of the work might be easy. It is recommended to consult with the dentist and a representative of the insurance company to be aware of the coverage of the expenditure. With CHIP, one doesn’t have to worry about the Invisalign cost as it covers all the expenses related to the same.

    #5. Dental Schools

    You can also look for any dental school in your city to get the service at a reasonable discount. If you sign up for the treatment from your dental school, you agree to let a dental student do the dental work. A reputed dental school takes care that a certified dentist oversees the dental students offering the services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Is Invisalign better than braces?

    A: Invisalign is subtle as well as barely noticeable after you wear them. They are one of the trusted methods which provide effective treatment for long-term results. In most cases, Invisalign is considered more beneficial than braces because of the overall force of the aligners around the whole tooth.

    Q2. Does Invisalign change the shape of the face?

    A: Invisalign would guarantee you straight teeth. It also possesses the capability to remodel the shape, appearance, and profile of your face. For example, if your teeth are crooked, it would relatively change the shape of your face. However, your upper lip could protrude due to an overbite. Invisalign also enhances the appearance as well as the overall health of your teeth.

    Q3. What is one of the main disadvantages of Invisalign?

    A: After comparing Invisalign with traditional braces, it is found out that there’s a higher risk of cavities and diseases related to gum that comes with using Invisalign. Although it helps maintain oral hygiene since the obstacle of plastic can prevent saliva from reaching your gums and teeth.

    Q4. Is it hard to sleep with Invisalign?

    A: It is recommended to sleep with them for effective treatment and to be able to move your teeth quickly; your dentist has instructed you to wear it at least 22 hours a day. Although patients are not likely to experience any discomfort while sleeping the Invisalign, most of them spoke about difficulty sleeping with Invisalign aligners in their mouths.

    Q5. What dental issue can’t be fixed by Invisalign?

    A: If you have pegged or short teeth, then an Invisalign won’t work effectively. If the teeth are well rotated, then Invisalign would fail to shift the teeth into proper alignment. Also, Invisalign can only fix smaller gaps; you have to put braces if you have more significant gaps.


    One of the common alternatives in place of traditional metal braces is clear aligners. After acquiring such customized clear plastic aligners, you will have sufficient months in advance to change them at regular intervals. The usual time is every two weeks. Looks like the article covers the topic ‘how much does invisalign cost?’ as per the expectations.

    It helps in shifting the teeth into an appropriate position. The complete series of aligners can take 6 to 9 months. Although it solely depends on the amount of alignment which is required. Some people are hesitant to wear traditional braces to straighten their teeth. In that case, aligners could be the best choice for you.

    Once the alignment of your teeth is fixed, they tend to harbor several bacteria, which makes it convenient for you to clean them. In addition, if you maintain proper oral hygiene, it would automatically reduce the risk of decay in teeth and periodontal diseases. Check out more about the treatment and procedure only @Invisalign.

    Although clear aligners are pretty costly compared to traditional braces, it is rather difficult to predict the exact numbers without adequately knowing the specific requirements of the teeth. Therefore, it would be best to ask your dentist regarding the vague estimation of the price.

    Most dental insurance plans bear the cost of aligners and regular braces. Still, it would be best if you cleared it with the insurance company beforehand to avoid any mishap.

    You should always consult with your orthodontist before deciding upon something since they can properly advise you regarding the best treatment. The dentist is aware of all your needs and would advise accordingly.


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