Home Remedy For Gastritis- 8 Effective Remedies To Follow

    Home Remedy For Gastritis- Natural Ways To Ease Pain

    Home Remedy For Gastritis include some simple and natural product you can use to ease the discomfort, this article reviews some of the most used and followed home remedies, keep reading to find out which home remedy for gastritis should you be using.

    If you do not know much about gastritis, know that it is a condition that affects the stomach lining of a person and makes it inflamed. Some cases of gastritis only require a simple and effective home remedy to be treated completely while some may require you to see a doctor.

    There are many factors involved in causes of gastritis and for it to flare up. These are:

    • Stress
    • Infections
    • Helicobacter pylori
    • using medications of pain for long periods.
    • Consuming too much alcohol.

    While medical treatments are available many people prefer using home remedies to treat gastritis as it is simple and natural.

    Here are possible remedies you could be using too.

    Home Remedy For Gastritis


    Before going for home remedies, you should know that all the remedies are not useful for everyone to try out. Some remedies while working well for you while others don’t. You might have to try several different remedies to know which one works for you.

    1. Follow An Anti-inflammatory Diet

    As you already know by the definition given earlier, gastritis applies to inflammation in the lining of your stomach, so taking a diet that can help you deal with inflammation may provide relief from the symptoms of gastritis at once. However, one must know that researchers have not concluded that eating a certain type of food or changing diet has prevented gastritis or helped with lowering the symptoms.

    If you start keeping a food diary, you can easily note down everything and know which food has made the condition worse or which food has helped you over the time to get rid of symptoms, in this way it can be manageable up to an extent. Once you know the triggering food items, you can replace them and see the changes.

    Here are some food items that generally are responsible for inflammation including:

    • Processed foods.
    • Acidic food
    • Dairy food
    • Alcohol
    • Spicy food
    • Sugary food
    • Gluten
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    Basically, eating junk and sugar in high quantity can lead to inflammation which later develops gastritis. Try to avoid them as much as you can by keeping a food diary while dealing with gastritis.

    2. Take Garlic Extracts

    Some researchers have suggested that taking extracts of garlic has helped to reduce the symptoms associated with gastritis. You can also crush raw garlic cloves at home itself and consume them. This home remedy for gastritis has worked well for many people out there, why not give it a try once?

    If you do not like how garlic tastes, you can also chop garlic cloves into tiny pieces and mix them in anything you like, say peanut butter. Mix the two and eat. Another option in including chopped garlic on dried dates to be eaten. The sweet taste of peanut butter and dates will be able to mask the flavor of garlic most probably.

    3. Manage Your Stress

    If you have read the main causes that lead to gastritis, you might have noticed the occurrence of stress and anxiety over there. Stress can cause your gastritis to flare up. Managing your stress is an important aspect when you are dealing with issues like gastritis.

    You can always follow certain stress managing techniques at home. Thes include:

    • Breathing techniques
    • Massage
    • Yoga
    • Meditation

    Try to follow them as much as you can. Not only this home remedy for gastritis is usually for the condition itself, but it can also give relief from other underlying conditions as well. Nothing can beat the positive effects of performing yoga and meditation.

    4. Avoid Using Painkillers And Smoking

    This was another cause mentioned in the causes of gastritis. Smoking is seriously injurious to health. It can damage a person’s stomach lining and has the ability to increase the risk of developing cancer-related to the stomach. Tumor cells in the stomach can be spread more leading o serious health injuries. Using this home remedy for gastritis can not only provide relief from this condition, but it can also prevent other conditions that are fatal as compared to gastritis.

    Also, when you start taking too many over-the-counter medications for getting rid of pain caused by any condition such as aspirin or maybe ibuprofen, they can over time damage your stomach lining this making gastritis even worse.

    5. Eat Lighter Meals

    You do not want to put a strain on your stomach when you are dealing with gastritis. Eating large and carbohydrate-rich food can be really heavy for your stomach and put a strain on the stomach thus aggravating your gastritis condition.

    You can eat small meals regularly over a period of few days and notice that the pain is eased out. This can help ease the process of digestion and reduce symptoms associated with gastritis.

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    6. Use Essential Oils

    This home remedy for gastritis can be quite useful too when you are looking for something that can ease out the symptoms. Essential oils like lemon verbena and lemongrass were found to be effective in increasing resistance to one of the causes of H.pylori in some lab tests conducted.

    Not only these oils, but some other oils can also be useful too including ginger, clove, and peppermint. Essential oils should be used carefully and make sure you do not ingest them. Make sure you are diluting the essential oil with any carrier oil so that it can be applied evenly on the skin.

    If you have decided to use this home remedy for gastritis, make sure to consult your doctor before trying it out. Also, it is important to know that the United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA does not regulate any alternative medicine or using essential oil.

    7. Green Tea With Manuka Honey

    This home remedy for gastritis can be quite useful in the treatment. One study conducted previously had shown that drinking black tea or green tea once a week at least could be useful in reducing the prevalence of bacteria H.pylori in the stomach lining.

    You can also use manuka honey in your tea as it may be useful too as it has some antibacterial properties used for fighting infections caused by bacterias.

    Some people also believe that drinking lukewarm water in the morning can also be helpful in soothing the stomach and aids in proper digestion. You can easily get yourself manuka honey from stores nearby or online if you do not get it.

    8. Go For Probiotics

    Another home remedy you can try is taking probiotics. Now you can receive them from food items like sauerkraut which is getting popular these days or use over-the-counter supplements for impending probiotics in your diet. Probiotic supplements help introducing good gut bacteria and gastritis is related to gut health as we already know.

    Good bacterias received through probiotics can help reduce the number and effect of h.pylori bacteria that is among the main causes of gastritis. You can also binge on food enriched with probiotics such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, etc. All these foods undergo a process of fermentation that introduces healthy gut bacterias in them.

    These were possible home remedies to deal with gastritis and reduce it. You can also try certain prevention techniques to help block gastritis in the first place rather than using various medications or home remedies to deal with it later on.

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    Prevention Of Gastritis

    home remedy for gastritis

    While you might have found a good home remedy for gastritis to try out, you can also use these prevention measures to avoid getting diagnosed with gastritis in the future. The causes of gastritis vary among different individuals based on many factors, here are some steps you can take so that you can avoid bothersome symptoms later on.

    Here are prevention measures to note down and follow if you have frequent gastritis:

    1. Avoid taking too much over the counter pain medications.
    2. Try to maintain healthy body weight as it helps reduce many other conditions related to health along with gastritis.
    3. Quit smoking to ease out the pain
    4. Manage and reduce stress as much as you can through therapies or deal with it at home using meditation.
    5. Avoid consuming excess alcohol

    You must know that home remedies can always help many people deal with gastritis, however, if the symptoms are not reducing or going away, you can always visit a doctor to know more and get yourself diagnosed to find possible issues with your health. Let’s see when you need to visit a doctor.

    When To Visit Doctor

    People having gastritis should always a visit a doctor if they are experiencing any of these things mentioned below:

    • Blood in the stools
    • Vomiting blood
    • Having gastritis flare that lasts more than one or two weeks.

    Your doctors will ask you certain types of questions and perform examinations. Also, some tests may be codncuted to know the underlying conditions and causes of gastritis.

    Common medications the doctors may provide for gastritis include the following:

    1. Histamine 2 blockers are prescribed as they may help decrease the production of acid in the body. You can always consult a doctor and take these medications along with home remedies for gastritis to get relief.
    2. PPIs or proton pump inhibitors also work well for reducing acid production in the body. These are available as prescription and over-the-counter.
    3. Antibiotics can also be prescribed by doctors as they can be used to deal with h.pylori bacteria which causes inflammation in the stomach lining thus leading to gastritis.

    The Bottom Line

    If you are able to find out the possible cause of gastritis, finding out possible treatments can be a key to getting it treated. Gastritis has the tendency to flare up over time and subside as a result of eating too many carbs, drinking alcohol, or taking too much pain medication.

    It can also be a chronic condition and sometimes a precursor to another serious medical condition that needs to be diagnosed for early treatment. Make sure you visit a doctor for a checkup if you are having frequent gastritis or it is not relieved even after trying tons of home remedies for weeks.

    This was all you needed to know about home remedies for gastritis and when you need to see a doctor in case you have gastritis.


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