Gummy Bear Implants: 7 Interesting Facts

    A lot of you might have heard about gummy bear implants which are one of the best options for you if you are going to augment your breasts. When people want to make their perfect selves even more perfect, they try out ways like these to help them feel better about themselves

    The gummy bear implants do that job perfectly and make them look even more fabulous than before. The term ‘gummy bear’ is used as a reference to the teardrop-shaped implants that are gel-based.

    These gummy bear implants for breast augmentation are so popular because they are way better than most other types of implants when it comes to retaining the shape that they had at the beginning. These breast implants would hold their shapes better than any implants made from saline or silicone.

    The gummy bear implants were introduced first in the mid-2000s. These implants are also called cohesive gel breast implants and they are the final result of a product that has evolved a lot ever since being introduced a century ago.

    gummy bear implants

    If you are someone who wants to augment your breasts and do not want the extreme shape that the normal kind of implants offers, then the gummy bear implants would be a great idea and option for you.

    You will have to keep in mind that this breast implant method should not be done by people who are pregnant or nursing because those can be problematic for you. You must know that silicone implants are not really available for people under the age of 22.

    In this article, I am going to tell you everything about these gummy bear implants, the material that is used, the safety measures, how much it can cost you, all the precautions that you need to take as well as tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this implant. So read ahead and find out everything about this.

    The Material Of Gummy Bear Implants

    gummy bear implants

    The gummy bear implants are not like the other breast implants that augment the breasts. These breast implants contain an outer shell that is made of silicone and also a filler material. As you might, most breast implants contain silicone gel or saline solutions as well.

    The gummy bear implants are different because they contain both silicone implants and silicone gel filling. Because these implants have them both, they have a lot better shape-retaining quality than any other type of breast implant. Even though these implants retain their shape, they are still soft to the touch.

    Suppose if the shell of the implant gets broken, you would think that the implant will get deformed right? Well, that is not the case with these implants. Even if the shells of the gummy bear implants get broken, they will still hold their original shape unlike any other type of implant.

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    One of the other popular breast implants is the implant that is saline-based. The saline-based implants are obviously filled with salt solution or saline, the shells of the implant I mean. That is very different from the gummy bear breast implant or the silicone gel implants.


    Can The Gummy Bear Breast Implants Be considered Safe?

    You should think that breast implants can somehow be unsafe for you. But is that the case? No, it isn’t. After years of research to make them better or even the best products, breast implants can be considered very safe.

    Although, your doctor will definitely like to make sure that everything is okay and hence they would want to do regular checkups to see if you haven’t ruptured the implants in any way or to see if they still retain their shape and stay in the right place.

    Earlier, people used to have worries like what if the breast implants got ruptured and pose other issues because of that? But as the years passed, research and betterment of technology have made breast implants very much safer than before. There used to be a lot of complications related to rupture and other things earlier.

    But that is not the case anymore. Gummy bear implants are strong and hence, they would not get ruptured very easily. It is for the same reason that these implants do not leak when compared to the other types of implants that are of other silicone or saline forms.

    Although it is very unlikely to happen, the gummy bear implants sometimes do leak but that rarely happens. But when they do leak, the process of detecting the leak would be a lot harder than it is with the saline type of implants.

    When it comes to detecting any issues with the Gummy bear implants, screenings are necessary to be carried out. In the United States, the FDA, which is the US Food And Drug Administration, recommends that you go for an MRI surveillance three years after the implants have been implanted and every two years after that.

    Some Issues Or Complications That Can Be Experienced During Or After The Process

    Gummy bear implants are considered very safe than most other implants but sometimes there could be some complications. These complications can include things like bleeding around the breasts, certain infections can take place and the sensation of the nipples might change a bit too.

    Some other things like pain or rupturing of the implant can happen too. You could also see some scarring or feel nausea and vomiting because of the anesthesia that has been administered to you when the process was about to be carried out. Sometimes, you can even experience the wrinkling of the breast tissues.

    Some other things like severe nausea or back pain and weight loss were experienced by some people as well. You would be slightly surprised and concerned upon hearing that during a study in the year 2011, the FDA even found a link between breast implants and a rare cancer type.

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    This cancer is known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The causes of this cancer have not been found or understood yet but the textured implants might have something to do with them instead of the smooth implants.

    Precautions That You Can Follow

    You would be sad to know that the results you achieve after getting a breast implant are not permanent, it is going to get useless after some years, although that might not happen before a decade.

    Aside from the risk that these implants pose of getting ruptured, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons also found out that the gummy bear implants are not made to last a lifetime, they will expire sooner or later.

    If you want to get them replaced in the future, you will have to undergo surgery. It is found out that women, on average, get the implants replaced or removed after 10 years of having them implanted. You should keep in mind that the longer period you have these implants for, there is more risk of getting side effects in the future.

    Talking about precautions, it would be ideal that you have a proper and stable body weight before you get these gummy bear implants implanted via surgery. If you undergo severe weight loss or weight gain, then it is going to have an effect on the appearance or shape of your breasts.

    If you do not like the extreme roundness of the other types of implants, then the gummy bear implants are the best option for you. Keep in mind that these implants do pose the threat of getting rotated at a certain point. If that happens, then your breasts will obviously have an odd or irregular shape. You can get this fixed by the surgeon or you can even replace them.

    gummy bear implants

    The Disadvantages Of Gummy Bear Implants

    Like with anything in the world, gummy bear breast implants also have their advantages and disadvantages. The main purpose of getting a breast implant or the gummy bear breast implants is to obviously improve or augment the shape and size of your breasts.

    One of the disadvantages of this implant is that it requires the surgeon to make a bigger or longer incision and that increases the risk of getting scarring on your skin. You should remember that augmenting the breasts does not mean that the droopiness of the breasts will be gone. If that is something you want to get fixed, then go for breast lift surgery instead.

    Which Are Better? Round Implants Or Teardrop Shaped Implants?

    Like I have already mentioned, if you get traditional saline or silicone implant, they are going to be round in shape. One of the advantages of that is that it would not matter if the implants even got rotated as the shape would be the same regardless.

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    The gummy bear implants are teardrop shaped. These implants are also thick and denser than the other types of implants. If you are looking for an implant that gives you less fullness in the upper part of your breasts but a natural droop in the mid-section of your breasts then this would be a great option for you.

    gummy bear implants

    Like I mentioned before, the shape of your breasts would get disturbed in case the implant rotates and you might have to get surgery to correct them or replace them. In order to avoid the rotation of the gummy bear implants from happening, the shell of the implant is textured and this allows tissues to grow around the shell and that prevents the rotation.

    You might have heard about the capsular contracture, the gummy bear breast implants have a low rate of having that kind of complication. This complication occurs when the tissue around the implant gets very tight or thick which causes asymmetry and pain as well as an unpleasant appearance of the breasts.

    The capsular contracture is probably one of the most common complications that occur after a surgery that is related to breast augmentation and this is a very common reason that a lot of surgeries have to be re-done.

    The Cost Of Gummy Bear Implants

    Now that you know about the gummy bear breast implants, why are they a better option for you, their disadvantages, and other similar things, let us talk about the cost of these implants.

    As you might have guessed, breast augmentation surgeries are not included in the health insurance, and hence, you have to pay for them on your own. The average cost for breast augmentations has been estimated to be around $3,718.

    When you talk about the Gummy bear breast implants, these cost more than the usual implants. The cost of the gummy bear breast implants is around $6,000 to $12,000. It might seem a lot but it is very reasonable considering the confidence boost and beauty you will get after this.

    The differences in the price come from the procedures of every surgeon being different and it also depends on what state you are in. You should keep in mind that there are some additional things that you will have to pay for other than the implants.

    These things include the anesthesia fees, hospital costs, the clothing items that you need during recovery, etc. If you do not want to get a shock later, it would be good to make sure you know what everything is going to cost you before you start the procedures. Also, keep in mind that it takes a few weeks for a person to recover from breast implant surgery.

    gummy bear implants

    Closure | Gummy Bear Implants

    As should be clear after reading this article, gummy bear implants are a lot better option for you than any other type of breast implant. These implants are more durable and last a lot longer than any other type of implant.

    Although, the durability does not come without the price. You will have to pay a heavy fee if you want to get the gummy bear breast implant done. Just makes sure that you know everything before you go into surgery, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages as well as the cost of the augmentation and you would be good.


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