David Austin Roses – 9 Stunning Gardening Ideas

david austin roses

David Austin roses are the most loved breeds of roses with a touch of old-school classics and romance. David Austin was a rose breeder from England who created these rose breeds because he developed a passion for old-fashioned roses. After a failed attempt, he started over and created the first David Austin rose namely, ‘Constance Spry’ in the year 1961.

Initially, nurseries refused to stock David Austin roses, but that did not discourage him. Like most of the start-ups, he started his passion of creating a unique variety of roses and started selling them to the public using his kitchen table for display. In a few years, he refined the process of making rose breeds and named them, ‘English Roses.’

He experienced a real breakthrough in the year 1983 not giving up on the challenges and struggles he went through. Chelsea Flower Show gives him the first public recognition. The first rose he introduced to the public was named ‘Graham Thomas’ after his horticulturist friend.

With the increased popularity and flow of income, he built a rose garden which is considered the most beautiful rose garden in the world. He developed the largest rose breeding program in the world and created three breeds each year. With patience and dedication, he and his son grew 120,000 unique varieties of roses each year.

david austin roses

David Austin died at the age of 92 winning numerous honors, achievement awards, and gold medals. His son, J.C David Austin developed this business into a worldwide venture with offices in U.S, Japan, and European countries. David Austin was the world’s greatest rosarian with a legacy continuing until the current third generation. He was known as ‘The Father of English Roses.’

Types Of David Austin Roses

david austin roses

There are at least 40 varieties of David Austin Roses that you can grow in your garden. David Austin was also an author and a poet. He names many of his roses after the characters in Canterbury Tales. These are the most popular rose varieties used for hedge, bushes, pots, and climbers. Some varieties of David Austin roses flower for 8 months or more.

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These roses are hybrids and the best types mentioned here are for fragrance, hedge, bush, climbers, pot, and other easy to grow David Austin roses varieties. With a huge variety of these roses, you can plan how to decorate a patio, backyard, or line the wall with these roses.

David Austin roses are bred to be disease resistant and have a repeat bloom. You can have the beautiful bloom for as long as 8 months or more. It is essential to prune them to have more flowers. Plant them where they receive sun as well as shade. Do not plant them in an area where there is no sunlight.

David Austin Roses For Wedding

david austin roses

These varieties are the most popular choice for flowers for wedding decoration. Beatrice, Constance, Charity, Darcey, Edith, Eugenie, Purity, Patience, Miranda, and Keira are the popular David Austin rose varieties for wedding decor. Choose Beatrice for summer weddings, Constance and Charity for the flower girl. They all look delicate for the ball and other wedding ceremonies.

David Austin Roses Landscaping Ideas

david austin roses
david austin roses

Beautify your garden, outdoor area, backyard, or patio with these rose varieties and mix them up with other flowers and plants to make a breathtaking pergola or brick wall décor. Choose your garden style if you want it in the classic Edwardian style, or give it a romantic, fairytale-like appeal.

They are great for terraces, balconies, or smaller decks used for décor. As you looked across your rose garden, there was a fete of colorful butterflies, dancing in happiness, smelling the roses. Each day, as the dusk covered the sunny sky, the romance of the roses inspired poetry in this fantasy garden. Get the feel? What these roses do to outer space.

David Austin Roses For Gardens

david austin roses
david austin roses

You can choose from more than 700 varieties to plan your themed garden. Fill them in flowerbeds or topiaries. Use them for arches, borders, around stone carvings, shrubs, hedges, and more.

The ‘Gentle Hermione’ is a feminine-looking delicate pink Davin Austin rose variety suitable for patios and balconies. They are repeat bloomers and can be used for arches and are resistant to rain with rich fragrance.

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The ‘Harlow Carr’ is one of the most popular varieties for the garden because of its fragrance, double bloom, and the best repeat bloomer. The ‘Jubilee Celebration’ has a fruity fragrance with salmon-pink petals. For seasonal bloom in bright yellow, ‘Molineux’ is a good choice.

The ‘Princess Anne’ has a purple-lilac shade with a total of 85 petals. To create a pleasing effect choose this rose variety. They grow beautifully into bushy shrubs. If you love pure whites, choose ‘Susan Williams-Ellis.’

The ‘Teasing Georgia’ is an award-winning, cup-shaped two-shaded rose in golden yellow and white. It gives a summery look to the garden. The ‘Mayflower’ is mildew resistant and a full bloom for a small bush.

David Austin Roses For Hedges

david austin roses
david austin roses

Choose a color scheme and the list of the mixed areas you can have before choose David Austin rose varieties. If you want a rustic-looking garden, choose copper and Earthy tones. For a fantasy-like garden choose tints of lavender, purple, a hint of yellow, pink, and good foliage.

Use different plants for texturing depending on how dense you want it to look. You can choose from different sizes and give a dimension to your garden. Ronald Dahl, Emily Bronte, Olivia Rose Austin, Lark Ascending, The Poet’s Wife, and more. There is a huge variety you can choose from to decorate borders and hedges.

David Austin Roses For Fragrance

david austin roses
david austin roses

The ‘Harlod Carr’ tops the list in fragrance. For a nice smelling garden, you can choose from these most fragrant varieties. Gabriel Oak, Eustacia Vye, Scepter ‘D Isle, Teasing Georgia, Princess Anne, and many more. Most of them have a fruity fragrance and layers of petals that make the full bloom adding beauty and fragrance to the space.

David Austin Roses For Pots

david austin roses
david austin roses

For balcony, deck, or garden, you can use these varieties of roses that give a full bloom for more than 8 seasons. Decorate your outer space with these roses along with other plants and shrubs to create a beauteous landscaping effect. These rose varieties create a volume enabling you to get creative with gardening décor ideas.

You can use the varieties mentioned in the fragrance section for planting them in pots. Alexandria Of Kent, Grace, Lichfield Angel, and other varieties in different shades and colors are welcome in pots and look voluminous.

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Unique David Austin Rose Varieties

david austin roses
david austin roses
david austin roses

Boscobel, Kew Gardens, Ballerina, The Lady’s Bush are some of the unique looking David Austin rose varieties that do not have the standard shape or number of petals like a rose. They look different and are in colors other than the standard pink and red shades. You can find them in soft lemon, light tangerine, and white shades with as few as 5 to 10 petals.

Best David Austin Climbing And Tree Roses

david austin roses
david austin roses

Climbing roses are the most romantic landscape décor for the garden, outer wall, patio, or backyard. The best climbing rose varieties are Iceberg, Gertrude Jekyll, Tess of D’urbervilles, Graham Thomas, Sally Holmes, and more. You can use them for arches, trellis, and pergolas.

David Austin Roses For Abundant Flowering

david austin roses
david austin roses

Which color do you want to be dominant in your garden? A tinge of the happy tangerine, or the peacefully pristine, white, the willowy pale pink, or the shades of magenta? If you love the classic romance, shades of pale pink and magenta it is.

Decorate your garden or patio if they are dormant in Earthy tones. If you have more colors in the space, choose tangerines, or double shades. Most of the varieties mentioned provide abundant flowering. You could choose the Vanessa Bell for the creamy yellow or Bonica in two shades of pink. Hyde Hall makes you feel like you just stepped into a fairytale romance locked in an era never wanting to come back.


David Austin roses bring old-world charm making you smell the roses each day and say, Life is good! Create your garden of Eden choosing from these heavenly varieties, each with a unique aspect suitable for a variety of landscaping and gardening ideas. Caring for them is easy.

You can choose from the most flowering, the ones with fewer thorns, or the varieties that attract butterflies, and more. Roses are a cosmos of their own when you choose from more than 200 varieties of these classic English roses.



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