Can Cavities Heal: 7 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

    What will you say if we ask you to name a health issue that looks minor but disturbs the most? For most of us, it is any dental issue, especially cavities. Although it seems to be a minor issue and usually is developed almost silently, it is capable enough to disturb your inner peace for days.

    Therefore we often hear people asking – “can cavities heal?” “How can I heal a cavity without going to the dentist? Here, we share some of our thoughts and knowledge about it. Let’s know the answer to “can cavities heal?”

    How it Feels: The Symptoms of Cavities:

    Mostly, the diseases become worse when we ignore them for a long time due to a lack of knowledge. And if it is the case with our teeth, we need to be more cautious. There’s no replacement for well-maintained teeth. Once it is gone, the happiness from your life also goes away.

    can cavities heal
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    So, before it permanently snatches away the peace from our lives, treat it at the earliest. If you are wondering- “can cavities heal?” let us tell you that they can heal only if you take care of it at the right time. Let us mention the symptoms of cavities that hint at the emergence of it.

    The Symptoms:

    • consistent toothache
    • inability to chew due to pain
    • tooth sensitivity
    • mild or harsh pain during eating or drinking
    • holes on teeth of different sizes
    • black or brown stain on teeth
    • decaying of enamels
    • Mild or extreme pain on gum at hot or cold sensation

    Keep in mind that the signs and symptoms do not appear initially. As we said before, many cases of cavities happen silently. So, make sure you take proper precautions against cavities. Go for regular dental check-ups. “Can cavities heal?”- many of you worry about this. How many of you are ready to take preventive actions before it happens?

    Let’s know how cavities occur and take preventive measures accordingly.

    Why Does it Happen: The Causes and Precautions of Cavities:

    Being a sensitive part of our oral structure, it asks for exceptional care and attention. Keep it unattended for a few days, and it will show up with signs of damage. Such sensitive it is! Also, it will help if you are careful about what you use on it. We share here what are the possible significant causes for tooth cavities.

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    The Causes and Preventions:

    Tooth plaque- It is a condition in which a white, sticky layer coats the enamel of the teeth. When you are fond of eating excessive sugar and do not wash your teeth after eating, the risk of plaque increases, the bacteria is formed, developing the layer.

    The severe stage of plaque is tartar. It is a complex substance produced on your gum line. Once it is formed, it becomes difficult to remove the plaque. Gradually, the condition removes the essential minerals from the teeth.

    Thus, the early stage of the cavity takes place. You can see holes on teeth at this stage. Once the cavity eats up the enamel, it reaches deep level of our teeth and destructs the structure from inside. When it comes to the pulp of the teeth inside, the pain arises. Not only teeth but also the adjacent areas can also be affected.

    To prevent: Put a comma, or a full-stop is necessary to your cravings for sweets. The more you eat sweets, the more significant is the risk of plaque. Also, make sure you wash your mouth well after eating. You can use herbal or homemade mouth washing liquids for better results.

    can cavities heal
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    Food stuck in teeth for a long time: Like sweets, other foods can also cause tooth decay. Often, the food pieces are stuck in teeth even after washing. When it remains there for a long time, you may find your teeth decaying gradually as bacteria comes on the stage. Especially, foods like ice cream, chewing gums, and so on do not get washed away easily by saliva.

    To prevent: Wash your mouth well after eating any food, especially the sticky ones. Brush twice a day. Avoid eating such sticky foods often.

    Bedtime Beverage: It is too unhealthy for your teeth to have bedtime tea, coffee, or drinks. In many households, we see giving milk to the children before going to bed. Many of us tend to have late-night soup and juice. When you go to bed after having these foods, the bacteria may start forming on teeth as the layers of food remain on the teeth. Gradually it leads to a cavity.

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    To prevent: Brush your teeth just before going to bed. Do not consume or let the children consume sweetened beverages before going to bed.

    Except for these cases, there are heartburn, bad teeth settings, wrong dental treatment, dry mouth, etc., as the causes of cavities.

    For every cause, there is only one solution: regular dental check-ups and treating your teeth well. Proper brushing and washing are musts. Also, you should avoid any foods that are harmful to your teeth.

    can cavities heal
    The structure of a tooth- UQ’s School of Dentistry- University of Queensland

    Can Cavities Heal on their own: The Cure:

    Regarding your concern- “can cavities heal?” let us explain. Yes, cavities can heal. If you ask, “can cavities heal on their own?” the answer is yes. But it is possible only at the beginning stage of the cavity. You need to visit a doctor to cure cavities most of the time. Here are the details of the treatment for cavities.

    Teeth filling- It is one of the most common and useful methods to heal cavities. In this process, the decayed material is removed from the teeth. Then, the vacant space is filled up with either gold, silver or composite raisins. It depends on the patient about what they prefer. The process of filling is ideal for smaller cavities.

    Dental Crown: When the cavity covers a large portion of teeth, porcelain or metal crown can help restructure your teeth. If your teeth have got cavity due to a root canal or a fracture, or other issues, dentists recommend crowning the teeth. If any teeth are missing, the bridge is an excellent way to replace the vacant area.

    root canal
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    Root canal: When the cavity issue reaches an extreme level where the nerves inside teeth die, dentists suggest going for root canals. They remove the damaged part, check if there is an infection, apply medicines, and seal the teeth. Finally, they suggest restrictions and medications for the next few days.

    Extraction: Tooth extraction is the savior when no other way is left to cure the cavity. Dentists prescribe it to save the other good teeth on gum from decaying. Also, tooth extraction helps heal the pain and discomfort due to the cavity.

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    So, got your answer for can cavities heal? It was all about the tooth cavity, its causes, and its cure. Before we end our discussion, let’s look into some frequently asked questions about the cavity and its healing process.

    Can Cavities Heal: Top 7 Frequently-asked Questions:

    1. How long can cavities go untreated?

    The earlier you treat, the better you see the result. Usually, a cavity takes around 3 to 6 months to reach a level beyond healing. Then, tooth extraction is left as the only way.

    2. Can cavities go away with brushing?

    If it is at the beginning stage, it can go away with regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and regular cleaning. Proper oral hygiene can treat cavities at the initial stage.

    3. How do you heal your cavities in 2 days?

    Visit the dentist. There is no such easy and quick way to heal cavities except proper dental procedures and consistent oral hygiene.

    4. Are all holes in teeth cavities?

    Yes, a hole on teeth hints at cavities. Whenever you find such holes, go to the dentist’s chamber as soon as possible.

    5. Do cavities spread?

    Cavities can spread from one tooth to another if not being taken care of properly. The longer you leave the cavity untreated, the more teeth will be affected.

    6. Is it bad to kiss someone with cavities?

    No, if you maintain proper oral hygiene, there is no such risk of spreading it through a kiss. But, as children are vulnerable to bacterial infection, avoid kissing them with cavities in the mouth.

    7. Why do I get cavities so quickly?

    Probably, you have a crowded teeth structure. And for that reason, food may quickly get stuck in it, leading to decay. Visit dentists to take advice or restructure your teeth.

    Wrapping it Up

    So, it was the whole story about the hassle you face with your teeth. We have discussed the answer for -“can cavities heal?” According to a report, many adults in the USA face tooth cavity issue. Also, cases in children are not rare.

    Take care of your teeth when it is in good condition. Otherwise, it brings disturbing hassles like a cavity and leaves your life in a painful, irritating condition.

    Let us know if the write-up has helped you learn the facts you didn’t know. Do you still have the question- “can cavities heal?”

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