8 Useful Neuropathy Treatment Home Remedies

    Neuropathy Treatment Home Remedies To Follow- Lifestyle And Diet Changes

    If you cannot sleep at night due to aching limbs or hurting nerves you must try Neuropathy Treatment Home Remedies. This article provides you a series of neuropathy treatment home remedies to follow on the onset of this condition and get relief from the pain.

    Your nervous system is the one that controls all the nerves inside your body and helps perform all the crucial functions. Depending on which part of the body is affected, neuropathy impacts can be painful and unpleasant.

    neuropathy treatment home remedies
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    Neuropathy can be improved using some home remedies. In simple terms, the ability of the body to heal itself is associated with certain points in the body. If the nerves that are affected continues to be assaulted by alcohol or high blood sugar level, they do not have a higher chance to recover using remedies or other treatments.

    You can always seek help from your doctor and work with them to develop or create a plan to eliminate the main cause of peripheral neuropathy. In most cases, recovery is possible. The symptoms of neuropathy can be neutralized, but only in few cases, the damage done by this condition can be regenerated. There are many neuropathy treatment home remedies that you can use to get relief. These remedies will help you counteract the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy helping you with activities.

    You are not only going to get relief, but the methodologies will also help to keep your nerves in a proper shape after the nerves heal from the damage causes initially. These home remedies include making changes in your lifestyle and introducing dietary changes to help you with the condition.

    Lifestyle changes will help you work against all the damaging effects that neuropathy causes. These methods are designed in such a way that the neuropathy does not get worse. They will also encourage the healing of nerves along with keeping all the nerve endings healthy.

    Neuropathy Treatment Home Remedies

    Here are some home remedies that you can follow including making changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.

    1. Exercise Daily To Keep The Nerve Pain Away

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    Exercise is undoubtedly the best way to fight neuropathy. Most people having neuropathy just sit on their couch due to acting limbs because moving around seems too much for them. They usually find trouble having to move around their house itself. We cannot emphasize this point more but exercise is the best way you can keep your nerves in check and in a healthy state. The nerves that are already damaged as a result of peripheral neuropathy can be regenerated back to their original healthy state by performing exercises regularly

    A good workout helps a lot in stimulating muscles that get weak after the nerves are damaged and it also helps with the circulation of blood throughout your body. When talking about healthy nerve endings, having a great blood flow is one of the main factors that contribute to it.

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    If you cannot go for high-intensity or cardio workouts to maintain your nerves, do not give up and readily lay on the couch. There are alterations to this issue too. For a less active routine, you can follow simple meditation and yoga to clear your head and be mentally more stable. Now, this is quite easy and you can perform it anywhere which makes it more reliable than other workouts. All you need for meditation is a quiet atmosphere for some time to center all that you are thinking.

    2. Injury Proof Workplace And Environment

    Now, most of the day you spend is either in your office or at your home which makes it necessary to make your environment injury-free. Depending upon the type of neuropathy you are dealing with, you might remain at escalated risk of getting injured due to impairment in the nervous system. Thus might take place in a lot of different ways.

    The motor and sensory signs or symptoms of neuropathy mostly lead to the reduced sensation of your feet. This can be a serious issue as it compromises your balancing sense and impacts your gait at times. If this happens, it is easier for you to lose your balance and trip or fall. This especially is a concern in presence of terrain that you are generally accustomed to traversing.

    Also, the loss of sense of your feet can even cause some small injuries or cuts on your feet to remain unnoticed. While this might seem a little problem it can be harmful in the beginning. If the cut is huge it can lead to loss of blood which is not good for your body. The compromised nervous system can cause the infection caused to develop more thus leading to other conditions.

    These facts make it necessary to live in a working environment where the chances of getting injured are less. Unexpected injuries are common, you must make your move to deal with them.

    3. Get Rid Of Toxins

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    The nerve endings are very delicate especially if we talk about the thin sensory nerve endings. They depend upon a healthy environment to stay in good shape, so f the chemistry of your body changes in a way that may end up creating toxins for the nerves, this can lead to worsening of peripheral neuropathy.

    Your body already has some natural filters that help by maintaining a detoxified environment inside, but their work cannot go far if the number of toxins is higher they will eventually accumulate thus damaging the tissues of the body. Reducing all these toxins produced can be accomplished by taking a note of harsh chemicals such as:

    • Eliminating ultra-processed food having chemical ingredients in them.
    • Try not to smoke anything as much as possible or avoid smoking entirely.
    • Reduce the usage of dry cleaning
    • Try to eliminate fragrances like laundry detergents, scented candles, and perfumes.
    • Switch or replace your regular household cleaners having harsh chemicals with natural ones.
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    The key to keeping your body healthy is listening to your body. You need to perform your exercise in a safe manner to avoid straining your body too much. You do not want the situation of nerves to get worse thus getting unwanted injuries. These neuropathy treatment home remedies are designed in a way that can reduce the risk and promote healthy nerves.

    4. Center Yourself

    There is always a medical component associated with neuropathy that most people overlook. All the pain and symptoms of the trouble of neuropathy can take a toll on a person making them mentally and physically weak and more prone to injuries.

    Even if you maintain a little more clarity on your brain you can go a long way fighting all the painful signs and symptoms of neuropathy. Now you do not have to worry about what to do, there are plenty of ways to help yourself through this. These ways are not just mentally beneficial for you, but they are physically beneficial and important too. They are very friendly when it comes to dealing with your delicate nerves that are damaged.

    Some highly effective ways include performing Yoga and Tai Chi. These give you a little bit of workout feel along with calming your mind at the same time. Both yoga and tai chi are designed to involve fluid movement gracefully inside the body. They allow the blood flow to increase throughout your body stretching your muscles along with it. They help to calm your mind and spirit equally thus helping you deal with neuropathy be it any type.

    You cannot expect to make these changes alone to deal with neuropathy, you also need certain dietary changes along with the workouts to help you deal with neuropathy effectively. The food we feed to our body has a direct impact on how we fight all diseases and conditions in our body including neuropathy. The cause of neuropathy is directly associated with deficiency of nutrition in our body so taking certain minerals and vitamins can be effective in helping fight neuropathy symptoms.

    5. Manage The Blood Sugar Levels

    Peripheral neuropathy is very closely linked with type 2 diabetes. Make sure you are keeping a check and maintain your blood sugar level to avoid harmful impacts of neuropathy.

    One of the best ways to maintain a good level of blood sugar in your body is to keep it hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and other fluids. Try to limit eating high sodium foods regularly. Food items having high levels of glycemic ratings or containing larger amounts of carbs or sugar can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels that are very unhealthy. It is best to maintain a diet that is neuropathy-friendly.

    You can try keeping a food journal for a week or so to keep a check on what you are eating or what has helped you with the pain and symptoms of neuropathy. You can also pinpoint the areas that need certain improvement.

    6. Increase Antioxidants.

    Increasing antioxidants in your diet can also be beneficial when it comes to dealing with neuropathy. If you eat a diet enriched with antioxidants you will be able to neutralize the free radicals, thus cutting down on inflammation and oxidative stress in the process.

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    You can eat food rich in antioxidants like grapes, nuts, berries, and leafy green vegetables. Focus on eating food rich in antioxidants to fight inflammation.

    7. Use Essential Oils

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    Using essential oil can be useful to reduce pain and inflammation. To a certain degree, you can address all sorts of pain and inflammation caused by neuropathy in natural ways with essential oil instead of going for over-the-counter medications.

    Although medications are prescribed by doctors, these can have some side effects that are unintended. Many oils can be useful when it comes to eliminating chronic inflammation. When inflammation is reduced, the discomfort and pain that come with neuropathy are also reduced. Some of the most used oils in neuropathy treatment home remedies include:

    • Marjoram
    • Eucalyptus
    • rosemary
    • chamomile
    • roman lavender

    8. Taking Vitamins

    B vitamins are very useful and have incredible effects on a person dealing with neuropathy. This helps you recover from the aftereffects of neuropathy. There are several different members of the B vitamin family that are helpful when it comes to maintaining a healthy nervous system.

    Vitamin B usually flushes out easily from your body so it is necessary to take them through supplements so that they are present in required levels for helping your body fight against the symptoms caused by neuropathy.

    You can get vitamins through many different food items, such as:

    • Vitamin B1 or thiamine can be taken through beans, spinach, whole grains, red meat, pork, seeds, nuts, kale, etc
    • Vitamin B2 or riboflavin can be taken through food items like broccoli, almonds, eggs, sprouts, Brussels, beef, rice, salmon, etc
    • Vitamin B3 or niacin can be consumed through food items like beef, eggs, nuts, leafy green vegetables, legumes, etc.
    • Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid can be taken through most plants and meats but are resent in higher amount in chicken liver, salmon, portobello mushrooms, avocadoes, spinach, sunflower, etc.
    • Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine can be taken through brown rice, spinach, carrots, peaches, berries, bananas, fish, eggs, etc
    • Vitamin B7 or Biotin can be consumed using organic organ meat, yeast, strawberries, chicken, cauliflower, nuts, egg yolk, etc
    • Vitamin B9 or folate can be taken through beef, dates, organ meat, avocadoes, beans, salmon, etc
    • Vitamin B12 or cobalamine can be taken through oysters, clams, salmon, mussels, etc

    Some vitamins are relatively low in their bioavailability so they should be taken through supplements. Unless you have a defined vitamin B6 in your body, make sure you do not consume it as it aids in causing nerve damage. Always talk to your doctor and run tests that can examine whether your body is in need of these vitamins or not.

    The Bottom Line

    There are many different strategies available that you can follow to cope with neuropathy. The best ways include taking a healthy diet rich in all sorts of nutrients and having an active routine to help regenerate the damaged nerve endings.

    Using the right strategies along with proper medications prescribed by the doctors, you can easily get relief from the pain and discomfort caused by neuropathy.

    This was all you needed to know about neuropathy treatment home remedies and how you can deal with it using proper diet and workouts.


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