10+ Excellent Health Benefits of Plantains

    If you are given a plantain and a banana, you will fail to differentiate them. Both belong to the Musaceae family of the banana family, and they are closely related, but they are not the same. They are entirely different. Most of us don’t have any idea about what we eat.

    Plantain falls in the same categories. It is a staple food in various countries, but people don’t have any idea about the health benefits of plantains. Don’t worry you here you will get every information related to the Plantain. There are many more things to say. Hence without any delay, let’s have a look at the information about the plantains.

    What are plantains?

    health benefits of plantains


    Plantain is a common vegetable, but do you think you know the vegetable very well present on your plate? If you believe that you know it well, you might be wrong; you have to understand what you are eating; to comprehend the health benefits of plantains.

    Plantains is a vegetable or fruit that belongs to the family of banana. It is more prominent in size. Plantain is categorized as fruits, but like a tomato, they are also cooked as vegetables. Just the way You can eat tomato raw, but you cannot eat raw plantain. You can purchase it at cheap rates.

    Health Benefits of Plantains

    Nutritionally, the cooked plantains are very similar to the potato in calorie-wise but contain much more minerals and vitamins. They are also a rich source of vitamin C, B-6, and A, and fiber. You can get some minerals like potassium and magnesium from them. Here we are giving the detail of the health benefits of Plantains. So, without any delay, go through them properly. Happy reading!


    Plantains are a rich source of vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and some easily digestible minerals. The nutrients also play an essential role in the health benefits of Plantains. As the staple food, these plantains have become the main fare for millions of people for centuries. Here are the basic nutrition facts for a cup of baked yellow plantain, according to a Department of Agriculture research. Nutrition could differ based on cooking style.

    Calories – 215

    Protein – 2 g

    Fat – 0.22g

    Carbohydrates – 58g

    Potassium – 663 mg

    Vitamin A – 63 ug

    Vitamin C – 23 mg

    Vitamin B-6 – 0.29 mg

    Fiber – 3 g

    Magnesium – 57 mg

    Digestive Health:

    Fiber is very much important just because it can promote bowel regularity. This Fibre can soften stools and increase their overall frequency and size—bulky stools, which are much easier for passing and can avoid constipation. Fibre also can improve slow digestion, fullness and can help to manage cholesterol. So, consuming a high fiber diet can also reduce the risk of hemorrhoids and small pouches in the large intestine, known as diverticular disease. The main health benefits of plantains are to get healthy digestion.

    Management of Weight:

    Maximum people believe that necessarily carbohydrates are not bad things for the management of weight. The starch and fiber found in the plantains are very complex carbs. Complex carbs and fiber are significantly less processed and digest very slowly than any simple carbs, which you can find in processed foods.

    Plantains have high antioxidant properties:

    In terms of the health benefits of plantains, we can say that an antioxidant can give protection to your body. It protects you against free radical damage associated with heart disease, aging, and even types of cancer. Research has provided information on the relationship between vitamin C and the breast, lung, stomach, colon, esophagus, and other types of cancer.

    Good for Heart:

    You can quickly get a high amount of potassium in the plantains. It is essential to maintain the body fluids and cells that can easily control your blood pressure and heart rate.


    It will be better for thinking of plantains like substitute potatoes and starchy vegetables. The mild flavor and texture really can shine when grilled or baked. Plantains are an excellent option for paleo-friendly or gluten-free recipes, such as paleo pancakes. With these habits, you can avail the health benefits of Plantains.

    Deliver a high amount of fiber:

    Do you want to learn more about the health benefits of plantains? Usually, a half cup of plantains contains similar calories of 2 grams of fiber, compared with less than 1 gram in the white rice. Also, green plantains are the top source of resistant starch, some benefits that you cannot find in maximum foods.

    Supports the immune system of a person:

    Tiny things can significantly affect health if you require a small number of certain minerals and vitamins to support a healthy immune system. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, and magnesium are 3 of the essential micronutrients, and the plantains are the fair source of all these three things.

    It can help to gain potassium which lowers blood pressure:

    When you are willing to increase your potassium intake, your first choice will be to take a banana. But the plantains have much more potassium than the yellow cousins. Many people cannot consume so much potassium. High Blood pressure also has been attached to lack of potassium and excess sodium. High blood pressure also may be a cause of aneurysms, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems. One of the important health benefits of plantains is that it controls blood pressure.

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    Contains vitamin B6 that is good for a healthy heart and mind:

    A portion of the health benefits of plantains lies in vitamin B6. The plantain, which contains B6, is good for the mind and healthy heart. Vitamin B6 can perform huge different functions in the body. It is very much essential for healthy red blood cells, macronutrients metabolism, and neurotransmitters. So eating one cup of plantain can gives you seventeen percent toward the requirement of Vitamin B6.

    Controls Diabetes:

    Glycemic control management is a fundamental goal for people, especially those facing type two diabetes. It means the level of blood sugar does not go too high or too low. Just because plantains cannot digest in the small intestine, they do not spike blood sugar. Foods, which digest very slowly have a very much low glycaemic index. A GI has been considered standard in the case of those under 55. This blog will also help you to know the health benefits of plantain properly.

    Help in benefiting nutrition with pregnancy

    Carotenoids in plantains are converted to vitamin A. Plantains are an essential resource of carotenoids for individuals in developing nations, especially those in Inter Africa. Plantain intake helps avoid vitamin A deficiency in women of reproductive age (which raises the risk of premature delivery). Moreover, plantains contain folic and iron, both of which are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

    Help to prevent iron deficiency such as anemia

    In the list of the health benefits of Plantains, you can add the following point, and plantain is suitable for controlling anemia. It contains high iron and vitamin C, two minerals that work together to improve absorption. However, iron from plants is not always as readily absorbed, and vitamin C boosts its absorption. 9 Fatigue, trouble focusing, weakened immunity, and poor body temperature control is all iron deficiency anemia symptoms. This frequent ailment may be avoided by eating plantains.

    Plantain gets good for mood and brain

    Plantains are a high-carbohydrate food that is also high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain antioxidants, which help to combat free radicals. They may also help with immunological function if they have enough vitamin C. Similarly, the vitamin B6 concentration of these foods may lower cardiovascular risk and enhance mood. It includes tryptophan, a kind of amino acid that may be beneficial to maintain memory, improve learning and memory, and regulate mood.

    There are more health benefits of plantains. I just mentioned some of the many in this article.

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    Where can one find plantains?

    Derma Organics Blog | Plantain peel: The benefits for your health

    Now that you have come across the health benefits of plantains, let’s have a look at something more. Plantains grow in tropical areas worldwide, from Central and South America through the Indies, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Plantains are accessible all year round since they are non-seasonal plants. They are regarded as an essential foodstuff in many areas, giving a substantial supply of calories and health benefits of plantains to those living in the tropics.

    Plantains, luckily, are widely available at markets and grocery shops. Though your local supermarket shop is likely to have plantains, if you can’t locate them, check a Latin or Asian grocery store. However, Plantains are inexpensive! A handful of plantains, like bananas, can typically be purchased at a low price!

    Things to watch before intake of plantains

    16 Plantain Nutrition Facts (Calories Guide) 6 Health Benefits • Storyteller Travel

    While plantain is a healthy meal, specific cooking techniques make it less so. Plantains are often fried in several traditional dishes. Because plantains absorb oil rapidly, the calorie and fat content of a meal may quickly rise.

    Plantains are a favorite component in sweets, but the sugar level rises as they mature. It increases the amount of sugar often used in dessert dishes. Plantain fries are a delicious snack, although they are usually salted and fried. If you’d like to integrate plantains into your balanced lifestyle, search for recipes with a bit of salt and no extra oil or sugar. However, here are some items to consider before taking it:

    Side Effects of Plantains

    When taken by mouth: There is insufficient credible evidence to determine if great plantain is safe. Some individuals may have adverse effects such as diarrhea as a result of it.

    When applied to the skin: There is insufficient reliable information to determine whether great plantain is safe to apply to the skin. Some people may experience allergic skin reactions as a result of it.

    There might be many health benefits of plantains. Still, it is suggested to keep some prevention while eating plantain.

    Special Precautions:

    Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, you should probably avoid using great plantain. Great plantain can affect the uterus and may raise the probability of miscarriage.

    Breast-feeding: There is insufficient credible evidence to determine whether great plantain is safe to use while nursing. Avoid utilizing it to be on the safe side.

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    The vitamin K content of great plantain is high. The body uses vitamin K to aid in blood clotting. Warfarin (Coumadin) is a blood clotting inhibitor. Great plantain may reduce the efficacy of warfarin by assisting with blood clotting (Coumadin). Make it a habit to have your blood tested regularly. The dose of your warfarin (Coumadin) may have to be changed.


    The proper dose of great plantain is determined by numerous factors, including the user’s age, health, and other circumstances. There is presently insufficient scientific evidence to identify an acceptable range of dosage for great plantain. Please remember that natural products may not always be safe, and doses might be critical. Before using, read and follow labels and speak with your chemist, doctor, or other healthcare professionals.

    How can one prepare the plantains?

    Plantains vs. Bananas: What's the Difference?

    You may use ripe plantains instead of bananas if you have a piece of your favorite banana bread or banana muffin recipe. Plantain skins are cleaned and left on for cooking in several recipes. Plantains are often used in Mexican American cuisine. Mofongo (mashed and fried plantains) and tostones are traditional Latin meals (twice-fried plantains). Try this spicy vegan tomato and plantain stew for a nutritious vegan plantain dish.

    You may also try creating your own healthy baked plantain chips. You will require the following items:

    • 2–3 green plantains
    • Sea salt or your favorite spice
    • Olive or avocado oil

    Plantains should be peeled and finely sliced. Use a mandolin or the side of a cheese shredder to shred the cheese. Put the slices in a basin and toss with 1–2 teaspoons of oil.

    Place the slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (or use parchment paper)—Bake at 400°F for ten minutes regularly or until crispy.

    Allergies that Plantains can cause

    Plantain is quite a common vegetable that is included in the meal of people across the world. It has a long list of health benefits. And these health benefits of plantains make the vegetable favorite for health-conscious people. But do you know? Just like the other vegetable, many people are allergic to plantains. There are many health benefits of plantains, due to which everyone prefers having it regularly. However, you have to face allergies sometimes.

    Yes, you heard it right; plantain can also cause allergies. The plantains come from the banana family, which can be intake like fried food or cooked.

    • What is the cause behind the plantain allergy?

    If you take a look at the nutritional fact of Plantain, you will get to know that Plantain is rich in Protein. Sometimes, our immune system considers this protein as a foreign particle. Hence the protein of the blood starts attacking the foreign body. As a result of the battle between plantain protein and blood protein Histamines are produced, which is the reason for allergic symptoms in the body.

    • Symptoms that can be seen in the body

    Speaking of symptoms, you may see various types of symptoms. Here are some examples:

    • Congestion in Nasal
    • Sinus problem
    • Excessive headaches
    • Sneezing
    • Itchy skin
    • Inflammation on the skin
    • Unable to breathe
    • Skin rashes
    • Asthma and wheezing
    • Irritation in the eye
    • Swollen throat and
    • Eczema

    These are some of the symptoms that you can notice in your body. These are some common symptoms seen, but signs from one body to another because everybody has different nature and way to deal with the antibodies. There are many health benefits of plantains, due to which everyone prefers having it regularly. If you see any of the symptoms, do consult a doctor.

    • Identification of Plantain Allergy

    If you see any of the symptoms whenever you eat plantains, it is a sign that you have to meet the nearest physicians as soon as possible. They will check you and give you some skin and blood tests. Your test will provide a clear idea about the allergy caused by the plantains in your body. And according to the status, they will suggest the treatment required.

    Adverse Effects

    As every coin has two sides, similarly there are some Pros and cons of eating plantain. You have already come across the health benefits of Plantains. Comparatively, there is no adverse effect of the vegetable compared to the benefits. Still, we cannot ignore the present side effect. Let’s have a look at the side effect of Plantain.

    • If you are intaking unripe plantain, there is a high possibility of bloating and gas formation. It is caused because of the presence of the high starch content.
    • Just how any kind of food can cause, allergy can also cause different symptoms of allergy. Sometimes you may have to visit the physicians for help.
    • If you intake plantain as fried food, then it will increase the number of calories. And these additional calories typically transform into fat.

    Varieties of Plantains

    There is nothing new to tell about plantain, the most common vegetable in our diet. But do you know that there are different types of plantains available in the market? Which one are you eating? Let’s have a look

    • French types
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    The first one on the list is French Type plantain. The french plantain is like any other banana group. It grows best in the hot and wet weather o the low land of the tropics. The advantage of french type plantain is similar to the health benefits of plantains. The rain per month helps the plantains grow taller and produce more fruits. Another name of French plantain is Hambra.

    • Horn Types

    Another type of Plantain is the Horn type plantain that can reproduce a good number of hand fruits, but the plantain’s size is quite large. The name of the plantain has come from the African Rhino. You may find the most use of this plantain in Africa. It is better to say Horn type plantain or African horn-type plantain is the staple food of African people. There are many health benefits of plantain type.

    • Saba

    Another group of plantains is known as Saba. You may find this type of plantain mainly in the Philippines. The Saba Plantain type is best for resisting a disease known as Black Sigatoka. It is a harmful leaf spot disease that is found in a banana. You may get confused with the look of the saba and Horn type because they are pretty similar, but the quality of fruits is better in the Horn type. One of the famous names of Saba plantain is “Laknau.”

    • Peripetia

    The most common variety of plantain you will get. The peripetia is impervious toward the black Sigatoka. The taste of the plantain is like commercial plantain as it is resistant to banana wilt. There are many health benefits of plantains, due to which everyone prefers having it regularly.

    How to store plantains more safely?

    Plantain belongs to the family of bananas. Most people consider plantain as a vegetable and also cook them. As Plantain is unripe form, it takes more time to ripen. Hence it can last long. But to ensure that the plantain is not getting damaged and the health benefits of Plantains are not destroyed, you can follow the following method.

    • While purchasing the plantain, do check the color of the plantain. If the plantain is green, it means it is still unripe and can stay for a longer time. Different color of the plantain depicts a different taste of the plantain. Such as, Yellow color plantain with zero spots doesn’t have that sweet taste.
    • Plantains take time to get ripped. Keep the plantain uncovered on the counter of the kitchen once you come from the market. You have to keep in tin the room temperature. To meet the desired color, the plantain will take more than one or two weeks. Before you freeze the vegetable, you have to go through the ripening process.
    • Freezing is the next step. Plantain can be in excellent condition if it is kept in the freezer. The best way to keep the plantain is by mashing them. Mash the plantain mix with one tablespoon of lemon juice and keep it in an airtight container. The acid in the lemon does not allow the flesh from getting brown.

    While purchasing the plantain, you have to be very careful. You have to be very careful, and if you don’t buy the right one, it will automatically fail to last long. You should purchase the vegetable two days before using it for any dish.


    • How many plantains are needed per person?

    Whatever you are making, just allow one plantain for every person. You have to always peel the plantains before using them. There are many health benefits of plantains, due to which everyone prefers having it regularly.

    • Are plantains effective for the stomach?

    In the gut, resistant starch always helps maintain a healthy microbiome because it can absorb the body’s good bacteria. It can also help with the feeling of fullness, especially after a meal. Yellow plantains are very much sweet than green, but they are primarily prepared things in savory ways.

    • Are Plantain anti-inflammatory?

    Significant constituents in the plantains are iridoid, mucilage, glycoside, and tannins. All these constituents can give mild plantain anti-inflammatory, antihemorrhagic, antimicrobial, and expectorant actions.

    • What type of plantain is good for health?

    Ripe plantains are the best, especially when it is black with a bit of bit yellow shed on it and still quite firm to touch when you force a peach. Though completely black plantains are very effective for a human body to eat, they are a little bit soft, making them challenging to make. But they are still tasteful and very much.

    Your open eye may get confused on the first chance differentiating the banana and plantain. Now you are at the end of the article. Hopefully, you have gone through all the information provided about the plantain. Have you ever thought that there are so many health benefits of plantains? The answer will be no. Now that you know, you can easily use the vegetable in your regular diet. You can cook it, or can have it like fried, Grilled, boiled or steam. You can have it as you wish too.



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