10 Best Can Opener for Your Kitchen Needs

    Best Can Opener – Can openers are one of the most valuable and standard kitchen equipment, featuring various designs and types to suit your needs. Also known as tin openers, these mechanical devices feature a minimalistic design with practical applications. As the name suggests, can-openers are commonly used to open steel cans.

    With various types of designs and styles, can-openers feature a variety of benefits for daily applications. Along with being one of the essential kitchen tools for you, these devices are efficient, practical and affordable. They also find uses in culinary environments, as well as in daily domestic applications.

    With cutting edge techniques and styles, can-openers are not limited to a particular style or design. They can range from the simple yet effective manual can openers to modern and proficient electronic can openers. You can buy the best can opener for yourself based on your needs and requirements.

    Can openers are commonly made of metals such as stainless steel, or in some cases, they feature a plastic body with a metal cutter. Though these mechanical devices are becoming less popular with cans having a self-ring pull lid or an open pull top, can-openers are among the most efficient and valuable tools to have in your kitchen.

    With new and modern innovations, can openers not only feature an excellent mechanism, but they come in different styles to suit your needs in the best way. They feature a long list of benefits, including easy storage and cleaning, just for you. The best can openers of 2021 feature a modern cutting wheel and an innovative mechanism for the best results.

    Can-openers are traditional of two types, electric and manual, both with their list of benefits. Manual can openers feature a distinct mechanism with an affordable price for you. When you force the cutting wheel against the metal of the can by pushing the opener’s handles together, its sharp edge cuts through the metal. When you turn the traction gear by rotating it, the cutting wheel rotates as well, cutting through the metal as it advances around the lip of the can.

    Manual can openers require fewer resources and are cheaper than modern electric openers. Whereas electric cans cut down on the speed and time, giving you accurate results in a more efficient way and at a slightly higher price. You can purchase the best can opener for yourself based on your needs and requirements.

    Modern can openers feature, specially curated designs that are handy and hygienic to satisfy all your demands in the best way. The wide variety of styles and strategies featured in can openers aim to serve you in the best way and deliver excellent results. With durability and technique, the best can opener for you will satisfy all your needs efficiently.

    Along with being an essential part of your kitchen, can-openers feature a minimalistic and efficient design. With an affordable price range and a structure to encompass all your requirements, you can find the best can opener for yourself.

    Buyer’s Guide – Best Can Opener

    Can-openers come in various designs and styles to suit your needs and requirements in the best way. You should purchase a can opener that you are comfortable using daily. The best can opener for you should minimize any hand pain and damage, which can be harmful and give you the best results for all your applications.

    With the various type and designs available in can openers, you should purchase the best can opener, which features durability, quality, and high-performance. Here is a list of a few things you should consider before buying the best can opener for yourself.

    #1 Frequency of use of the can opener-

    The overall frequency of using the can opener is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing the mechanical device. The factor largely influences all other aspects of the tin opener and helps you determine the best can opener for yourself.

    If you are going to use the can opener daily, you should pick a comfortable and efficient model. With features like a comfortable handle or knob featuring smooth movements and techniques, you can use the can opener comfortable while avoiding hand pain. It would help if you prioritized functionality and ease of use with a reliable operation.

    If you do not plan to use your can opener every day or very often, you do not have to give as much importance to comfort and convenience. It would help if you opted for a reliable and durable can opener with low maintenance. With ergonomic features and a stable build, your can opener should feature easy storage as well.

    Once you are familiar with your can opener’s usage pattern, you can start exploring other aspects of the device. With the best can opener for yourself, you can expect the best results to satisfy your requirements.

    #2 Safety features of the can opener

    Safety features are an underrated aspect of can openers. While purchasing a can opener for yourself, you should always look for the best safety features for maximum security and convenience. The most significant safety features for tin openers are associated with the edges of the lid.

    Various kinds of manual and electric can openers cut into the top of cans in ways that result in sharp and jagged ends. These edges can cause harmful results while removing the lid and can cut your fingers or tear holes in your garbage bags. It would help if you opted for can openers that ensure a smooth and quick cut with minimal damage.

    You can opt for can openers that work by cutting underneath the lid’s rim, resulting in the smooth removal of the can top. With modern and innovative features, it would be best if you chose can openers that minimize the chance of jamming blades and slipping off while in use.

    With the best can opener for yourself, you can opt for a device that promises smooth edges and are safe-cut. You should purchase a can opener that ensures the safety and reduces any risk of pressure or cuts on your hands.

    #3 Ease of use of the can opener-

    One of the most significant aspects of buying a can opener is the ease of usage in the device. Various can openers can pose problems for you and can be incredibly difficult to operate and control smoothly.

    You should ensure that the can opener you purchase for yourself does not give you any problems while fitting the device into the can, or creating jagged rims, or jamming while in use. With modern features and innovative techniques, your can opener should be effortless to use, with smooth results.

    When it comes to ease of use, electric can openers feature a smoother technology, resulting in excellent functionality. Though electric openers are more expensive and prone to malfunctions, they cut through the lid quickly and efficiently. You can also opt for manual models which utilize gears and motion techniques that make movement easier.

    With different features in various kinds of openers, you should purchase the best product based on the frequency of use, biological applications, and budget.

    #4 Durability

    Durability is a tricky factor when it comes to purchasing can openers. You can opt for can openers with an overall extended lifespan or the can-cutting power and technique. You can find the best can opener for yourself based on your needs and applications.

    It would be best if you opted for can openers with a longer lifespan with a durable build material like chromed or carbon steel. The metal you choose for your can openers should be hard and strong and should be able to withstand the force of cutting lids and rims of cans. Cutting through heavier cans can prove challenging for smaller models; hence, you should determine your needs before deciding on your can opener’s physical aspects.

    You can opt for can openers with solid material for all kinds of applications while avoiding plastic handles that might be brittle and prone to breakage.

    #5 Operation Style for can openers

    You can choose either style of can openers- electric or manual, to best suit all your needs and demands. Newer and modern electric models for can openers deliver impressive benefits, including sturdy build quality and even efficient technology for cutting through lids quickly.

    Though electric openers are prone to malfunctioning, can be hard to clean and are more expensive, they open cans much more quickly and accurately, leaving no room for mistake. On the other hand, manual can openers occupy lesser resources and are easy to store and maintain. They can be used without a power source and deliver excellent results.

    You can purchase a can opener that best suits your demands and needs concerning different kinds of can openers.

    #6 Cleaning and storage

    Cleaning and maintenance is a vital aspect for can openers. If your can openers are let wet or dirty, they can develop rust, which can be harmful and can contaminate your food.

    Manual can openers are relatively easy to clean and are highly portable. They can be maintained without any hassle and are easy to store as well. Electric can openers are troublesome when it comes to cleaning as they cannot be submerged in water. You should find an appropriate model which is easy to clean and use, with minimal hassles and struggles.

    #7 Individual needs for your can opener

    After you decide your can opener’s physical aspects and style, you can focus on individual needs to ensure that the device gives you optimal functionality for daily use. You should evaluate features like ambidextrous use or either-hand use for the can opener.

    It would be best to determine your needs, whether they are commercial or personal, before choosing the best can opener for yourself. Moreover, features like budget and aesthetic considerations fall under this criterion. The desired physical aspects and the product’s usage should go hand-in-hand before purchasing the best can opener for yourself.

    10 Best Can Opener to Choose From [With Reviews]

    #1 Lock and Left 7” Can Opener from Zyliss 20362

    Best Can Opener

    Lock and Left 7” Can Opener from Zyliss 20362
    Product Brand Zyliss
    Product Material Brass, Nylon, PP, TPE, Stainless Steel, POM
    Product Color Gray
    Item Weight 0.008 ounces
    Size 7 inches
    Blade Material Stainless Steel


    This can opener is a manual, handheld one made up of stainless steel. It comes with a locking mechanism which is very beneficial in a good can opener. It has a soft-touch grip that allows a non-grip, and it doesn’t slip while opening the can. It has a very smooth turning handle that will enable you to open the cans smoothly without any struggle.

    The can opener’s magnet parts make getting rid of the lid hassle-free and allow hand-free removal of lids. It will enable comfort, control, and efficiency. It gives an easy cutting process which makes it very smooth and comfortable to remove the covers. Most users appreciated the easiness of holding, cleaning, the durability of the can opener. It is ergonomic, easy to use and its lock feature gives it an extra edge over the other can openers.

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    Some find the features very likable and admirable to use. It is sturdy and better than most other can openers. People with arthritis and joint pain do not struggle with this can opener; they can easily open the cans, making the product extremely versatile and suitable for all users. It doesn’t give a lot of trouble and is designed beautifully to help all users get around opening cans comfortably and with ease.


    1. It has a locking mechanism that locks securely cutting wheel in place, ensures a consistent cut, and reduces your hands’ stress.
    2. It is comfortable to hold and looks modern and compact, which looks sleek and beautiful in your kitchen.
    3. This can opener has a built-in magnet that can help you lift the can lid from the can without any issues.
    4. It is smooth and comes with an easy turning handle that makes opening the can very easily.
    5. It is made from high-grade materials like good quality stainless steel that makes the can opener durable.
    6. It is effortless and efficient to use and doesn’t make opening the can very long and complicated.


    1. It leaves too many shards, and shreds behind that may be harmful.
    2. It is very fragile, and some feel it can break easily.


    #2 Electric Automatic Can Opener by Hamilton Beach (76606ZA)

    Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever, Opens All Standard-Size and Pop-Top Cans, Extra Tall, Black and Chrome

    Electric Automatic Can Opener by Hamilton Beach
    Product Brand Hamilton Beach
    Product Material Plastic, Metal
    Product Color Black and Chrome
    Item Weight 3.1 pounds
    Size Extra Tall
    Blade Material Stainless Steel


    It is an automatic and electric can opener by Hamilton Beach, and it has an easy push-down lever that can open all standard and pop-top can easily without any trouble. It has a smooth touch, made of plastic and metal. The blade is made of stainless steel, which gives it excellent quality, making it long-lasting and durable.

    Most users find it easy to use, and it is easy to remove, easy to clean. It is made of superior quality materials, and the noise levels are low; it is incredibly durable and lasts you a long time. You no more have to worry about your can opener leaving lids with sharp edges behind.

    This can opener prevents food from seeping out from the sides and allows you to open the cans without creating a mess. It is very sleek looking and made with sophisticated and modern design with chrome and black tones that add to your kitchen’s beauty, and it looks impressive and professional on your kitchen countertop. It comes with a large and ergonomic lever that makes the can opener easy for anyone to use. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is food grade and safe.


    1. It can eliminate sharp edges and allows easy and smooth removal of lids. It ends with touchable, soft, and safe boundaries.
    2. The motor doesn’t require oiling a lot. It is permanently lubricated, which makes it very easy to use and even easier to maintain.
    3. This has a sleek and black design that looks elegant and beautiful, which looks incredible in your kitchen. It can complement your kitchen design and interiors, which look fantastic.
    4. It has a touch opening lever that allows you to open the lever with one hand.
    5. It can open pop tops and regular cans, which decreases the mess that other can openers may create.
    6. It is wonderfully easy to use, and it is an incredible tool to open cans seamlessly.


    1. It leaves shreds of metals that may be harmful and dangerous.
    2. The instruction manual provided is not reliable, and excess research must use the product with ease.


    #3 OXO Stainless steel, Black Can Opener 1049953

    OXO 1049953 Can Opener, Stainless Steel Blade, Smooth Edge, Black

    OXO Stainless steel, Black Can Opener 1049953
    Product Brand OXO
    Product Material Stainless Steel
    Product Color Black
    Item Weight 0.011 ounces
    Size Smooth Edge Can Opener
    Blade Material Stainless Steel


    This stainless steel, black colored can opener with stainless steel blades by OXO promises smooth-edged cutting with every use. It includes components like cook’s tools along with the can opener. It has a sharp stainless steel cutting wheel that is durable and makes opening the can free from mess and quick.

    It is safe and ensures minimal to no injuries for your safety and well-being. It leaves with clean cuts that are not messy. The can opener is easy to hold with proper grip. It has a side wind mechanism that makes the blade’s movement smooth and minimizes the effort put in by the user.

    Customers and previous users have all praises for the can opener by OXO, primarily because of how affordable it is and the properties and features it has. It works for prolonged amounts of time, ranging between five to ten years if used correctly and carefully. It is easy to use and has a smooth, cutting edge. It is the total value for your money. Users have appreciated how easy it is to use and hold, its durability, ease in cleaning it, and the can opener’s ergonomic features.


    1. It doesn’t create sharp edges in the cans or the lids.
    2. It has an oversized side wind mechanism that allows it to move quickly with smoothness.
    3. It has a soft grip knob and non-slip handles that make opening cans a lot easier and hassle-free.
    4. It has a stainless steel blade made with good quality metal that doesn’t touch the food while opening the can.
    5. It has piers already built in it that allow you to get rid of the lid without actually touching it.
    6. It has incredible customer service available that can guide you with instructions about the product. Along with that, it provides you with a guarantee that you can rely on.


    1. It may leave slivers of metal, sometimes even in your food which can be harmful to you and your family.
    2. It isn’t easy to control, and thus it looks as though the quality of the product has been compromised.


    #4 Kuhn Rikon Can Opener with Auto Safety


    Kuhn Rikon Can Opener with Auto Safety
    Product Brand Kuhn Rikon
    Product Material Plastic
    Product Color Black
    Item Weight 4 ounces
    Size 9 X 2.7 inches
    Blade Material Stainless Steel


    This multi-purpose can opener from Kuhn Rikon comes in black color with a sleek plastic body, and a stainless steel blade is all you need to open the cans at your home safely. It is made of food-grade materials, making it safe for you to use in cans that contain food. It is easy to clean and is the safest and most harmless way of opening cans.

    It helps open standard cans, ring pull cans, tins, beer-style bottles with crown caps, jars, and screw-top bottles with ease, all in one affordable tool. It doesn’t leave any sharp edges that may cut through your skin and cause injuries and pain. It ensures minimal contact with the food, making it one of the safer can openers in the market while it is straightforward and easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, unlike most other can openers.

    The gadget is very versatile, and you can use it to open various kinds of containers seamlessly. It comes with clear instructions that can help you decipher each part of the device’s significance and use it properly. It has five in one property and is made with modern-day technology, and has a swiss design that truly makes this can opener an all-rounder. It is suitable for anyone since it requires the user to put in just minimal effort5. This particular feature makes it a fantastic tool even for people with weak muscles and limited strength.


    1. You can use this gadget to open many jars, cans, and bottles of various shapes and sizes with ease.
    2. It has a lock-on technology that attaches itself to the lid without any need for you to clamp it. It grips the caps and covers on its own.
    3. It has a long handle that provides extra grip and makes the caps a lot easier.
    4. It is safe and is food safe also while minimizing any injuries and cuts.
    5. It comes with mini pliers or holders that allow you to help get rid of the lids without much contact, making opening cans free from mess.
    6. It is compact and easy to clean.


    1. It doesn’t last for a long time.
    2. It leaves some shards and specs of metal after a while.


    #5 Japanese Can Opener by Korin


    Japanese Can Opener by Korin
    Product Brand Korin
    Product Material
    Product Color Red
    Item Weight 120 grams
    Blade Material


    This authentic Japanese-style can opener by Korin is all you need to make the process of opening cans easier for you. It has high utility and is a very efficient tool. It comes in the color red and is priced at a wonderfully low rate, and gives you a wonderful and hassle-free experience while opening cans. Because of its impeccable Japanese technology, it doesn’t need any moving parts, making this can opener durable and easy to maintain.

    Food will seldom get stuck in its gaps and crevices, and so there is a slim chance that this gadget will require any profound or extensive cleaning procedures. It is of double use since it also has an attachment that makes it a bottle opener too. It will be in use in your kitchen for an extended amount of time after your purchase.

    It is made in Japan and is a very reliable tool for opening cans. It doesn’t require you to put in a lot of strength or power into opening the cans from your side. Most users and customers are appreciative of how affordable, durable and efficient it is. It is easy to use, easy to clean, is sturdy and durable. At the same time, this can opener is indeed totally worth your money and gives you complete satisfaction with regards to the money you spend on it. It is well made and built for heavy-duty. It doesn’t use electricity, is simple, unique, and also helps in saving counter space.


    1. It doesn’t have any moving parts, and thus, it is very durable and needs minimal maintenance.
    2. Food doesn’t get stuck in its crevices.
    3. It is both a can opener and a bottle opener in one gadget.
    4. It has a sharp blade which is sure to last a long time.
    5. It is compact and light in weight and therefore very easy and straightforward to use.
    6. It is made of solid and reliable materials that don’t get weak quickly, and thus, this can opener will work and remain sturdy for many years to come since your first purchase.


    1. The blade and the lid left are very sharp, and thus one has to be careful around it.
    2. It isn’t straightforward to use, and therefore, it is inconvenient to use.


    #6 Wall Mount Can Opener by Swing-A-Way (with Magnet)

    Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener with Magnet, 1-Pack, White -

    Wall Mount Can Opener by Swing-A-Way (with Magnet)
    Product Brand Swing-A-Way
    Product Material Steel
    Product Colour White
    Product Weight
    Product Size One-Pack
    Blade Material Carbon Steel


    Swing-A-Way’s wall mount can opener takes the needs of customers into significant consideration and provides features that make it a total must-have for all. Truly one of the Best Can Openers for 2021.

    One of the noteworthy features of this can opener is its wall-mounting system. The bracket and the screws for its installation are included in the purchase package, and one just needs to attach it to a surface (preferably a solid, wooden one), and they are good to go!

    They will have an excellent helpful product right at arms-reach, saving lots of drawer space. One doesn’t need to spend time rummaging through drawer contents to find it either.

    Swing-A-Way has also made sure that it is visually appealing. It has a sleek and modern look to it that will genuinely make your place look a lot better. It is perfect for both traditional and contemporary styled homes.

    They have also made sure that it does not cause any distractions or accidents when it is not being used. The product can be locked in three different ways and can be swung left or right, which means the product will blend with the background.

    The product is perfectly efficient as well.

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    The blade punctures through the lid of the can and glides smoothly through it to take off the top. There is zero fuss in the process; moving the handle is not a tough job either.

    The magnet included in the cap opener helps you hold the can in place while the blade cuts through it by attaching itself with a click.

    Not only this, the magnet helps you avoid injuries as you don’t have to touch the rough edge of the serrated lid. The lid stays attached to the magnet after it has been cut, and one simply has to pull the cover from the magnet. This feature reduces the risk of injuring your hand or fingers, making it relatively safe for children as well.

    The product ensures comfort and efficiency.

    All of these features make it an excellent modern, efficient, and storage-friendly alternative to your standard manual can openers, making it one of the Best Can Openers.


    • The product can be wall-mounted – which saves storage space.
    • One does not need to buy additional screws and the bracket as the product comes with it.
    • Magnet present on the can opener increases the efficiency of the product.
    • Visually Appealing.
    • The product is safe to use.


    • One may have to stick to using wall-mounted can openers to manual ones as it needs to be attached to walls with screws – which may leave holes that need to be fixed by professionals.


    #7 Ring-Pull Can Opener – “J-Popper” by Brix


    Ring-Pull Can Opener – “J-Popper” by Brix
    Product Brand


    Product Material ABS plastic
    Product Colour Translucent Blue
    Product Weight 0.08 Pounds
    Product Size
    Blade Material


    Opening Ring-Pull Cans can prove to be a great struggle for a lot of people. Many people get confused, people with physical difficulties can not bring themselves to open them, and many people end up with injuries such as sore fingers, broken nails, cuts on fingers, and so on.

    This is why the Ring Pull Can Opener – “J-Popper” is a must-have. The Can Opener makes day-to-day life easier for not only people with difficulties but others as well.

    It is a quick, easy, and hassle-free alternative.

    When opened, canned products can sometimes spill a lot of their contents, which is a huge waste and creates a mess that one is forced to clean after. The ring-pull can opener makes sure that it does not happen. The can opener gently lifts off the lid, providing an utterly mess-free experience. It can easily open all your cans with zero issues – very smoothly.

    It is the Best Manual Can Opener for people from all age groups.

    Your little ones can easily open cans using this can opener as it does not require much strength. The can opener is also very safe to use, so one can rest assured that their children do not hurt themselves while they try to open up cans.

    Similarly, it’s excellent for your aging loved ones as well. They won’t have to strain their fingers or exert too much energy while trying to open up cans for their needs – they wouldn’t have to push themselves to clean up any mess afterward either for when they are alone.

    People with arthritis find it difficult to do the tasks they used to do with absolute ease when they did not have the issue. The inability has been proven to be quite upsetting for them, giving them a lack of confidence. Brix’s Can Opener makes sure no one has to feel that way. They can easily grip the can opener and get the job done quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

    One can keep this can opener wherever they would like to open up cans as it is easy to store and use.

    Can foods are very store-worthy; many people can live off of them, so they have to open up cans often, which ends up being a tedious task. Once one has tried this can opener by Brix, they will no longer feel that way.

    It is one of the Best Manual Can Openers and very much worth a try.


    • Easy to use.
    • The product reduces the risk of injuries.
    • Reduces risk of spilling contents of cans.
    • Great for people with arthritis and similar physical issues.
    • Safe for children and the elderly alike.


    • It can be a little big for people.


    #8 Deluxe Can Opener by Cuisinart


    Deluxe Can Opener by Cuisinart
    Product Brand Cuisinart
    Product Material Plastic
    Product Colour Silver
    Product Weight 2.25 pounds
    Product Size One Size
    Blade Material Stainless Steel

    The Deluxe Can Opener by Cuisinart is an excellent, beautiful, and efficient can opener for your day-to-day use and is one of the Best Electric Can Openers.

    It is of silver color that will fit in with all your utensils and has an efficient-looking body design. Its broad base gives it a sense of professionalism, and its overall shiny look will brighten up your kitchen space. The product is tall enough and provides enough space to open up cans of all shapes and sizes.

    Most people do not want to spend their valuable time cranking a can opener handle and exerting too much energy. This electric can opener by Cuisinart solves this issue.

    One simply has to place the can on the product, and the can opener will do the rest themselves.

    Once the can has been held close to the blade, one has to press the raised part (the one-touch activation lever) of the blade mechanism to secure it in place. Pushing or pressing on the lever also activates the can opener, and it starts to spin the can. The can continues to turn slowly while the blade punctures the lid and glides through it, cutting it off completely.

    It also automatically turns off once the lid has been opened.

    Even after the job has been done, the can opener does not entirely let go of the can. It keeps it in place, and you can take your sweet time going towards the can opener to pull off the can. There is no rush.

    This feature proves that it is an entirely hands-free machine and requires next to no effort by the person owning it. They can take care of other businesses while it works, making it perfect for those with busy lives. It is especially the Best Can Opener for 2021 as the stress that comes with working from home leaves you with no desire to manually turn can opener handles.

    Cleaning your can opener is an absolute must, and this can opener makes that job easy as well. The blade, with the lever, can be easily removed from the rest of the body and cleaned with no issues.


    • The product does not require any additional effort by the persona owning it because of its one-touch activation.
    • The product is perfect for people with physical difficulties.
    • It is easy to clean.


    • The body of the product is made of plastic


    #9 Extra Tall Electric Can Opener by BLACK+DECKER


    Extra Tall Electric Can Opener by BLACK+DECKER
    Product Brand BLACK+DECKER
    Product Material
    Product Colour Black
    Product Weight 2.7 pounds
    Product Size Extra Tall
    Blade Material

    Most products in our surroundings do not consider the difficulty that people with physical issues go through to get done with the “basic” day-to-day tasks like opening cans, even though those difficulties are a part of everyone’s life. But certain products fit the need and make things easier and more inclusive for those with physical issues and those without any problems of that sort.

    When it comes to opening cans, electric can openers are a great alternative to manual ones, and the Can Opener by BLACK+DECKER is especially a great choice; it one of the best electric can openers.

    The one-touch lever activation makes sure that one does not have to do anything more than just placing the can near the blade. Once it is pressed, the cutting blade automatically penetrations through the lid of the can and glides it white the can spins.

    It gives the can the perfect amount of support it needs and effortlessly cuts through it. Its broad base makes sure that everything is in its proper place.

    The body design is excellent as well. One can rest assured that the work will get done perfectly and with no hassle. It is wide and very tall, ensuring that cans of all shapes and sizes can be easily opened using the Electric Can opener by BLACK+DECKER. It looks modern, sleek, and professional because it’s black, and as black is a neutral color, you can be assured that it will not look out of place in your kitchen space.

    The can opener will stand tall on your kitchen counter and make sure to give your space a professional touch. It will look great in both traditional and modern-looking homes.

    Another great thing about this product, in particular, is that it also comes with a bottle opener which has been conveniently placed at the back of the can opener body. Therefore the removal of pop tops, bottle caps, and cans can all be done with one single compact set. This feature not only makes sure that one does not have to buy additional products, but it also saves you storage space.

    All of these features make it one of the Best Can Openers.


    • The product is excellent for people with physical difficulties.
    • Very easy to use.
    • The product does not require any effort by the person who owns it.
    • Provides a bottle cap opener which is also very convenient and makes the product even more worthy of being bought.


    • It may take people a bit of time to get adjusted to correctly placing the can.


    #10 One-Touch Can Opener by Kitchen Mama


    One-Touch Can Opener by Kitchen Mama
    Product Brand KItchen Mama
    Product Material Metal
    Product Colour Red and White
    Product Weight 7 ounces
    Product Size
    Blade Material Stainless Steel

    If one is looking for a can opener to give to someone who tends to like small, compact products or someone who travels a lot, the one-touch can opener by Kitchen Mama is the perfect product to choose and is one of the best can openers in the market.

    It has a small ergonomic body design that is both good-looking and efficient. It will save storage space in your kitchen drawers as well as your backpack. The can opener has a magnet in the bottom that keeps it in place on top of the can, while its patented Kitchen Mama bent blade opens the lid from the side of the can as opposed to cutting on the top.

    The bent blade technology makes it a fuss-free and smooth process.

    The entire product makes sure that it leaves no mess and is very hygienic as the contents of the can do not get into any contact with the product’s blade. In contrast, the electronic and completely hands-free approach makes sure that no one has to touch it with their hands, which means one can use it at home and in a more professional environment.

    There is a button placed on the can opener’s body. One needs to push the button once the product has been placed on the top of the can.

    Then the can opener will rotate in a 360 degree along the lid to successfully open it, proving how easy it is to use it.

    One can do other work while the can opener gets its job done on its own. The can opener is an excellent addition to your kitchen tools, considering the busy lifestyle we are all subjected to.

    The product is both easy and safe to use as it does not leave any sharp cuts. The product is truly one of the best can openers and is undoubtedly worth a try.


    • Very easy to use.
    • The product is very safe to use.
    • The product gets the job done all on its own.
    • Great for people who travel a lot.
    • Very good for people having issues like arthritis.


    • Batteries are not included with the purchase and need to be bought separately.
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    Types of Can Openers

    Various types of can openers are present nowadays, each serving a different purpose. You need to know about these types to find the one that suits your needs and saves time and energy. The different types of can openers found in a household are:

    Lever-Type can opener

    It is also called the “claw-type opener” because of its claw-like shape. It is one of the primary and original designs that you can find in a can opener and is being in households for years.

    Lever-type is one of the first designs that was thought of to open a can easily. It consists of a sickle-shaped blade that punctures a hole into the lid of the can. The spot is then pulled apart to open up the can. The lever-type opener also consists of a shield or guard in addition to the curve-shaped blade. It prevents the blade from cutting too deep into the can and coming in contact with the contents present inside it.

    To safely use this can opener, use the blade to puncture the lid and slowly drive it inside. Then cut along the edges of the can and avoid the sharp edges of the container.

    Butterfly can opener

    It is one of the types of a manual can opener, and its functioning resembles that of a bunker opener. The butterfly can opener consists of multiple parts- a rotating cutting wheel, a key, and tongs. The rotating cutting wheel cuts open the top of the can and grip the lid properly. We can then spin the can around to open it up. The key and the tongs help us to turn the can and aids the serrated wheel.

    To use it correctly, use the pointed end to puncture the lid and then secure it using pliers. Then it would help if you cranked up the lever to cut through the top. Overall, it can be a little complicated to use.

    Church key opener

    Invented in 1872, it looks like a large simple key. It is a multipurpose tool that is used to open corks of glass bottles and flat-topped beer cans. So it can be used by both campers and beer drinkers. It is a simple hand-operated tool and very easy to use, and has been in use for years.

    Church key openers consist of a single piece of metal. First, secure the guard at the can’s edge, then use the pointed edge to puncture the lid. Then swiftly lift the cover of the can to rip out it out. Now you can access the contents inside.

    Single wheel opener

    Its functionality is similar to a bunker opener- except for a magnet that helps keep the lid in place. When you open a tin can, you are left with sharp and uneven edges of the top. The single-wheel opener is a great solution to protect your hands.

    The single wheel opener has a finer grate that helps to open the can smoothly and safely. The edges of the lid have an even finish. The magnets of the opener hold the can in place while the wheel cuts through the rim. To use it safely, attach the can opener to the lid while ensuring that the wheel is next to the edge. Then turn the wheel by cranking up the key.

    Electric can opener

    Manufactured in 1931, electric can openers are entirely hassle-free. They have a button or lever that you can push to use the can opener. It is mainly determined by the type of can opener you purchase.

    Electric can openers can be of two types: cabinet and free-standing countertop models. Like the single wheel opener, they are also equipped with magnets to keep the can in place. Let’s look at how to use an electric can opener safely. Place the lid of the can below the can opener. Push the button or pull the lever to make the opener start rotating. It will tear off the lid in a few short seconds. People with low upper arm strength or reduced grip can opt for an electric can opener to make their work easier.

    The negatives may include that they require a lot of counter space and are comparatively a lot more expensive. It would help if you also had both of your hands-free to use the electric can opener correctly. But the positives outweigh the negatives. It saves a lot of time, and older people suffering from joint pains can easily use them. It also gives a smooth finish after ripping off the lid in just a few seconds. So there is no chance of harming your fingers from uneven edges.

    It is necessary for all modern kitchen setups as it increases efficiency by boosting the pace of work.

    Key opener

    As the name suggests, key openers look like door keys. They have a single piece of twisted metal that is very handy for opening thin-walled cans. They do not require any particular setup or storage space and are a great addition to households. Key openers are also very easy to use. You need to attach the opener to the cap correctly and then use the key’s pointed shape to puncture the lid. Twist the opener in a fixed direction to quickly pull up the lid later.

    Manual can opener

    It is a budget-friendly option and also relatively easy to use. It would be best if you turned the wheel to make the lid pass through the spinning blades. This removes the top of the action giving you access to its contents. But it would help if you had steady hands to use a manual can opener. It can be a challenging task for people with trembling hands or ones suffering from arthritis.

    Countertop opener

    These openers can be attached to the kitchen counter using a vacuum base that locks it firmly on the surface. It serves the dual purpose of opening pop top as well as regular cans. The edges produced after using this opener are very smooth and even. So there is no threat of accidentally hurting your fingers. It uses an opening lever that works after a light touch.

    After the can opener is secured on the countertop, you need to hold the can from its base. Now use your other hand to turn the knob of the opener. This action will make the sharp wheel of the opener slice the lid perfectly.

    Bunker opener

    Out of the many types discussed above, the bunker opener can be operated using just one hand. It consists of a serrated wheel, a key, and handles that look like pliers. All these parts work in harmony to help you open the can quickly.

    You have to use the pliers to grip the can foremost. Then as you turn the key, the serrated wheel will cut open the can’s lid so as you crank up the key, the wheel rotates.

    Why Should One Use Can Opener in the Kitchen?

    A can opener is a universally used item, essential for every kitchen. Even if you prefer to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to store canned food items at home for emergency purposes. They will come in handy during sudden blackouts or lockdown situations like that of the coronavirus pandemic. The canned items can be anything from chickpeas for hummus, tomatoes for making various sauces, or tuna to make a melt quickly. Canned items can be lifesavers and can be stored safely for more extended periods.

    So this brings in the need for the best can openers. If you have canned items at home, a can opener must be electric or manual. Manual can openers are very popular and can be stored in drawers without occupying much space. They are also relatively easy to use. Electric can openers are a more expensive alternative but save a lot of time and energy. They do not require muscle strength. But it largely depends on your personal preference.

    Some can openers are also equipped with additional features, like levers to grip the can, open rims smoothly, and disposal of lids. You can also find many more options apart from a manual and electric can opener that function differently.

    The best can openers can also serve the dual purpose of opening beer cans and corked bottles. So they are a handy item to have on hand. Don’t forget to carry them on camping trips and travels, where you might be mostly eating out of canned foods and drinking beers!

    Frequently Asked Questions – Best Can Opener 2021

    Q1 How to clean a manual can opener?

    To clean it, you can place it under running water. But use must dry it properly after every wash because the water left on it can cause the opener to rust. So use a kitchen towel to properly dry the opener and then further air dry on a utensil rack in the kitchen.

    There is an alternative way to clean the blade of the manual can opener. Use a folded piece of paper towel. Please give it a long shape and then insert it under the dirty parts of the blade. Draw it out carefully to remove the remaining food items. You may have to repeat the process a few times to clean it thoroughly. The same also has to be done for the other blade. So there is no tension of rusting as no water was involved in the opener’s cleaning process.

    Q2 Where to purchase old fashioned can openers from?

    Plenty of stores still carry such can openers if you want something budget-friendly. You can look for them in outlets like Walmart, Kroger, and Aldi’s. You can also look for the best can openers online to get a diverse variety of options. They are pretty easy to use and do not take up counter space like an electric can opener.

    Q3 How to get the angle right on an old fashioned can opener?

    If your opener pops off the lid when you press down, you may need to push a little harder once in a while. But do not apply excess pressure as the can may break open. But it may be time to upgrade to a newer model if it still does not work because the wrong angle could cause unexpected accidents. We have a compiled guide of the best can openers mentioned above for this very purpose. You will also find a buying guide to guide you through the whole selection process for a manual or electric can opener.

    Q4 How to sharpen the blade of a can opener?

    It’s preferable not to risk sharpening the blade and to replace it. But if you still want to give sharpening a try, you can purchase a fine sharpening stone from a woodworking store. You can also opt for a fine jeweler’s file. You can use them both to sharpen the blade, but you must do it with great care.


    Can-openers are available in various styles, patterns and designs to suit all your needs and requirements in the best way. One of the essential kitchen tools to have in modern times, can openers are helpful, affordable and functional devices with versatile needs.

    While simple and old can openers result in jagged edges and other damaging results, modern and more innovative models give you the best results with an impressive performance. You can purchase the best can opener for yourself based on your needs and requirements.

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    With two main kinds of can openers, namely electrical and manual, can-openers are versatile devices. They are hassle-free and work efficiently, with an affordable price range. With different colours available in each can-openers style, you can choose from the different types of working mechanisms featured in the products.

    Most can openers work by pressing a cutting wheel into the lid’s edge with solid support at the lip of the can. Different types of can openers feature innovative and helpful working mechanisms for the best results to satisfy your needs.

    Can-openers are often prone to rust and other conditions, which can be harmful and can easily contaminate your food packages. You should ensure premium care and maintenance for your can opener, ensuring its cleanliness for your hygiene. When you select the best can opener for yourself, you should evaluate the chosen product features and associate them with your criteria.

    Manual can openers feature a long list of advantages. They are easy to maintain, and they do not require any energy consumption at all. With a lower price range and less use of resources, manual can openers are reliable and can be used without any power connection requirements.

    Electric can openers give you an increased safety level, along with versatile features like high speed and efficient cutting. These mechanical devices also ensure minimal pressure on your hands to avoid any strain.

    Can-openers are beneficial products that you can use to open all kinds of cans. They are durable with a long lifespan, curated specially for your constant needs. With a strong build quality and various enhancing features, can-openers are an essential kitchen item.

    Can-openers typically feature three parts- two handles or levers and the handle, which includes the axle or a wheel for turning the can. You can choose the best can opener for yourself based on all your needs and requirements. With a suitable can opener for yourself, you can expect excellent results and high-performance.


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