Tina Fey Net Worth And 5 Interesting Things That You Don’t Know About Her

    Tina Fey – An American actress, writer, great comedian, playwright, and producer who holds a net worth of $75 million, according to Wealthy Gorilla.

    She is known for her great work in Saturday Night Live (a comedy sketch show). Most of us are aware of who she is, right? But most likely, we are not aware of many things about her and her life so, in this article, we are going to explore the same.

    Here you will get to know about Tina Fey net worth, earnings, early life, career, achievements, and internal life too. Also, in the last, we will be discussing 5 things that you may not know about her, make sure you don’t miss that.

    Tina Fey Early Life At a Glance

    Tina Fey net worth
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    Tina Fey was born on 18 May 1970, in Pennsylvania. She was raised with his brother ‘Peter’ who is 8 years older than her.

    Her father ‘Donald Henry Fey’ was an administrator at the University of Pennsylvania and Thoman Jefferson University. He was also known as a great proposal writer. At the age of 82, he died. The exact date was 18 October 2015.

    Tina’s mom ‘Zenobia’ is known to be a retired Brokerage. She used to work in the Greek Descent.

    Tina went to the Hills Middle School and later, joined the Upper Darby School where she was considered an honor student. This is the same school where she joined the drama club. She was also a co-editor for the school’s newspaper.

    Fun Fact – Tina and her whole family used to watch comedy shows in the nighttime. This made her interested in comedy and she decided to build her career as a comedian at a very young age.


    In 1988, at the age of around 18, she graduated from high school and joined the University of Virginia. There she began studying as an actor and playwright and was also a winner of the Petty Prize. After four years of learnings in her university, she was officially graduated in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts in drama.

    Tina Fey Career: The Journey Of How She Became So Successful | Tina Fey Net Worth

    Tina Fey Net Worth
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    Tina’s professional career was officially started as a writer at Saturday Night Live. Later, she started getting into other fields too. This helped her to reach the heights of success speedily and further, we are going to discuss that thoroughly. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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    Well, before working at SNL, Tina was giving her performance in a comedy show named The Second City. There she used to perform with his future husband, Jeff Richmond. That was the time when she was at the early stage of her career.

    She always had a desire to grow in his career and reach the heights of success. She wanted to work with Saturday Night Live so she started sending scrips of some comedy sketches to them and this act brought one of the most major changes in her life.

    Those scripts were noticed by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and they hired Tina as a full-time writer. Due to that, she had to shift to New York. At that time, she was overweight which was preventing her from coming in front of the camera. But still, she successfully slimmed down herself and started appearing in front of the camera.

    In 1999, she became the head writer of Saturday Night Live which was a great accomplishment for her. This happened because the ex-head writer named Adam McKay resigned from his position of head writer.

    Fun Fact – Tina Fey was the first female head writer of Saturday Night Live.


    The very next year in 2000, Tina started appearing in the Weekend update segments of the Saturday Night Live with Jimmy Fallon.

    In 2001, she made her debut in the film industry with a movie named Martin & Orloff. Along with that, she continued working on the SNL’s weekend update segment. But this time she was hosting with Ammy Poeheller as Fallon left the SNL.

    Her beautiful journey with Saturday Night Live ended in 2006. But still, it has to be said that Tina did some amazing work there, including Mean Girls which was a great achievement for her. However, she still used to appear on Saturday Night Live sometimes.

    After leaving the SNL, she started working on 30 rock series. This series received a massive amount of appreciation and love from the audience. It was considered one of the greatest T.V series at that time. According to Raphael Sadeeq, 30 Rock received approximately 112 nominations of the Emmy Awards. This series was also a great contributor to Tina Fey net worth as it made a very huge amount of money.

    The next project she worked on was Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In the beginning, this series was originally produced by the National Broadcasting Company. But later it was sold to Netflix. Again, this series collected very positive reviews from the audience and critiques too.

    Besides all of these things, Tina Fey has also worked in lots of movies, which includes:

    • Muppetsw Most Wanted – Released on 21 March 2014
    • Admission – Released on 22 March 2013
    • This Is Where I Leave You – Released on 19 September 2014
    • Money Kingdom – Released on 10 September 2015
    • Whiskey Tango Fortrox – Released on 4 March 2016
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    Here we have mentioned only some movies by Tina Fey, but there are many more.

    The huge Tina Fey net worth has been mostly built with the help of her career in the TV and Film industry.

    Fun Fact – During her school time, her teacher was the one who encouraged her to be a writer.


    Tina Fey Net Worth And Earnings

    Currently in 2021, Tina Fey net worth is $75 million which is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Most of the wealth has come from Film and Television as she charges $500 thousand per episode. If she has any other business running on the side, its income can also be added to the top of it.

    In 2011, she published her autobiography named Bossypants. This book brought massive success to Tina as she made $13 million as a salary executive producer. This was a huge contributor to her net worth. Also, this book was nominated for Grammy Awards in 2012.

    Awards Won By Tina Fey

    According to Wikipedia, Tina has been nominated for 148 awards and won 40 awards out of it. Here is the list of some of the major awards won by Tina:

    Awards Won By Tina Fey

    In 2002, she won the Emmy Award for Saturday Night Live in the category of outstanding writing for a variety series
    She won two Emmy Awards for 30 Rock in the category of Outstanding Comedy Series, The first one was in 2007 and the second in 2008.
    She won another Emmy Award in 2008 for 30 Rock in the category of outstanding lead actress in a comedy series.
    In 2009, she won Emmy Award for Saturday Night Live in the category of outstanding guest in a comedy series.
    In 2008, she won the Golden Globe Award for 30 Rock in the category of Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy.
    In 2008, 2009, and 2010, she won Producers Guild Awards for 30 Rock in the category of outstanding producer of episodic comedy.
    In 2013, she won Emmy Award for 30 Rock in the category of outstanding writing in a comedy series.
    In 2014, she won the Writer Guild Of America Award in the category of Comedy/Variety – Music, Awards, Tributes – special
    In 2016, she won another Emmy award for Saturday Night Live in the category of Outstanding Actress in a comedy series.
    In 2016, she won Writers Guild Awards for Saturday Night Live in the category of Comedy variety – sketches series.
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    Note – This is not the complete list of the awards won by Tina, she has won many more. To check out the complete list, click here.

    Fun Fact – Tina Considers herself as one of the biggest fans of ‘Star Wars.


    Tina Fey Personal Life

    In 2001, Tina married Jeff Richmond. He has been the composer of the 30 Rock, a pianist, and a musical director. The couple has two sweet daughters named Alice Zenobia Richmond and Penelope Athena Richmond.

    Tina Fey Net Worth
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    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tina Fey

    There are literally lots of interesting and weird things about Tina that you may not know yet. And here we will mention some of the most interesting things about Tina that you should definitely know.

    1. At the age of 5 she had to face an attack on her face which left a permanent mark

    This incident took place when she was in Kindergarten. A strange man came and attacked her. She also talked about this in her book ‘Bossypants’.

    Tina Fey Net Worth
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    2. Tina Fey is considered the youngest Mark Twain Prize winner

    At the age of 40, she received this award.

    3. In 2012, Tina made her rap debut

    In 2012, Gambino dropped his 6th mixtape. In that mixtape, Tina was featured in a song named Real Estate and she got lots of appreciation for her fire bars in that song.

    If you haven’t listened to the song yet, don’t miss it out, we are mentioning it below go and give it a shot.


    4. She first time appeared on TV in a 90s bank commercial

    In 1995, she made her first appearance on TV in the Mutual Saving Bank Commercial.

    5. Tina was the co-editor of the newspaper of her school

    She was a great student at her school and the teachers selected her to co-edit the school’s newspaper. Not only this, but she also took part in various activities in her school. For example, tennis, drama, and choir.

    Fun Fact – Tina has confessed that she lost her virginity during her 20s.

    Frequently Asked Questioned (FAQs)

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Tina Fey. You may also have some in your mind, have a look:

    What Is Tina Fey’s Real Name?

    Elizabeth Stamatina Fey

    What Is Tina Fey Net Worth?

    In 2021, Tina Fey Net Worth stands at $75 Million.

    What Is Tina Fey Husband’s Net Worth?

    $3 Million

    What’s The Age Of Tina Fey?

    As of August 2021, she is 51 years old.

    Wrapping-Up | Tina Fey Net Worth

    So, Tina Fey is a woman who figured out the path of her career at a very early age. With hard work and outstanding skills, she became very successful in both the TV and Film industries.

    Till 2021, the net worth of Tina Fey has reached $75 million. During her career, she has also won many awards. As of now, she has received 148 award nominations and won around 40 awards.

    Ultimately, we can say that Tina’s hard work paid off and she made a successful career and achieved many milestones.

    So, that was all about Tina Fey Net Worth and her great career. Now we hope that you found this article interesting.

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