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    Steak Tartare Recipe and Some More…

    Is it safe to eat steak tartare? That is a question we often hear at our foodies’ table. Even if the person is the biggest foodie ever, they become sceptical about eating this dish. As it comes with ground raw meat, people tend to be apprehensive about it. We know how bacterias can attack if we consume raw foods. Also, there is the issue of smell and taste as well. Most of us assume that raw meat does not taste well, and the foul odour can destroy the ambience.

    steak tartare recipe
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    Well, let’s break the ice here. Yes, it is safe to eat. We can eat ground meat without any tension of bacterial infection and foul smell when it comes to steak tartare. To know why we need to know how it is prepared. So, let’s start. First, we discuss briefly where did it come from. Then, we will focus on how it is prepared.

    Steak Tartare: The Etymology, Origin, and History

    If we go back to the early 20th century, we will see two different variations of steak tartare. The one we know today was popular as “steack à l’Americaine,” majorly in Europe. Another variation of the dish was served with savory tartar sauce. It was known as “Steack à la tartare.” Some references call it “steack à l’Americaine” without egg yolk, served with tartar sauce by its side. Later on, the “Steack à la tartare” was shortened as “Steak Tartare,” and the distinguishing factors between the two became disappeared. Eventually, as per the 1938 edition of Larousse Gastronomique, steak tartare is a dish that includes ground beef and egg yolk. No tartar sauce is mentioned there.

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    steak tartare recipe
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    Jean de Joinville, one of the most significant chronicles of medieval France, mentioned an incredible story out the invention of the dish. Although there is very vague proof about the authenticity of the fact, let’s have a look at what it says.

    The Mongols or Tartars (also known as ‘Tatars) used to apply an interesting technique to tenderize the meat. They used to keep it between the saddle and the horse backs to soften them while they rode. While eating, they used to add eggs to it. This theory is often counterattacked by eminent people saying that the idea is popularized only to establish that tartars were barbaric and uncivilized.

    Apart from this theory mentioned in Jean de Joinville, another idea says that the dish actually came from French Polynesia. And it was popularised by renowned chef Augustus Escoffier during the early 20th century.

    However, as per the records, by the 21st century, when there was an emergence of some diseases in cows, chefs started using fish and vegetables instead of beef. At that time, salmon, tuna, and some other fishes were used in it. Also, fruits and vegetables like tomato, avocado, pine nuts, etc., were used.

    steak tartare recipe
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    Regardless of which story is true and which is not, it is evident that steak tartare has placed itself as a popular dish since it emerged. And therefore, many people are looking forward to learning the steak tartare recipe. Probably, you are one of them. So, are you here to know an easy- tasty recipe for steak tartare? We will discuss it here. Let’s proceed.

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    How to Prepare Steak Tartare- A Run-through of Steak Tartare Recipe:

    Well, so the much-awaited part of the article is here. We are going to share with you a delicious steak tartare recipe. Follow below.

    The ingredients needed:

    • 4 ounces beef steak(lean, fresh)
    • 1 tbsp olive oil
    • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
    • kosher salt as per requirement
    • black pepper powder as per taste
    • 1 egg yolk
    • bread toast
    • roasted vegetables
    • 1 tbsp mustard sauce
    • shallots, finely chopped

    The preparation:

    1. Buy a fresh, whole piece of lean meat to avoid any risk of bacteria formation.
    2. Wash it well, and sprinkle salt on it.
    3. Grind it into fine pieces with a knife.
    4. Season the minced meat with salt and pepper.
    5. Drizzle olive oil and mustard sauce over it.
    6. Adjust the seasoning as per your taste.
    7. At this point, you can mix the egg yolk with it or keep it separate.
    8. Now, mix all of the ingredients well and prepare the tartare.

    Your tartare is ready. Now, garnish it with chopped shallot. Serve it with bread-toast and roasted vegetables. You can add a few drops of mustard sauce to the plate if you like.

    steak tartare recipe
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    Well, it was the traditional steak tartare recipe. If you would like to add some twists to it, try the smoked steak tartare recipe ahead.

    Ingredients are almost the same. You can use pickled veggies instead of roasted ones.

    • Prepare the smoker with the chips inside it.
    • Now, place the minced meat mixed with sauce and other ingredients.
    • Make sure you add the egg yolk to it.
    • Close the lid and cook for around 10 minutes at high heat.
    • Open the lid and see if a smokey fragrance is coming out or not.
    • If it is done, remove from the heat and settle for 5 minutes closing the lead.
    • Place it on a plate and mince it roughly with a knife once more.
    • Now, put it on the plate the way you want.
    • Serve with pickled vegetables and sauce.
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    steak tartare recipe
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    So, it was an uncommon variation of the steak tartare recipe. Although the traditional recipe is mainly prepared with beef, you can enjoy tuna tartare, salmon tartare with a fruity nudge. If you want to omit the egg yolk and use tartare sauce instead of it, you can try that too. Find the recipe for preparing tartare sauce at home here.

    Facts that You should know about Steak Tartare

    So, you have got the steak tartare recipe. Now, let’s learn some interesting facts about the dish.

    1. Steak tartare recipe was a favorite dish of Sigmund Freud, the famous neurologist.
    2. It is often eaten with Worcestershire sauce, a popular add-on.
    3. Thomas Bernhard, the great post-world-war-two writer, was also fond of this steak tartare recipe.
    4. Steak tartare was also a favorite dish of Claude Lanzmann, the notable French director.
    5. Seasoned herbs are often used to season the dish.
    6. Rye or French baguette is one of the best options to try along with the steak tartare recipe.
    7. You can try your favorite beer or wine with the dish.

    The Takeaway

    Since many of us are concerned about – is it safe to eat steak tartare, let us conclude that it is safe. You can try the steak tartare recipe safely as long as you are using high-quality, fresh meat. But, if you are pregnant or possess a weak stomach, try to avoid it. You may get into trouble as you are in a vulnerable condition.


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