Sophie Turner Net Worth – Early Life, Career, Investements and Others

    Sophie Turner Net Worth: How Much did the “Stark” lady Earn?

    Are you a GOT fan? Who’s your favorite character in it? Well, the series has presented R.R. Martin’s story so well that all of the characters have won the audience’s hearts. It is hard to choose any of them as your favorite character. However, if we talk about the show’s female characters, the show has impeccable diversity in the presentation of the female characters. One of such amazing characters is Sansa Stark, a naive lady who undergoes the ups and downs in life and becomes a strong individual.

    Do you know who played the character? It is none other than Sophie Turner, our loving Jean Grey from the X-men movie series. She has done justice to the character and portrayed the layers of it well. We fall for her performance. But, along with that, how many of you have thought about Sophie Turner net worth? Of course, it is a matter of discussion. When the names of Dragon Queen, aka Emilie Clarke, and famous Jon Snow, aka Kit Harrington, are on the list of highest-paid GOT actors, let’s know how much the elder Stark daughter earns.

    sophie turner net worth

    Before delving into Sophie Turner net worth, let’s have an idea about her early days on this earth. Well, I meant to say her childhood, schooling, and early life. After all, our early life is important for the later development in the career. Much of the wealth of Sophie Turner net worth came from her movie career which was shaped by her early life upbringing. So, let’s sneak into that.

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    Sophie Turner Net Worth: Early Life

    Born in Northampton, England, on 21 February 1996, Sophie moved to Chesterton in Warwickshire at 2. About her early life, she said in an interview, “My childhood was pretty fun. We had pigsties, barns, and a paddock and used to muck around in the mud.” She started her schooling at Warwick Prep School.

    Later, she studied at King’s High School for Girls. She joined Playbox Theatre Company at the early age of 3. When she became a cast member of ‘Game of Thrones,’ she got a tutor at 16. She later achieved 5 GCSE A grades- and four Bs, also in dramas.

    How her Career Helped in Growing Sophie Turner Net Worth

    Sophie Turner, Sophie Belinda Turner, started her career with the HBO series “Game of Thrones“, in August 2009. She was a little 13 years old girl back then. Filming for the show was started in July 2010, when she reached 14. She dyed her blonde hair auburn to act in the character of Lady Sansa.

    However, in the later seasons, we saw her with wigs. In the year 2021, she got recognition for her performance in Game of Thrones. She was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series for the position of Supporting Young Actress. Sophie Turner net worth, in this way, included a handsome amount of wealth.

    sophie Turner net worth

    Along with the massive success of Game of Thrones, she continued her career with other movies. She bagged the role of the lead character in the movie called “Another Me.” It was based on the novel “Another Me” by Catherine MacPhail. She also starred as Adeline March in the popular film called “The Thirteenth Tale.” It was filmed in 2013.

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    She tried her hands in comedy as well. In 2013, she played a character in the comedy film named “Barely Lethal.” In addition, she performed in Hailee Steinfield. While exploring other areas of film and media, she narrated the audiobook version of the short story called “The Girl in the Mirror” written by Lev Grossman. You can find it in the short fiction anthology called “Dangerous Women.” Do you know who edited the anthology? It was our very own George R. R. Martin.

    In the year of 2014, she narrated another audiobook called “City of Heavenly Fire.” In the year 2016, she started another significant journey in her life. She played the character of Jean Grey in the movie called “X-Men: Apocalypse. The character received acknowledgment from the audience. However, it got critical reviews as well.

    She performed in web videos. in 2016, she, being partnered with the Huffington Post, hosted the popular web series called “Powershift.” Later on, other X-Men movies and movies like “Girl Who fell from the Sky” are also included in her career. With all of these successes and achievements, Sophie Turner net worth reached $ 8 million. She became the brand ambassador of Wella Hair, and after that luxury designer brand called Louis Vuitton.

    Thus, Sophie Turner net worth became a much-discussed topic among her fans.

    Her Social Contributions

    She was never behind in the name of social welfare as well. In 2017, she patronized “Women for Women.” It is an organization that helps women war survivors to move ahead in life and live a good life.

    It is always interesting to know about the personal lives of celebrities. And it becomes more interesting when the celebrity is a lady who managed to accumulate the wealth of $8 million at such a young age. So, how is Sophie’s personal life?
    In the year 2016, she dated Jon Jonas, the famous American singer. Later, they tied the knot on 1st May 2019. They moved together to Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple has a daughter named Willa Jonas.
    sophie turner net worth
    Yahoo News
    Although her personal life seems perfect and complete, she suffered from poor mental health and depression due to many odds in life. But, being smart and courageous, she never suppressed her story. Instead, she opened up about her personal pain, sufferings, depression. Also, she talks about the importance of medications and therapy in cases of depression often.
    Along with recognition and acknowledgment, she became one of the most influential personalities. She and her husband spent $14.1 million for a house of 15000 sq. ft. Later, they put it for sale at $16.75 million. And Sophie Turner net worth thus reached its peak- $ 8 million.
    The Bottom Line
    So, that is how the lady became a notable figure in the world of television. Along with her fellow actors in the show called “Game of Thrones,” Sophie Turner net worth has become a matter of discussion among the movie freaks. Let us know how you liked her real-life story. If you want to know about the net worth of Emilie Clarke, another Game of Thrones- famous lady, click here.


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