Skai Jackson Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    skai jackson net worth

    Skai Jackson is an American actress, Youtuber, and youngest influencer. Skai Jackson net worth is the wealth earned because of her profession in acting since the age of 4. The young actress has risen above trolls and cyberbullying to focus on her passion which is her acting career. She has played popular characters in numerous Hollywood movies.

    Her mother is her manager and has taught herself to accept for what she is. You find the young child star flaunting her natural hair when making public appearances. Her inner strength and confidence are a good example for many kids to follow to love themselves and stay true to themselves.

    She started as a baby model at the age of five and has millions of followers on Instagram and other social media profiles. Like other kids and teens, she is glued to her smartphone all the time. Though she enjoys celebrity status since a young age, she embraces her individuality gracefully. She also motivates kids to stand up for themselves and bond with their parents.

    Name Skai Syed Jackson
    Age, D.O.B 19, 8 April 2008
    Profession Actress, author, Youtuber, Author
    Net Worth $500 Thousand
    Ethnicity African-American


    Skai Jackson Net Worth

    skai jackson net worth

    Skai Jackson is a child prodigy who started her career as a baby model, appeared in many commercials, Hollywood movies, TV series, and voiced cartoon characters. She is the youngest influencer and an author. At a very young age, she has authored a motivational book and was a semi-finalist in the 29th season of the dance reality show, Dancing With Stars.

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    She grew her fan base at a very young age with her confidence in performance and fashion sense. She hopes to own a fashion line in the future. Skai dreamt of being an actress as a child and has been living her dream since a young age.

    At the age of 14, she walked the red carpet with many other famous Hollywood celebrities. At a tender age, she managed love as well as hatred from online users and fans with grace and didn’t let it fade her confidence and faith in herself. She handles racist comments with spunk with sharp comebacks. A bright and gracile child for her age is truly inspiring for kids around the world.

    Skai Jackson Net Worth – Early Life

    skai jackson net worth

    Skai Jackson was born in Staten Island, New York City to Jacob and Kiya Cole who are divorced. She has two siblings and she lives with her mother who manages a YouTube channel ‘Kiacole1’ which features Skai. She has been the youngest and the most talented child star who is also an inspiration behind the creation of the Marvel character, Riri Williams in the new Iron Man series.

    She is active on most of the popular social media platforms since her pre-teens and has millions of fan followers. Though she shares the last name with pop star Michael Jackson, there is no relation between them. Her mother quit her job at the post office to be a full-time manager and guardian to Skai’s career in acting and modeling.

    Though her parents are divorced and her mother has taken her custody, she is still in touch with her father. She is still studying at Eisenhower High School. She wishes to pursue a career in fashion. She has starred in many popular TV series such as G.I Joe Retaliation, Smurfs, Rescue Me, etc.

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    Skai Jackson Net Worth – Career

    skai jackson net worth

    Skai tasted stardom at a very young age when a lot of kids in the world are still learning fundamental education and developing skills. Skai was earning laurels and walking the red carpet along with other popular celebrities. She has realized her passion at a very young age pursued her dreams.

    At the age of 4, she started acting. Her first movie was Liberty Kid in 2007. Since then she has landed in popular TV shows and Hollywood movies. She has also done voice roles for animation series like Dora The Explorer, Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghost, Rescue Riders, and Marvel Rising: Operation Suri.

    Skai has defied the myth that Disney loves only white girls. She seems to have been successfully enjoying the role of the main lead with Disney’s Marvel universe. Her most memorable role is that of Zuri Ross from Disney’s Jessie in which she played the main lead.

    Her first movie, Liberty Kid was a low-budget movie. Her breakthrough was Disney’s Jessie. Before Jessie happened, she made guest appearances in several popular sitcoms and TV movies like Royal Pains, Arthur, and Boardwalk Empire.

    Skai Jackson Net Worth – Achievements

    skai jackson net worth

    She was listed in the Time’s Most Influential Teens in 2016. She was nominated for Image Awards for her outstanding performance in Disney’s Jessie. She was also nominated for Shorty Awards for being the Best Influencer and Celebrity in 2017. She won the Young Entertainer Award for Bunk’d.

    Skai Jackson Net Worth – Interesting Facts

    • She is a fitness freak
    • A comic book character namely, Riri Williams from the Iron Man is based on her
    • She has starred in Coca-Cola commercials
    • She featured in a music video called Panini
    • She loves to sing and is a fan of Rihanna, is rumored to have dated the singer’s nephew.
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    Skai Jackson net worth is her early realization of her true calling in acting and fashion. She is the youngest influencer and has millions of followers on social media. Though she gets bullied, she sets a good example to kids of her age of how to handle criticism with grace and not lose your spark.



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