Roger Goodell Net Worth – Contributions And Controversial Stories

    Roger Stokoe Goodell is a businessman, he is an American sports executive, he is an actor too. But that is not all you should know about Roger Goodell. No doubt Roger Goodell is a successful businessman but there are few twists and turns in his career.

    NFL fans probably know a lot about Roger Goodell and may have their opinions about him ready too. But for others who are not much familiar with Goodell, having a sneak peek into his life may make you curious about Roger Goodell net worth.

    To find about Roger Goodell net worth, first one should know about his career journey. Most of us know that the major part of his career is working as a commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) but that’s not all, there’s more to it.


    Talking about Roger’s professional career, his NFL career started way back in 1982 before he became the commissioner of the NFL. Roger Goodell began as an administrative intern in the league office situated in New York.

    This was an unpaid internship where he worked under then-Commissioner of NFL Pete Rozelle. Roger got this internship through a letter-writing campaign held in the league office and he was able to secure his position as an intern through this campaign.

    However, the very next year, in 1983, he left the league office to join as an intern in the New York Jets team, an American football team participating in NFL. Again in 1984, Roger rejoined the league office, but this time as an assistant in the public relations department.

    Roger Goodell Net Worth

    This was just the beginning, Roger Goodell net worth started building up when he was appointed as assistant of Lamar Hunt, president of the American Football Conference. This was in the year 1987 when the Commissioner of the NFL was Paul Tagliabue.

    Roger Goodell spent years under the supervision of Paul Tagliabue, commissioner of the NFL, and performed various roles in football and other operations in the league. His progress and hard work paid off when he was appointed as NFL’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in December 2001.

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    With the post of Chief Operating Officer, Roger had responsibilities like supervising functions of league business, officiating and monitoring league football’s operations. Roger Goodell also headed NFL ventures.

    Being a COO of the NFL, he did some great work for the NFL which returned the popularity and respect of the NFL back to itself. He played an important role in NFL expansion, developing infrastructure for the NFL, setting up new agreements with the television sector.

    Roger also launched the NFL Network during this period. It helped gain a lot of audience for the league and resulted in a positive expansion of the league. His contribution to the NFL was noticed by everyone.

    Commissioner of the National Football League

    On September 6, 2006, Commissioner of the National Football league Paul John Tagliabue retired and with many candidates who stood for the post of Commissioner, Roger Goodell participated in the committee elections too.

    Roger Goodell Net Worth
    Los Angeles Times

    In the final rounds of voting, Roger Goodell and Gregg Levy were the two close competitors. But after a few rounds, Goodell won the election with 23 votes, where Levy got only 8 votes for the post of commissioner of NFL.

    Finally on 8 August 2006, Roger Goodell was appointed as commissioner of the National Football League after the retirement of Paul Tagliabue on 1st September 2006. It was a huge deal that contributed towards building Roger Goodell net worth.

    Revolution In NFL Worth Appreciating

    Once Roger Goodell came into action as Commissioner of NFL, he made sure that he could use his authority to bring some revolutionary and much needed changes in the NFL. He believed that as a commissioner of the National Football League, it is his responsibility to protect the wholeness and solidarity of the game.

    Roger gave special attention to safety in order to make the game safer for players. In the meantime, during his service, he received a couple of awards too. In 2014 Roger was awarded the Department of the Army Civilian Award.

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    Adding to that, during his service as commissioner of the NFL, he also made few contributions towards the US Army for which he was awarded the Outstanding Civilian Service Award by the US Army.

    However, the grass is not all green. Throughout his career, he managed to gain some haters too. Roger made a few mistakes and took some debatable actions which were not appreciated by many and few people tried to oppose him too.


    Roger Goodell’s career so far seems pretty much interesting and it looks like he has been successful in his career. With that being said, Roger Goodell net worth also compliments his successful career and his hard work.

    However, along with the great things he has done for the NFL, he made some big mistakes too. You must be familiar with this saying by stan lee “WIth great power comes great responsibility” but it seems that in some cases, Roger Goodell failed to use his powers to make the right decisions.

    Roger Goodell Net Worth

    NFL fans as well as players and staff are unhappy with the fact that Roger has raised the fines and even the smallest mistakes by players can get them into big trouble and may cost a good amount of their hard earned dollars.

    Lockout is something NFL players didn’t agree on a new CBA and it was looming over the NFL as the league and players didn’t agree to the new CBA in the 2011 NFL season. In this case, as well, Roger Goodell is the one who was being blamed.

    Similar to the above-mentioned reasons, there are many more insider issues with Roger Goodell. But apart from that, it seems that it hasn’t affected Roger Goodell net worth in any way. So let’s find out Roger Goodell net worth.

    Roger Goodell Net Worth And Salary

    Roger Goodell became the commissioner of the National Football League in 2006 and from that year whatever he has earned so far has helped him build his wealth and that is what really contributes to Roger Goodell net worth.

    In 2007, Roger Goodell’s salary was $6 million. Considering that he was appointed as the commissioner recently, $6 million wasn’t so bad. However, since then we can see an exponential rise in Goodell’s salary.

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    The NFL only disclosed the salary of Roger Goodell till the year 2018 but his salary in the year 2019 and 2020 is quite predictable. Here is the record of his salaries from past years as provided by Celebrity Net Worth.

    • 2007: $6 million
    • 2008: $12 million
    • 2009: $10 million
    • 2010: $10 million
    • 2011: $12 million
    • 2012: $29.5 million
    • 2013: $44.2 million
    • 2014: $45 million
    • 2015: $40 million
    • 2016: $45 million
    • 2017: $35 million
    • 2018: $40 million
    • 2019: $50 million
    • 2020: $50 million

    Apply a little maths here and the total worth from his salary becomes $428.7 million. On average Roger Goodell earns $45 million per year including his salary and extra bonuses. Therefore the main source is salary if we are talking about Roger Goodell net worth.

    Coming to another source of Roger’s income, in 2017 he signed a contract with NFL and the contract says that Roger Goodell will remain in the position of commissioner of NFL till the beginning of NFL 2024 season.

    Therefore, Roger is going to continue to earn his salary until 2024 and according to the contract, his salary will depend upon the performance of the NFL. The predicted worth at the end of 2024 will be $100 million considering the 3 years till 2024.

    Roger Goodell Net Worth | 2021

    As we have discussed enough Goodell’s salaries over past years and even expected salaries in the upcoming years, let us finally see the net worth of Roger Goodell, a successful businessman.

    As of 2021, Roger Goodell net worth is a whopping $175 million alone from his service as commissioner of the National Football League. Just like his net worth, he also lives a king styled lifestyle.


    Talking about the lifestyle of Roger Goodell, he owns a million dollar mansion in Bronxville, New York. The property is covered with trees all around. Has a swimming pool in the backyard just like a perfect home you could imagine.

    Something more that suits or compliments Roger Goodell net worth is his vehicles. He owns a black SUV from Chevrolet and a 57-foot yacht. Roger Goodell net worth of $175 million is such that it allows him to live the life he wants.


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