Rainbow Baby – What To Expect?

    Rainbow baby- Know Everything About Your Special Child

    The name rainbow baby might not be familiar to many people, but for some parents who have gone through the unfortunate loss of their infant, this term is quite special and have a life-changing experience associated with it.

    Let me tell you everything about the rainbow baby, from its symbolism to its significance.

    What Is The Symbolism Of A Rainbow?

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    The term rainbow baby is coined for the birth of a healthy born baby born to a mother who has already lost a baby earlier due to infant loss, miscarriage, neonatal birth, or stillbirth.

    Have you ever wondered where does the name rainbow comes from in this context? It is not surprising at all, it metaphorically fits the situation very well. After heavy rainfall, storms, or days of cloudy uneven weather, when the rainbow appears it brings joy and happiness to all. Similarly, after turbulent and misfortunate events in a mother’s life, the rainbow baby comes as a ray of hope and unmeasured joy.

    This term has been used widely on social media sites and gained huge popularity on blogs. In this context, it symbolizes healing and hope.

    For those mothers or parents who have gone through the experience of losing their babies, when a rainbow baby is born, it becomes the time of immense joy, healing, reflection, and mixed emotions.

    Do you know the other term often used to describe a rainbow baby? You might have guessed it right in your head, it is a miracle baby. The name is given because of the powerful impact it brings on parents that helps them heal from the loss they have suffered after their baby’s loss.

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    Rainbow pregnancies is another term associated with a rainbow baby. When the mothers are pregnant with their special child, this is described as rainbow pregnancy and this type of pregnancy usually brings strong feelings of fear, guilt, and anxiety in mothers.

    Conflicting emotions in mothers of honoring their baby who has died while solemnizing and celebrating the one that is completely healthy. Mixed emotions of grief of losing the previous child and cherished moments and happiness of the new baby are often associated with rainbow birth.

    The exact number of babies born every year that falls in the category of the rainbow baby is still not known to doctors because people usually do not report miscarriages or only a few people report them. If you are out of those parents expecting a rainbow baby, we have some information that might be immensely useful for you. Give it a good read.

    Allow Space For Mixed Feelings With Rainbow Baby

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    As mentioned earlier, rainbow pregnancies are not easy, they come with all sorts of mixed emotions that are complex for parents to understand. You will notice feelings and mixed emotions of grief, elation, excitement, and relief.

    It is very crucial for parents to process these emotions by listing down their partner’s support, connect with other people in their contact who have incurred a similar loss. It is also important to seek help and discuss it with a medical professional.

    Women who have gone through the loss of an infant have higher risks of postpartum depression. They also become more anxious than other women at this stage. There is no need to panic and worry much, remember that you can always seek help from a mental health expert or a counselor. The family members should know that at this stage the women need more support mentally.

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    Postpartum depression is quite common and nearly 80% of women who have given birth faces this.

    It might seem nearly impossible for the mother to recover emotionally from the grief and pain of their baby’s loss. There are many resources especially for you to help with.

    There are some resources that can help you out with dealing with infant loss, these resources are mentioned below for your help.

    Resources For Help

    Anxiety While Expecting

    As mentioned earlier, anxiety is very common in mothers expecting their baby after the loss of their infant or pre-born baby. Rainbow baby is special so this is normal and easy to understand fr anyone.

    You can easily ask for help and reach out to family, friends, and support groups. The most important thing while you are expecting a rainbow baby is self-care. Do meditation that can help you out dealing with the stress.

    Remember that grief can be highly exhausting, even higher when you expect a rainbow baby. It is OKAY to seek help.

    Monitor Your Rainbow Baby

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    You will be well informed by the doctors about which tests can help you and the doctors to monitor the baby during pregnancy times. Careful monitoring is crucial because monitoring can help you bring your rainbow baby to its full-term.

    Take comfort in knowing that your child is under safe development. You might be wondering how to minor your baby at home, you can easily do it by counting the number of times your baby kicks because changes taking place in the third trimester are often counted as signs of distress.

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    After the beginning of the 28th week of your pregnancy, you can count your baby’s kicks during the same time a day. Note down the number of kicks each day and see to it that they are not highly decreasing.

    If you want to know more about your baby’s development and your development when you are carrying a rainbow baby, you can get full knowledge through this 40 weeks pregnancy calendar. This will also help you find out how many kicks are normal and what to do if the kicks are increasing or decreasing.

    Let your personal doctor know if you have seen any alterations or changes. If you are concerned even the slightest bit about your child’s movement, inform your doctor.

    What Makes Your Rainbow Baby Special?

    After a turbulent or difficult time, a rainbow baby brings immense joy not only to the mother but the whole family who were expecting a baby. It symbolizes healing and hope.

    For others, it might not be of great significance but for parents who have gone through high losses, a rainbow baby is a treasured reminder.

    If you feel that you are overcoming sadness and stress incurred due to the loss of a previous baby, it is absolutely normal. It is not necessary to carry that grief or pain lifelong. Do not give others the opportunity to determine how you are supposed to grieve or suffer from pain.

    Take your time to grieve.

    Some mothers find it comforting to share the story of their loss with their rainbow baby as well. If you feel it gives you comfort, do it without thinking too much.

    Certain family activities such as creating rock gardens, planting trees together, etc can make the healing process comforting and give you a lot of apace to deal with it.

    Let your rainbow baby know how special and important they are to you.


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