How To Play Pop It Game Plus 4 Fun Alternatives!

    Pop It Game or Push Pop toys, as they’re often known, were the most popular sensory toy last year and are still trendy now. Popping colorful silicone bubbles is a fun way for kids and adults to use their senses. Pop it game was first made in fun colors and shapes, like squares, circles, and even dinosaurs and unicorns! Now, they have made this really fun Pop It Board Game.

    Pop It Game toys are popular among children, and this gamified version was a big hit. The beauty of the pop-it game is that you may begin playing it right away! 

    Do you enjoy relaxing by popping the bubbles on a Pop it game? You can utilize your Pop it board game to play various games for people of all ages. Keep reading to learn How to play the pop it game.

    What is the Pop It Board Game?

    pop it game

    The Pop It Board Game is like the popular Pop It toy, but it is played on a board. The game board toy is big (12.8′′x7.5′′) and comes in all the colors of the rainbow. There are different sizes and colors that you can find online.

    This silicone toy comes in rainbow colors and is fun to touch. Every player is given 60 push pops. Each player rolls the dice and presses the rainbow-colored board depending on their number. Whoever presses the last pop loses a round and has to press one of the big three buttons to show it. In 5 rounds, there are 3 wins.

    This pop it game is a great way for kids to play together. It has a chess-like set and two dice.

    Kids will play this game using numbers while popping the soft silicone bubbles.

    When you get a box in the mail, there’s something pleasant about popping the bubble wrap, and a new fidget toy simulates that experience and can keep you entertained for hours while easing tension and anxiety.

    This bubble-popping sensory toy keeps going and going, and it’s the newest toy craze to hit the market.

    Press the bubbles down, and they will pop. The device can then be turned over and restarted. It was designed to help people who “fidget” or have difficulty focusing release their anxious energy, but the craze has spread to children of all ages.

    The toy is marketed as something you can do when you’re anxious to relieve tension and restore your mood. The product may also aid in the development of fine motor abilities.

    The toy can also be played as a two-player game, with players taking turns pressing down as many bubbles as they can in a single row. The player who pops the last bubble is out.

    Most Pop It Game is composed of silicon, making them easy to clean. Some are made as phone cases or characters from movies or video games. They can be used in a car, an airplane, a restaurant, a school, or a workplace. Because there are not many pieces, the toys are easy to transport.

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    Pop It Game is the most recent fidget toy on the market, and they are similar to the colorful, handheld, and pocket-sized fidget spinners (also known as hand spinners) that are often made of plastic or metal. Most contain a ball bearing in the center, which aids in the spinning of the toy’s outer weight.

    The spinners, like any other new, popular toy (think Rainbow Loom or Hatchimals), sold out rapidly when they were a trend — normally retailing for $5 to $10 each, some selling for as much as $25 at their peak of popularity.

    So, if you want to be part of the newest trend, you should consider purchasing a pop it game as soon as possible!

    The Advantages of the Pop It Board Game

    pop it game
    1. Simple to learn and pleasure to play with siblings or by yourself! This is an excellent educational board game!
    2. Pop It can be mastered in just 60 seconds!
    3. Simple and concise rules.
    4. While playing, the Pop It Board Game is a terrific stress reliever and sensory/fidget fun.
    5. Because kids already enjoy the Pop It sensory toys, this is a fantastic game addiction.
    6. A fantastic approach for your child to practice numbers and counting while also improving his or her math skills! Roll the die and count the pops. You can also play it with only one child.

    The entire family can enjoy the Pop It Board Game! Pop It has basic principles and is simple to learn, even for children as young as 3.

    How to play the pop-it game

    Do you like to relax by popping the bubbles on a Pop It? If you want to play with a friend, you can use your Pop It board to play some easy games that people of any age can play. Read on to learn how to play simple games with another person on your Pop It!

    Game 1: Basic Pop It Game 

    • Play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who goes first. You can play Rock-Paper-Scissors just once or try to win the best two out of three times. If you want to start the game instantly, pick a random person.
    • On your first turn, pop as many bubbles as you want in any row. You can use any Pop-It board with bubble rows. Choose any 1 row on the board and drop any amount of bubbles you wish on the first turn. Allow the other play to go first and drop as many bubbles as they wish. On your turn, you must pop at least one bubble.
    • On the next turn, drop any number of unpopped bubbles in a row. You can pop many bubbles as you want in any row using bubbles that haven’t been popped yet. You can pop all the bubbles in a row at once or leave some for later in the game. 
    • Leave rows with a few unpopped bubbles. As the game progresses and you pop more bubbles, you will have fewer rows to choose from. Keeping a row of unpopped bubbles gives you more choices, so you aren’t forced to pop the last bubble on the board.
    • Win the round if your opponent pops the last bubble. When most of the bubbles have been popped, it’s your turn to count how many are left in each row. Try to pop bubbles so that your opponent is left with only one. You win, and they lose when they push the last bubble down. There are still 3 bubbles in one row and 1 bubble in another. You can push down all three bubbles in the first row when it’s your turn, so your opponent has to pop the last one.
    • Beat other players at 3 rounds to win the game. Keep note of who won the round and flip the Pop It board over to press the bubbles again. Play rounds until one of you or your opponent have won three rounds. If you have time for one round, you can quit playing.
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    Game 2: Pop It Chess Board Game with Dice

    • To choose the first player, play Rock-Paper-Scissors. Whoever wins gets to roll the first dice of the game. If you want to try something different, throw the two dice with the game, and whoever receives the highest roll goes first.
    • Roll the dice and pop that many bubbles on your side of the board. A small dice tray separates two sets of bubbles on a Pop It Chess Board. Roll the 2 dice and add numbers together when it’s your turn. Start with the row closest to the edge and push down as many bubbles as the number of dice you rolled. If you don’t have a chess board, you can play this game on a regular Pop It board. Make sure each player has an equal number of bubbles to pop.
    • Take turns rolling the dice and popping bubbles. Make an effort to roll the highest numbers possible on the dice so that you can pop more bubbles before the other player does. If you roll a lower number, your opponents may be able to catch up to you and take the lead.
    • Win the game by popping all of your bubbles first. You win if you roll some lucky dice and pop all the bubbles before the other player. If you want to play again, turn the board over and push the bubbles down again. Try to play until one person wins three games. The bubbles next to the dice tray can be used to keep track of the score.

    Follow these rules for How to play the pop it game.

    For Beginners 

    pop it game
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    1. Decide who gets to start the game by playing rock, paper, and scissors.
    2. Players must take turns pressing the bubble pad. You can press down on 1 bubble, 2 bubbles, or the complete row of bubbles; the choice is all yours. Stay in your row.
    3. The following player catches up.
    4. The person who pops the last bubble loses the round.
    5. flip the board over, and you’re ready for round 2.
    6. When one of the players wins 3 out of 5 games, the game is over.

    This is a short and simple game that everyone can play anywhere. It is portable and safe if you have small children or pets. There are no little parts in it.

    For Advanced 

    So you’ve mastered the game and always come out on top. Perhaps you might change things a little and raise the difficulty a notch.

    The play mode remains the same in this game edition, but the rules have changed significantly.

    Players can only pop bubbles directly adjacent to each other in a row. So, if your competitor popped a bubble on your row, go on to the one next to it.

    But wait, we haven’t yet reached the finest portion of the game.

    One of the most important pop-it game rules is that there are no rules. You can build up your own rules as you go or design an entirely new game to play at home. The amount of fun you may have with this toy is only limited to your imagination.

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    More Alternate pop it game rules 

    Here are some of the other fun ways to play the game 

    1. Island Pop

    An island is a body of land that is surrounded by water.

    Similarly, you begin in the center when playing island pop and work your way outward. The rules are as follows: 

    • The person who wins rock paper scissors begins.
    • They have the option of popping any bubble except those in the board’s outermost rows and columns—the outer circle on circular boards.
    • When the first player’s turn is over, the second player can only pop bubbles that are next to those popped by the first player.
    • The person who pops the last bubble is eliminated.
    1. Pop it Mine

    This is a fun way to switch things up and make the game less predictable.

    Put a marble or a crumpled piece of paper under one of the bubbles before the game starts.

    You can be honest and randomly put the board over the marble or ask someone else to do it.

    Like always, start the game.

    The game is over when a player tries to pop the bubble with the marble under it.

    1. Pop it Opposite world

    If you’ve played every game that can be played with the current goal, you can change it.

    The player who pops the last bubble is the winner.

    Just changing the rules like this can make everyone rethink their plans.

    1. Pop it Fastest Fingers

    This is yet another great game for a party. The point of the game is to pop every bubble on your board before the other player(s). The best thing about this game edition is that more than two people can play it. Anyone with a pop can join in.

    With so many fun ways that this toy is good for the whole family, it makes sense that it has become one of the most popular fidget toys since the fidget spinner.

    Final words

    This game is played in pairs. Each pair will receive a push bubble fidget toy. The first player can place as many ‘bubbles’ as they wish, but they must all be in the same line. The next player does a similar thing; they can pop as many or as few as they want, but they must stay within a line. The game’s goal is not to be the last person to pop a bubble.


    What is the object of the Pop It game?

    The first player pops as many ‘bubbles’ as they like in a line. The next participant pops as many as they want within a line. Not being the last player to pop a bubble is the goal of this game.

    What game can you play with Pop It?

    Use the pop-it that has the letters of the alphabet on it. One person picks a word, and the other tries to figure out what it is. Play it like a normal hangman game, but every time you guess a letter, pop it on the fidget toy. One person puts a marble on Pop It’s the backside.

    Why is Pop It Game so popular?

    They are marketed as a stress reliever and are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They gained popularity in the spring of 2021 due to TikTok influencers and boredom and stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    How do you write on Pop It Game?

    Mark the letters on the Pop-it with round stickers or a sharpie. This can then help younger students learn to recognize letters, practice spelling, or teach older students how to touch type. Have each student say their sight word six times and pop a bubble each time.

    What is a Pop It fidget toy used for?

    Pop Its, like many fidget toys, are frequently advertised as sensory toys that help reduce anxiety and stress or assist children and adults who struggle to keep focus. While some children may find the simple process of popping bubbles pleasant and useful for concentration, many others use the pop it game in more inventive ways.


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