Best Pea and Ham Soup Recipe 2022 – 3 Nutritional Benefits

    Pea and ham soup is a delightful treat to your soul in winters. Every time you desire to go back to your roots, it is possible with the help of pea and ham soup. It is like the old days when our grandmother fed us the soup to cure us of all our pain. Well, nothing has gone missing, and with the help of this article, you can figure out the different recipes to bring out the best of your grandmother’s love again.

    Cooking pea and ham soup is not a tough job. It all depends on precision and the love with which it has been cooked. Therefore, while following our article, it is a must for all the individuals to care for their love for the person they cook it. Let’s dig into the different ingredients required to cook pea and ham soup.

    pea and ham soup

    Pea and Ham Soup – Ingredients Required

    While an individual is free to add up his vegetables and ingredients, it is essential to stick to our roots and add all the different items that our parents used to pour for us. Well, the list of items required has been mentioned down. However, one is free to explore the different corners of the soup and add different flavors as per their choice.

    • 200-300g of thickly sliced ham (preferable diced and of any fat)
    • 1L of pork stock or ham
    • 500g of frozen pea (One can even buy fresh peas from the grocery shop and rejuvenate the taste)
    • 75-100g of butter
    • One chopped onion
    • One potato, diced and peeled

    One can add more vegetables like carrots and beans to give the soup a different texture. On the other hand, one might also add a knob of garlic to give it the gentle aroma which entices everyone. Since we know all the ingredients, let’s move on to cooking the best pea and ham soup one has ever experienced.

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    Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

    Step 1:

    To begin with, one must heat the butter in a saucepan. After the butter melts, add the chopped onion. However, make sure not to color the butter or onion brown; we need to soften the chopped onions.

    Step 2:

    Now, tip in the peeled and perfectly diced potato and mix it well with the butter. Once done with the same, we need to add the ham and pork stock for the soup (Potato is added after onions because onion takes longer to leave its aroma in the soup).

    Step 3:

    After adding the stock, one must add the frozen peas. However, it is essential to wash the peas properly before pouring them into the saucepan. Use the top-lit to boil the soup properly.

    Step 4:

    In the end, when the aroma is gentle, and the soup is ready to be served, add the diced ham to the soup and stir it well.

    If all the steps mentioned above are correctly followed, you will be able to serve perfectly cooked pea and ham soup.

    Benefits of Pea and Ham Soup

    Well, both pea and ham have nutritional components on an individual level. However, when things are mixed, and one gets pea and ham soup served, there are several benefits that one can drive out of it. While most people are addicted to fast food in the USA, it is essential to take care of your vegetables and protein food. With every serving of pea and ham soup, a bunch of different nutrients is provided to your body. Per serving of the soup contains the following nutrition,

    • 243 kcal
    • 3g carbs
    • 3g fat
    • 2g saturates
    • 5g protein
    • 3g fiber

    Dietary Fiber

    Well, the only way to feel at home is by being adequately fed. With the help of dietary fiber, one can add bulk to their food and improve the calorie content in their diet. Another great reason to add pea and ham soup to your diet is the excessive benefits of cardiovascular health. With dietary fiber, one eliminates the excess cholesterol level from their body and reduces the blood pressure at the same level. Whenever you buy a pack of frozen pea, you can check the nutrient content on the back of the package. This will disclose all the different vitamins that your body will be consuming.

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    Vitamin K

    Vitamin K is one of the best nutritional components to fight the prevailing Covid-19 situation. With the rise in pulmonary cases, vitamin K has become a daily supplement for everyone. While Vitamin K helps your body respond to injury, it also helps with tissue damage. It is essential to form a blood clot as quickly as possible during an external injury. Blood clots help from losing severe blood. Vitamin K as a component helps individuals activate enzymes and protect them from losing excessive blood. One can quickly check out the portion of Vitamin K in one serving of pea and ham soup.


    There is nothing more important than meeting your daily Potassium requirement. While everyone speaks about Vitamins and Carbs, one must not forget the enormous need for Potassium, which our body craves for. As per the Linus Pauling Institute, the daily consumption level of Potassium must be around 4700 milligrams. While the quantity seems very low, potassium helps activate enzymes in your body and improves your metabolism at the same rate. Therefore, one can severely expect to increase their gut health with the help of pea and ham soup.

    Another great reason to maintain the potassium level in your body is the high need to care for your nervous system. With adequate doses of potassium, one can improve his reflexes with practice.

    However, before moving forward with your daily pea and ham soup consumption, one must also consider the high level of sodium that flows into our system. Frozen Pea is often supplied with a high amount of sodium which becomes harmful for the human body. Therefore, it is highly recommended by professionals to wash the frozen peas before pouring them into the soup. Whatsoever, it won’t be a problem if a person forgets to do the same.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Are Pea and Ham Soup good for humans?

    Well, there is no denying that every human being requires their daily portion of nutrition. With the help of pea and ham soup, one looks forward to meeting his protein and dietary fiber intake. While cooking the pea and ham soup, one can make sure to keep the soup low in sugar which will help in providing a better outcome for the user.

    Q2. Can pea and ham soup lead to frequent pooping?

    Based on scientific research, pulses like peas can be both soluble and insoluble. Therefore, if you are looking forward to dealing with constipation, pea and ham soup can be the perfect solution for the day. The insoluble fibers help add bulk to the stool while the soluble fiber softens it, making it easier to flow through the intestines.

    Q3. Can pea soup cause acidity problems?

    Consuming pea soup is not a challenging task; however, if the soup hasn’t been cooked properly, it can lead to several problems like acidity. One of the significant reasons for acidity is the use of dried peas. You are advised to introduce cooked legumes in your diet or consume cloves after every meal to avoid the situation.

    Q4. Is pea soup good for heart diseases?

    There is no scientific research to prove it right, but reducing blood cholesterol levels due to the proper consumption of pea and ham soup can help reduce high blood pleasure. Therefore, one can believe that pea and ham soup works as a supplement to boost the treatment required for any heart disease.


    Pea and ham soup is a great way to provide the proper nutrition to your body. At the same time, one can even expect to fill his stomach for a good portion of time. Moreover, pea and ham soup is considered one of the healthiest soups. Using the recipe mentioned above, individuals can cook a great bowl of soup and have a gala time with their families. Pea and ham soup is also an excellent substitute for the tasteless soup one needs after every cough and cold session.

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