Nicole Polizzi Snooki Net Worth 2021: Reality TV Star Makes It Big

    Nicole Elizabeth Lavalle (Polizzi), or popularly known as “Snooki”, is an American reality TV star and dancer. She is most popularly known for her appearance in MTV’s famous reality show Jersey Shore. Apart from appearing in Jersey Shore in 2009. Snooki has also starred in various other reality shows, including Snooki and Jwoww. She also went on to do another season of Jersey Shore- the family vacation edit.

    The TV star Snooki net worth is $ 4 million. It is safe to say that Snooki is a self-made millionaire, and Snooki net worth is a result of all the hard work she has put into the entertainment industry.

    The reality tv star has many talk show appearances, hosting gigs, and web and television series to contribute to her list of achievements.

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    In the years that she has been in the show business, Snooki has reached a point where she has everything a person could dream of, from name and fame to a luxurious lifestyle, money in her bank account, and millions of fans. Especially the $ 4 million (Snooki net worth)- Is she not living the American dream?

    Snooki Net Worth $ 4 Million: Life before the Million

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    Snooki was born in the city of Santiago in Chile. When she was merely six months old, Nicole was adopted by an Italian American couple Andy and Helen Polizzi. After two DNA tests, Snooki realized that she is a human version of a melting point of way too many cultures. However, the second DNA test proved that the majority of her roots declare her to be of Chilean descent.

    The Polizzi’s raised Snooki in Marlboro, New York. This is where she attended school.

    It was in middle school that Snooki got her world-famous nickname. Her friends nicknamed her after the popular male character from the show “Save the last dance” as she was the first among her friends to kiss a boy. The name stuck, and how! Today the whole of the internet knows her by this famous name.

    Snooki went on to study to become a veterinary technician at Brookdale Community College in New York.

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    Even after studying to be in a completely different field from show business, Snooki always knew in her heart that the world of entertainment is her true calling. This led her to audition for the famous reality tv show Jersey Shore, and the rest, as they say, is history!

    Snooki got engaged to her long-time lover Jionni LaValle in March 2009, and the engaged couple gave birth to a baby boy in august 2012. The couple had another baby boy in September 2014 before finally tying the knot in November 2014. Snooki currently has three sons, and she announced the third via her Youtube channel in 2018.

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    Snooki Net Worth- The first step towards the Million today!

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    Success definitely did not come like a piece of cake for Snooki; neither was she served everything on a silver platter. Coming from a world with absolutely no connection to the entertainment industry, Snooki worked hard to make her mark.

    The first step towards taking a step towards the Snooki net worth of $ 4 million was in the form of her debut in the MTV show “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” Snooki made an appearance in this dating tv show in the year 2009 with her then-boyfriend Justin.

    Jersey Shore happened soon thereafter for her, and critics identified her as “the breakout member of the cast.” Her attitude and spunk had a strange appeal for the audience, and she managed to create a huge fan base for herself, all of which contributed to the Snooki net worth.

    Snooki Net Worth- The reality TV star!

    The stint at Jersey Shore was the much-needed stepping stone that Snooki needed for a glorious career. Her personality was so loved by the audience that Snooki starred in Jersey Shore’s six seasons. By the end of the show, Snooki was paid a sum of $ 1,50,000 per episode!

    There has literally been no turning back for this woman after her time at Jersey Shore. Soon after the show, offers from shows, movies and events started to flood in. People loved her in the MTV show, and they could not wait to see what more this amazing woman could offer to fans everywhere in the continent and outside. Her popularity increased so much that in the year 2010, the Snooki costume was the most wanted Halloween costume of the year.

    Snooki made several appearances on famous American television shows, including shows like TLC’s Cake Boss episode “Snookie, Super Anthony, and a Ship.”

    She became a famous face at not just the red carpets of award functions but was also offered to host several of them. Snooki hosted various award nights, including the likes of MTV’s Europe Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, CMT Music Awards, to name a few.

    Snooki also participated in the 17th season of Dancing with the Stars and Sasha Farber, where she was finally eliminated in the seventh week. If only Dancing were not enough, Snooki also participated in WWE’s Monday Night RAW, where she had a clash with LayCool and went ahead to win a Mixed Tag Team match at Wrestlemania 27.

    Snooki has also been invited to some of America’s most popular talk shows, including the likes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, The View, The Wendy Williams Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Late Show with David Letterman, to name a few!

    One after the other, all of these stints are what added to the Snooki net worth and made her reach where she is today.

    Her repeated appearances on television sets across the states made her a household name and have contributed to the Snooki net worth of $ 4 million today.

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    Snooki Net Worth: Snooki- The Businesswoman

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    Who said a woman could not have it all? Snooki has created a niche for herself by breaking every barrier that society had put in front of her. Her thirst to keep going and create a global identity led her to start her own entrepreneurial venture.

    Snooki dived deep into the world of fashion and beauty with her line Snooki Couture, Snooki by Nicole Polizzi, and SnookiLove. Apart from fashion, Snooki also launched her own line of fragrances, handbags, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, and sunglasses.

    Not only entertainment and entrepreneurship, but Snooki also put her fans in awe of her further with her books. Snooki authored four critically acclaimed books. A Shore Thing, 2011, was the first book that Snooki penned. The book was her take of her experience while being on the show Jersey Shore. The book did exceptionally well and was given the title of New York’s bestseller. In the first month of the book’s launch, Snooki sold 9000 copies of A Shore Thing!

    Her acting, thriving businesses, and craftsmanship displayed through her books are a big reason for the Snooki net worth and for millions to consider her their inspiration.

    Snooki net worth: Controversies that contributed to the Million!

    What is the entertainment industry without some controversies! Just like every other celebrity, Snooki’s life has also not been free of her share of scandals and controversies.

    Snooki was punched by her former gym teacher Brad Ferro while shooting in Seaside Heights. The video went viral on Youtube, and fans everywhere could only talk about the punch for weeks. However, this mishap at the shoot turned out to be a profitable turn in Snooki’s career. Snooki’s fees for an appearance at an event increased to $ 10,000 per event from $ 2,000 per event.

    Snooki has also made the news for her arrests. She was first arrested for creating a public nuisance and disorderly conduct in Seaside Heights’ neighborhood. She was fined a sum of $ 500 and had to serve court-mandated community service.

    Snooki was arrested again in Florence, Italy, in 2011 when her car collided with a parked police car. Two officers had been injured in this car, but Snooki was released soon after.

    Snooki again made the tabloids after the birth of her first son out of wedlock. She made the news on page three again when she gave birth to her second son. This one, too, was from wedlock.

    Even after the countless confrontations with law and justice, Snooki still remains a favorite amongst her many fans. All the fandom and the names in the tabloids have been a significant contributor to Snooki’s fame and the Snooki net worth.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. What are the names of Snooki’s children?

    Snooki has a total of three children, out of which two are boys, and one is a girl. She had her first son and daughter out of wedlock, while the third was born soon after she finally tied the knot with her long-time beau, Jionni LaValle.

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    Snooki gave birth to her first son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle in 2012, right after her engagement. Her second child and daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle were born in 2014, while her third child and son Angelo James LaValle were born in 2019.

    Snooki married her beau Jionni LaValle after the birth of Giovanna in 2014.

    Q2. How old is Nicole Snooki Polizzi LaValle?

    Real Name Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi
    Birthday November 23 1987
    Place of Birth Santiago, Chile
    Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
    Present Age 33
    Occupation Celebrity
    Net Worth $ 4 Million


    Q3. Who is Nicole Snooki Polizzi’s husband?

    Snooki is married to Jionni LaValle. She and LaValle had been lovers for a long time before finally tying the knot on November 29, 2014. Before marrying LaValle, the couple gave birth to two children out of wedlock and married soon after the birth of their second child and daughter. Jionni LaValle met Snooki on the show Jersey Shore where he was a participant just like her. The two had a palpable chemistry and were seen getting close to each other during the different seasons of the show.

    Apart from being a TV figure like Snooki, Jionni LaValle is also an entrepreneur. He has an ATM helmed to his name and also owns an Etsy shop that goes by the name “LaValle’s Man Cave,” in which he sells golf merchandise. Apart from being a businessman, Jionni is a sportsman too.

    Q4. How does Snooki make money?

    The $ 4 million Snooki net worth is a result of her celebrity status and her entrepreneurial ventures. Apart from being a dynamic TV personality, Snooki runs various businesses in her name, where she sells fashion and beauty products. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Snooki is also an author and has penned four books. Apart from her famous A Shore Thing, Snooki has also written three other books- Confessions of a Guidette, Gorilla Beach, and Baby Bumps.

    Q5. How much money does Snooki make?

    The Snooki net worth is now a figure of $ 4 million. She has made this sum by her sheer hard work and goodwill due to being in the entertainment industry. Her years of hard work has not just paid her in the form of the million dollars that now make up her bank account but also in the form of her millions of fans across the globe. Her entrepreneurial ventures bring in regular revenues for her. Apart from this, copies of her books are still sold in bookstores in and around New York.


    Snooki’s story and life are an inspiration for many. From being brought up in a typical middle-class American family and having lived a life like a completely average American teenager to now living the American Dream- her whole journey is nothing short of being visionary. Just at the age of 33, the Snooki net worth is a whopping $ 4 million figure, and she still has a long way ahead of her!

    Snooki’s never back down spirit has been a reason for her success in every field she has been a part of, and we cannot wait to see her grow and see the Snooki net worth grow along with her!


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