LEGO Vidiyo: A Wonderful Enjoyment For Your Child

    Have you heard about the LEGO Vidiyo? It is launching officially in March 2021 in partnership with Universal Music Group. It is a new augmented reality-powered version of one of the popular apps, that is TikTok.

    LEGO Vidiyo is a social video service that will help users to create their music and dance clips and videos and also share them with friends. You have the facility to apply customized styles and effects to the created videos.

    It resembles TikTok but is designed for younger children with slight modification. It is built with strict moderation and a LEGO twist, which has the UI built-in real-world LEGO bricks rather than toggles in the app.

    It is designed to help children unbridle their imagination; LEGO Vidiyo will help you directly produce, cast, and share inimitable music videos in a benign social environment. LEGO Vidiyo is for children aged 7-10 so that they can navigate between physical and digital play.

    Children can experiment with play and music which is important for their mental and physical development, improvising their ability to connect with people expressively and ingeniously.

    In the LEGO System, the music from many leading artists covering multiple genres is combined with a play which provides an inspirational opportunity for children. When they are in charge of their music video productions, children will discover music and connect their passion for this through a positive and innocuous social experience.

    LEGO Vidiyo requires substantiated parental consent – along with secrecy and external control of all content uploaded to the App feed, the parents can be relieved that their child is utilizing their creativity while being safe.

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    LEGO Vidiyo

    This unique combination of LEGO elements, mini-figures, music, augmented reality and a vivacious LEGO Vidiyo can be filled with editing options unlocked through the special outcome ‘Beat Bits’. Young creators can relish and experiment with their styles of bringing music videos to life.

    You have to choose one of the available songs in the App which can be both contemporary and recognizable classics. You can create your band from the collection of new, physical Mini-figures, which can be brought to life in various scales through AR technology in the VIDIYO App.

    Even you can line up special effects with the help of ‘Beat Bits’. These are decorated 2x 2 squares LEGO elements, which scanned unlocks digital effects that help to check everything from video and music styles to scene effects.

    The video creators can see their vision realized by selecting anything from black and white bling effects as well as X-ray vision. They even can add audio effects such as DJ scratching, mouse voice, fun signature character gimmicks, from break dancing to surfing.

    LEGO Video: Official Release in March 2021

    You can set the stage from parks to bedrooms and backyards, LEGO Vidiyo music videos are present anywhere. Your location can be scanned and the production countdown can be started in just 3 seconds.

    You can upload the clips to the App feed, but only moderated content can be done so. Any content with personally-identifiable information will not be approved in the App feed upload, but you can store that locally in-App, to be enjoyed in-person with friends or family members.

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    In blending these elements, children can experience the best LEGO play by using new AR technology, with Mini-figures in real-life scale along with the iconic Mini-figure scale. The App helps to style all of the band members, choose names for their band, design album covers.

    LEGO Vidiyo: Children’s Entertainment

    New music, challenges, and inspirational content gets added regularly to the App to maintain fresh game-play and encourage children to enhance their creative skills.

    The trials are designed to help young children transform their self-made videos from modest performances to exhilarating and dynamic videos while confirming they take full benefits of the varied range of features LEGO Vidiyo offers through new exclusive Beat-Bits.

    LEGO Vidiyo: First Look

    Through this innovative global partnership of music power and play connected to support early creativity development, children will be able to express themselves by staging, directing, performing, and sharing their music videos.

    A New Children’s Entertainment Media: Lego Vidiyo

    LEGO VIDIYO presents a novel and vivacious visual uniqueness that makes it distinct from all other LEGO charters. It is a lively and widespread brand including a great App experience, LEGO sets, and routine products.

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