Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss- Is It Easy And Worth Trying?

    Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss- Things You Need To Know

    Have you heard about the ice cream diet for weight loss? It is difficult to digest the fact that one could lose weight using ice cream, isn’t it? It is sort of unimaginable, we have stopped eating ice cream like we used to do as a kid growing up after gaining weight due to it. But recently many people are trying an ice cream diet for weight loss and let me tell you, the results are astonishing, a though it is difficult to convert if it a healthy means of losing weight or should we just do the idea. Let’s see what you need to know on the ice cream diet for weight loss.

    The ice diet for weight loss seems too good to be true. A few forms of different diets exist but not all of them are groundbreaking. So, let’s find out how the ice cream diet for weight loss works.

    The Book Version Of Ice cream Diet

    ice cream diet for weight loss

    In 2002, Holly McCord released a book in which the original version of the ice cream diet for weight loss was mentioned. The premise of this diet is simple- you just have to add ice cream to your daily meals and you are going to lose weight. In actuality, this diet has very little to contribute to losing weight.

    Dietitian Jo Bartell has explained that this diet keeps you in a calorie deficit and once you start remaining in a calorie deficit for long, you are more likely to lose weight. You just have to burn more calories than you consume each day. Following a calorie deficit can help you shed those extra pounds you have gained over the past few days.

    According to the ice cream diet for weight loss, you can add this sweet and creamy treat to your life and still be able to lose weight. This is not because ice cream has some magical powers or magical ingredients to lose weight, but this is because you are limiting your daily calorie intake by keeping a record.

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    Along with eating ice cream, the people who follow this diet also eat food having low fat, high fiber, and nutrition. They are also advised on eating more and more veggies and fruits. Eating high fiber food with a lot of vegetables or fruits is also healthy.

    Judgment On Ice Cream Diet To Lose Weight

    When people tend to eat what they love or have a meal they absolutely find delicious, they are more likely to stick to a diet. Having ice cream daily in their diet makes them less deprived and they believe it to be a treat for their dieting days. Once they get what they love eating, people are more likely to stick to their diet.

    This clearly has a backfire potential although. By eating ice cream regularly and allowing it to be in their routine daily people might consider ice cream as a food item that has fewer calories or that does not affect their weight loss journey, but it is not so.

    The ice cream diet does have a calorie restriction to keep the weight in check. Anyone who is eating just 1200 calories per day is more likely to lose pounds in fewer days because in this way their body gets inside the state of calorie deficit. Their weight loss has nothing to do with eating ice creams, it has to do everything with eating fewer calories.

    Risks Associated With Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss

    ice cream diet for weight loss

    Eating ice-creams daily is definitely not healthy. You can easily tell this even if you are not a dietician or expert on healthy food or nutrition. Consuming larger amounts of ice cream, while you are in a state of calorie deficit has more risk involved than just gaining fewer pounds. Let’s see what are the risks associated and if you should try this diet or not.

    It Is Highly Unsustainable

    It is quite evident that the ice cream diet will not be sustainable. Having dropping your calories dramatically or all of a sudden will only lead to fluid loss in your body. This initially creates an illusion of losing weight when you ride on the measuring machines but this will not lead to tangible change after time.

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    This weight loss due to the ice cream diet is not going to stay permanently with you and the dieters who follow this diet are likely to gain weight again once they decide to return to their daily diet or eating habits. Also, you need to keep in mind that all the food items that are mentioned and characterized as being healthy and wholesome in nutrients are not as healthy as you think they are.

    May such diets that claim to cleanse your body and help in weight loss in such one week are potentially dangerous to follow because they just promote weight loss extremely by reducing the number of calories all of a sudden too as low as 1000 per day. You don’t want that to happen.

    It Is Not Healthy

    Having a single cup filled with vanilla ice cream may contain even 270 calories, 15 grams of fat, 28 grams of sugar, 31 grams of carbs, etc. Does that sound quite healthy to you? No, right.

    Even if you think that you can just replace your ice cream using fat-free milk having written on the label “no sugar” still has at least 6 to 7 grams of milk sugar per cup you intake and has nothing to do with fiber, does this sound healthy to you? I guess, NO!

    Ice creams are just a frozen dessert having high levels of saturated fats and so much sugar. It should be taken once in a while if you love eating it. Consuming it daily is not a good choice for anyone. Although milk-based ice creams do have calcium, they also have unwanted calories that no one requires. Just a tip, why not try yogurt that comes in flavored boxes, it is still a healthier and better option.

    Other than these things, ice cream high calories leave negligible room for any nutrients dense food when you are on a low-calorie diet, This will only lead to a deficiency of nutrition in your body and nothing else. It will cause weakness over time instead of weight loss. You must have known by now if you should try the ice cream diet for weight loss or not.

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    What Should You Try In A Diet

    ice cream diet for weight loss

    Wondering what to try if not the ice cream diet to lose weight? Having a good diet that can help you with your weight loss journey or dinging the right diet that fits your schedule and body type is no less than a blessing, it is hard to tell which diet you should try but we can say that DO NOT try ice cram diet if you are looking for on term results in a healthier way.

    Having a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain fiber is often the healthiest way you can lose weight without binging on processed food or food having too many unsaturated fats and added sugar. Having too much sugar is hoping to get stored in the body as fats and nothing else. Also, it usually hots your belly and that fat is definitely among the hardest stored fat to get rid of. The ice cream diet for weight loss is not a good option because it has excessive sugar.

    You just have to eat the right food have the right diet and pair it with a regular exercise routine and remain a bit active throughout the day and voila! you will see results not only quickly but the results will also stay with you for long, what else do we need, right?

    No one is asking you to completely stop eating ice cream. Many people love ice creams and can barely skip them once they are outside. Treat yourself occasionally with ice creams, not just ice cream, any food you love eating. Do not put too much pressure on yourself or else you will see that you are eating everything all of a sudden in an unhealthy way which is not good for the body.

    Eating unhealthy should never be the foundation of your diets, eating the right food having whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats should be the foundation.

    Hope this article conveyed its motive and you would be eating healthier from now onwards leading a healthy life.

    Also, if you are interested in reading more about different types of diets like the ketogenic diet, liquid diet for weight loss, 3 phase body reset diet, or you need tips on what kind of diet you should start following today itself, do check all the related information and prepare a good diet for yourself based on your routine and timings.


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