How To Use Trello – Know All 4 Important Components

    How to Use Trello- Know Everything In Detail!

    Consider a whiteboard, filled with lists of sticky notes, each with a task for you and your team to do. As and when you finish your assigned tasks, you can check them off your list, thereby increasing productivity and also making work seem fun.

    Well, Trello does exactly that.

    Trello is a visual work management tool that allows teams to envision, plan, manage, and celebrate their work in a collaborative, productive, fun, and organized way.

    This tool makes everything easier for you, whether you’re working alone or with a team, or just trying to get more organized with your current work. But don’t let its simplicity fool you! Trello is simple to use while still being capable of handling your team’s most demanding projects.

    When you’re just getting started with your first project on Trello, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    A Trello board contains only four main components, however, there are many possibilities:

    • Board: A board is a place where you may keep track of information for larger projects, teams, or workflows. A Trello board is the ideal way to organize your tasks and, most importantly, collaborate with your coworkers, whether you’re tracking sales, launching a new application, or arranging your next office party.
    • List: You can construct an unlimited number of lists within a board, each of which can be filled with cards for specific activities. For instance, you could create a board for developing an app, with distinct lists for building the home page, login page, and add-to-cart functionality, among other things. You may also use lists to organize tasks for each team member individually. As elements of a project journey through the pipeline, the tasks you’re working on move left to right from one list to the next.
    • Cards: These are individual items on a list. Cards can be thought of as supercharged to-do tasks. Specific and actionable goals should be set. You can give a task a description, comment on it and discuss it with other users, or assign it to a team member. You can even add a checklist of sub-tasks or attach files to the card if it’s a complicated task.
    • Teams: Teams are groups of individuals that you may establish in Trello and assign to boards. This is particularly useful in huge organizations with smaller groups of employees that want access to specific lists or cards. You can easily create a team of a few people and then add them to a board with a few clicks.
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    With that in mind, let’s go over some basic tasks to help you begin. We’ll focus on the web version of Trello for our instructions, but the steps will be identical on other platforms.

    How to Create a Board and Share in Trello:

    how to use trello
    Trello Help

    Nothing happens on Trello until it’s onboard. So, to begin, you’ll need to create one. Open Trello in your browser and sign up or connect with your Google account.

    To create a board, follow these steps:

    1. Under Your Workspaces, click the box that says Create a new board or hit the ‘+’ button on the top right-hand side and click on Create board.
    2. Give the board a title. You can also pick a color or pattern for the background, which you can alter afterward.

    Your new board will now appear alongside any other boards you have on your Trello home page. Click on it to add lists and other functionalities.

    The background can be changed by clicking on Show Menu on the top-right of your Board homepage and then selecting the Change Background option.

    You can also add or invite board members. Click on Invite on the top menu bar and then you could either add email addresses of people you wish to invite or click on Create Link to generate a link that could then be shared with people. Anyone with this link can join as a board member.

    To start a board, click on the icon next to the Board name. This helps you find important boards easily. Keep reading to learn more on how to use Trello and create cards.

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    How to Create Lists in Trello

    how to use trello

    You’ll need to start categorizing your tasks now that you’ve set up your boards. Lists allow you to organize your responsibilities in a variety of ways. You might have three lists: To Do, In Progress, and Done, for example. You might also develop a list for each member of your team to identify what tasks they have. Creating a list is simple:

    1. To make a new list, go to the board where you wish to make it. Click Add a list to the right of your lists (or under the name of the board if you don’t have any yet).
    2. Click Add List after giving your list a name.
    3. A button to add cards, Add a card, will now appear at the bottom of your list.

    How to Create Cards in Trello

    how to use trello

    Now that you are learning everything on how to use Trello, it’s time to know how to create cards.

    The next step is to add some cards to your list. With cards, you have a lot of possibilities, so we’ll just go through the fundamentals.

    1. Click Add a card at the bottom of your list.
    2. Enter a title for the card.
    3. Click Add Card.

    These cards can be dragged from one list to another to indicate the progression in the pipeline.

    Covers can be added to your cards to make them stand out a bit. Click on a card and then choose Cover from the menu on the right and then either pick a color or an image. You can also add a description or comments that your team members can refer to if they’re not clear about what a particular card is about.

    It is easy to learn how to use Trello because it also lets you color code these cards, which can help you identify what type of task a card is, or what group it belongs to, even when you move it from one list to another. Each label can be assigned a color, a name, or both. Follow these steps to add labels to a card:

    1. To add a label to a card, first, click on it.
    2. Select the Labels option from the menu on the right.
    3. Choose a color of your choice to get a little colored bar on top of your card.
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    You can also add due dates to your cards that can help you keep track of when things need to be done. To add a due date, follow these steps:

    1. Click on a card and select Dates from the menu on the right.
    2. Select a due date from the calendar tool, add a time, and click Save.

    Similarly, you can also add checklists or attachments to your cards.

    To learn how to use Trello and enable power-ups in your card, click on a card and then select Add Power-Ups from the menu on the right side. Power-ups can add more functionality to the card. However, most functionalities are only available in the paid version of Trello.

    How to Move Lists from one Board to another:

    1. Click on the three dots to the right of the list you wish to move.
    2. Select the Move List option here.
    3. Choose a board from the dropdown and the required position where you would like to add the list to that board.
    4. Click Move.

    Another cool feature in Trello is that when you click on a card and then select Share from the Actions menu on the right, you get an Email for this card field. Emails sent to this address will appear as a comment by you on the card. This makes it more useful for those who are learning how to use Trello.

    Trello’s strength is its ability to adapt to the needs of its users. It can be used as a simple to-do list or as a whole Kanban productivity system. You’ll be able to mold it to whichever method works best for you once you’ve learned the basics.

    This was all about how to use Trello and enjoy its benefits.

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