How To Pop Your Hip Using 6 Best Stretches!

    How To Pop Your Hip- Causes, Stretches, When To See A Doctor

    Feeling uneasy and wondering How to pop your hip safely without breaking a bone or two?

    Pain or immobility in your hips is quite common. Sports damages, aging, and pregnancy can all stress the hip joints, making it more challenging for your joint to drift in and out in a complete range of motion.

    In a few cases, this causes a feeling that the hips are not correctly aligned and require to be cracked or “popped” into place.

    Occasionally your hip will even produce a popping sound on its own. Although this may suggest a severe joint concern, it’s often simply your tendons gliding across your joint. Many people encounter this “cracking” without additional symptoms.

    While recurring hip pain must always be managed and diagnosed by the doctors, there are a few instances when it is safe to pop your hips back into correct alignment. Keep scrolling to learn- How to pop your hip safely or proper alignment.

    How to pop your hip

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    Your hip joint is also referred to as the ball-and-socket joint that attaches the pelvis to the top of the thigh bone. A wide cushion of cartilage present between the bones allows the bones to slide against one another without generating pain.

    Tendons attach the bones and muscles in the hips, securing them together but departing room for them to pull apart or stretch when required.

    If your tendons grow inflamed, if your cartilage begins to break down, or if the bones or muscles become damaged, your hip movement will become limited. Below are different exercises to help you understand- How to pop your hip safely. Only perform these movements if your hip feels “misaligned” but is not generating your pain.

    1. Butterfly stretches

    How to pop your hip
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    Perform the following steps to learn how to pop your hip using butterfly stretches:

    1. Sit straight such that your buttocks are touching the ground firmly.
    2. Bend the knees and position the bottoms of the feet jointly such that your heels are touching.
    3. Now, take a deep breath to focus and center the stretch.
    4. Gently push the knees down on either side toward the ground and exhale out. You might hear the hip making a pop sound.
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    The American Council on Exercise (ACE) suggests a different seated glute stretch for a slight variation on these butterfly stretches. These stretches start in the same position as the butterfly stretches.

    However, rather than touching the bottom of the feet jointly, a person folds one foot into the other thigh. They must then bend forward and maintain the posture for approximately 30 seconds.

    2. Side lunge

    how to pop your hip
    Woman’s Health

    A side lunge helps stretch your hips and legs. You must have performed side lunges often. If you wondering How to pop your hip using side lunges, here’s what to do:

    For a side lunge, an individual must perform the following steps:

    1. Stand upright with your feet set wide apart.
    2. Lean towards your left side and bend your left knee.
    3. Stretch as far as possible (as long as you are comfortable) and maintain the pose for a few seconds.
    4. Do the same on the opposite side as well.

    3. Pigeon pose

    how to pop your hip
    Yoga Journal

    The pigeon posture will enable you to stretch your posterior hip. It is among the more challenging poses and might need some training. However, most people may perform a pigeon pose to some extent.

    Ideally, people must do the pigeon pose on a smooth and cushion-like mat to gain comfort and avert injury. Here’s how to pop your hip using a pigeon pose:

    1. Begin on your belly, fronting the ground.
    2. Lift on the forearms and bring the legs directly up behind you. Form an inverted V-shape using your body, keeping the arms shoulder-width apart and straight and your feet balanced on the bottom.
    3. Bend the right foot. Lift your right leg off the ground and bring it along toward your hands. Relax the right ankle against the left wrist and drop yourself to the bottom. Your thigh must be lying flat against the yoga mat or the floor.
    4. Slide the left leg straight back. The left thigh must be turning inward toward the remaining of the body. Put the hands at the sides with the fingers brushing the floor behind the right foot.
    5. Move the body forward over the right leg,  as close to the ground as you can. You might listen to a crack or pop. If you sense any pain during the stretch, stop straight away.
    6. Gradually raise from this pose after nearly 30 seconds, and perform it on your other side.
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    4. Rotating hip in a chair

    how to pop your hip

    Similar to the butterfly stretch, an individual can extend one side of their hips at a time while posing in a stool or chair. Here’s how to pop your hip by rotating hip in a char:

    1. Sit straight in a chair with your feet touching the ground firmly.
    2. Bring your right leg up to relax your right ankle on top of your left knee.
    3. With the palm of your right hand, firmly press the right knee toward the ground and maintain for a few seconds.
    4. Do the stretch on your opposite side to hear a pop sound.

    5. Kneeling hip flexor stretch

    how to pop your hip
    EVO Fitness

    The ACE suggests the kneeling hip flexor stretch is excellent for relaxing the hips and allowing you to boost overall hip health.

    Here’s how to pop your hip using kneeling hip flexor stretch. Perform these steps:

    1. Start in a single-leg kneeling pose, with your left knee positioned flat against the ground.
    2. Bend your right knee out in front, setting your right foot against the ground.
    3. Hold your back straight and gently tighten the left glute.
    4. Slowly move the trunk forward till a stretch is discerned.
    5. Do the same on your opposite side.

    6. Trunk rotation while standing

    how to pop your hip

    It is feasible to extend or “pop” your hip while standing. To accomplish so, a person must try the following steps:

    1. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    2. Hold both hands jointly in front of your body at chest measurement.
    3. Slowly turn your upper body to your left side, as far as is restful to avoid injury, while maintaining your lower body stationary.
    4. Keep this posture for a few seconds.
    5. Replace slowly to the center.
    6. Do the same on the opposite side.



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