How To Measure The Inseam- 3 Amazing Ways

    How To Measure The Inseam- Try These Ways To Learn Quickly

    If you love purchasing jeans now and then, you should probably be knowing how to measure the inseam. For those of you who are not very well aware of what an inseam is, follow the information given here, you will learn everything on how to measure the inseam.

    Inseam in the distance measured from the crotch (base of your zipper) to the bottom of your leg till the opening of jeans near your ankle. Knowing how to measure the inseam is important to get the perfect fit jeans for you.

    A great fitting pair of denim is required to upgrade your fashion sense like no other. By learning how to measure the inseam you can easily find the perfect length of denim for all occasions and all the top wear you have.

    You do not have to find techniques and other people to measure the inseam, you can easily measure it on your own. Let’s see how.

    How To Measure The Inseam

    Here are three ways you can follow to measure your inseam and get the perfect pair of denim for your wardrobe.

    1. How To Measure The Inseam Using Old Jeans That Fits Perfectly

    how to measure the inseam
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    • If you love the fitting of any previous jeans or regular pants that you are having, this idea is perfect for you, also if you are looking for a similar quality and brand pants or denim like the one you own, you can use this method to find out how it will fit.
    • For example, if you want to shop for new slacks, you would want to take out any slacks from your closet that fit perfectly well to you. If you want to shop for jeans, then taking another pair of jeans from your closet that fits well is important.
    • Look for the tags or printed details about the inseam of the jeans on your pants. The inseam might be printed there. Sometimes the brand prefers to write about the inseam on their label or tag. If your pants have the measurement, just refer to that. If the pants do not have the inseam, you can measure it on your own.
    • Fold the pants in half lengthwise by keeping them on any flat surface. Place the pants on the floor or table and then fold it, remember to line the legs with each other.
    • Now carefully fold the pants leg up so that it does not come in your way while measuring. You will be able to see the seam running from the hem of your pants to the crotch down. This length is your inseam. Make sure you smooth out any visible wrinkles or folds that are present while you are measuring.
    • Now run a measuring tape from the hem to the crotch for measuring. Find the spot where the crotch seam is meeting the seam that goes toward the legs of your pants.
    • Place the measuring tape’s end on that point and then pull it down till it reaches the hem. This is the inseam. Now note down the measurements on the tape.
    • Note this measurement down whenever you go out shopping next time. You want to use this exact length measured for the pant to give you the same fit. If you have planned on pairing your pants with cute heels, add some more length while you are buying the pants.
    • While noting down the measurements, do not proud them up and down. You will have to use the exact measurements needed to get the best effects and fit a pair of jeans can give.
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    2. Ask Your Friend Or Someone Else Measure The Inseam

    how to measure the inseam
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    • So you should put on your pants or jeans to measure the inseam in this method. While we take the measurements by ourselves using measuring tapes, we might end up making mistakes because the pants are adjusted to our belly and hips.
    • Put a pair of fitting pants as it will make it easier for the other person to measure the inseam accurately and most precisely. Tight leggings or athletic wear make the perfect way to calculate inseam.
    • Make sure you remove your shoes before asking the other person to note down the inseam. When you wear shoes, it can lead to interfering with accurate measurements. You will have to remain barefoot while measuring the inseam.
    • Use a wall and stand up straight. Standing against a wall is a good choice because it will help you maintain the correct posture which is very important when you are asking someone to measure the inseam. If you are slouching while someone is taking the measurements, you might end up giving the wrong measurement. You know the consequences after that.
    • Have someone measure you from the crotch to the hem of your pants or to the floor when you are not wearing shoes. The crotch seam is present near your pants that intersects with the pant leg seam. This distance noted between the floor and your crotch seam will give an accurate inseam.
    • Now write down the exact measurements. If you are planning on wearing your jeans or pants on high heels, then adding 1 to 2 inches extra in your inseam measurements is a good idea. Later on if your mood changes, you can easily fold it.
    • Also, if the pant is prepared from any fabric that shrinks too much after every wash, then also you can add up to 2 cm in the length.
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    3. How To Measure The Inseam Using Mirror Method

    how to measure the inseam
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    • When you are taking measurements of your body, it is best if you remove the clothes and then proceed for the most accurate measurements. Since you are taking the measurements, wearing clothes that are loose can often become a hurdle in your measurements. We need measurements that are as close to your body as they can.
    • Use a mirror and stand tall in front of it so that you can easily get the best view of you are standing and whether you are holding the tape in the right manner or not. Try to stand in front of the biggest mirror present inside your home. It is ideal to pick the mirror having floor length.
    • Place the measuring tape on the position where the thighs meet the groin. Using your hands, unroll the tape as move downwards. Try to remain as closer to your body as you can.
    • Lower one end of measuring tape to the bottom of your legs where you prefer wearing all the types of denim up to.
    • Just stop unrolling the measuring tape. Once you have reached the place you wish your pants to extend, just stop and see the measured inseam length.
    • Check the number given on the tape and note it down to be used while you purchase your pants. Be very careful while doing this as moving your fingers even the slightest bit on measurement tape can spoil all the measurements take.
    • Once you have noted down your inseam, enjoy shopping for the most amazing pants that fit you perfectly.
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    These were 3 tricks or methods that you can opt for learning how to measure the inseam. Apply them to get the best fit.

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